How to Use the Psychology of Color to Increase Website Conversions

10 Beautiful Website Color Palettes That Increase Engagement

best color for dating website

I have found some really nice ideas here and among them NordicRuby is my favorite. What if the lead designer dictates color requirements? Good color choices take careful planning and when done correctly can influence how a visitor interprets what they see as much as layout and typography. There is so much to continue to learn about online web behaviors and color associations with conversions.

2. Vary your poses.

If the colors really suck, campaign for change. Colin, glad you found it helpful. Click here to see the logo. There are a few options: Choosing right color for a website is more than an aesthetics. The more freedom you have in your color scheme, the better.

The Internet is primarily a visual medium and color is the easiest and most advantageous way to get your message across to your visitors. Understand the psychological meanings of your choices for website colors. Orange is adventurous and affordable Yellow is cheerful and fun Green is balancing and reflects nature Turquoise is clarity of thought and communication Blue is honesty and trustworthiness Indigo in integrity and sincerity Purple is individual, creative and inventive Magenta is compassionate, spiritual yet practical Pink is loving, compassionate, understanding, youthful and romantic White is simplicity, cleanliness, order and the new slate to write upon Black is authority, power and control Gray is neutral, refined and contemporary Brown is comfort, dependability and friendliness Silver will appear as gray on a website so read the information on gray to endure that is the message you wish to send Gold can appear as a dirty yellow which is not positive for any business.

Adjust gold on your website to a golden yellow and read the meaning of the color yellow to see if it imparts the message you want to send. More on meaning of colors in business Have knowledge of the impact of your website color choices on other cultures. With the worldwide influence of the Internet, cultural meanings of color are no longer as important.

Western meanings are slowly becoming more accepted all over the world. Still, it would pay you to be aware of any cultural differences in meaning if you are selling to a particular country or ethnic group. Red is the color of good luck and celebration in China but a color of mourning in South Africa Yellow is sacred and auspicious in China and India, but the color of mourning in Egypt Green is associated with wealth and prestige in Saudi Arabia but traditionally a forbidden color in Indonesia In Belgium Blue, in Belgium, is traditionally the color for baby girls, while pink is for baby boys; in the rest of the world it is the opposite, pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys.

For more on the cultural meaning of colors and color symbolism……. Find the best website colors to attract your target market. I love this article. I am just learning website design. I Started designing my website few days ago. I jst finished the wireframe and the prototype.

And now im really confused on how to bring it to live with colour. Stumbled upon this article and its really a nice one. The Article and comments from individuals let me know how to start, pointing me in the right direction.

My question is this….. For jewelry, you could do anything—let your target market and your tag be your guide. This is really helpful. I would like to know whether any specific palettes are good for technical and news blog.

I now understand the importance of selecting the correct colour tones for my website. This has given me some ideas to explore for when I next update my site. Thanks for the wonderful compilation. I used mixed colors from a couple of themes to give a refreshing look to my website. I also found an article which helped me chose my color scheme. Thank you so much for this article. I want to change the colors on my review site but I was not sure what colors to choose or what the colors mean.

I especially liked that you put the color numbers that helped me quite a bit. While I also love Cheese Survival Kits palette, yellow as a call to action color? Red is proven, among others to be powerful… yellow seems unbelievable.

It would be cool if you actually talked more about conversion rates in relation to color — otherwise, this article is somewhat of a farce. I read it because the title implied that you will cover conversion, and, if anything you missed out on saying some important conversion tips throughout the descriptions. I like the article, am just saying I feel slightly tricked into reading.

This article is pretty straightforward… No tricks here. I assure you, any gaps are from length constraints and nothing else. Boring web content is useless. Just like a new love, web content marketing enters through your eyes, so the first impression is extremely important.

Thanks for the inspirational post, as I find choosing colours for a website is almost as hard as choosing fonts. Thanks for the inspiration! I also use colorschemedesigner. I am also a huge fan of UI design, and the ways it can affect people. In fact, I just wrote something on that the other day, with s slightly different take.

Content is king, but there are so many other factors we need to consider, and color is high on that list. Hi, could you tell me what colours work best for a photography website? I have heard dark surround. My site is photoblog. Very interesting info, although colour schemes have to be chose also in relation with the brand, product or business.

The real problem is related post section which is not encouraging enough clicks. Good article on color schemes for websites. We recently redesigned our website www. I had read about complementary color schemes didactic, tridactic in a book called Slideology. I wonder what color scheme would elicit the emotions we look to highlight — Natural, Healthy, Vibrant, Modern. So where is the data that proves that these color schemes increase engagement? I agree with Jack. These are really nice color schemes, but they are nice because they are balanced.

It would be nice to investigate the direct influence of certain colors on for example conversion rates. Not everything that looks beautiful, is functional. Numbers are useful but massively unreliable for determining 1 aspect of a site. There are so many reasons why someone may stay on a site. What we can do is test how we feel. For sure if we feel good looking at these sites, so will others.

That will lead them to engage with the site. Yeah, the cakes look tasty. To try out a color palette on my own webpage Colorizr. The tool allows you to play with the colors and see how they actually turn out. I love finding new color palettes to play around with and get new ideas. These are some great examples. Ah, CrazyEgg I really do love you!

So useful evaluating how users are interacting with all aspects of our http: Stop guessing what's working, and start seeing it for yourself. Put Crazy Egg to the test for free for 30 days. Stephanie Hamilton Stephanie Hamilton runs a small branding and web design studio where she helps clients market their company online. Thanks for valuable information, I am definitely using this for my website.

Great that I came here I was looking for a new skin for my website good article thanks. Good combination of colors. I like every design. Love the blend of traditional with non traditional colors. A really great article.

Any color palette ideas for custom leather and jewelry? News and technical sites tend to be black and white, with one brand color, like red or blue. Abu bakar sediq says: Good info, lots of food for thought.

Considering changing my site colours. Colin, glad you found it helpful. Let us know what you come up with. I like Pink but I am wary it might turn some guys away lol.

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best color for dating website

The male undergrads who rated the photo bordered in red, found the woman more attractive, were more interested in asking her on a date, and willing to spend more money during the date.

best color for dating website

I was also really pleased to discover from your post that our logo and site colours incorporate all three colours women love. Again, bright colors used sparingly have much more potential to elicit an action than those used frequently.

best color for dating website

Just what I needed with the examples and codes. If you find the study about cranky babies and angry best color for dating website living in yellow-walled houses, please let me know. Despite what some may say, there is no right color for a conversion text or button. And that may, in turn, improve conversions. I hook up guidelines forward to sharing those results.