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black ops 2 matchmaking glitch

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Matchmaking issues

An Adversary Mode , Power Mad , became available. As for exactly what the Call of Duty: August 22, at Than the peacekeeper best gun ever. Call of duty black ops 2 sucks you managed to become the first call of duty in history not to win shooter of the year not even close. I dont work for them, but First thing this game needs is better servers. Breezy, Hoary, Dapper et Gutsy.

I will not purchase another COD game due to all the continuous issues and quality, not to mention the realism aspect. Was prestige 5 level 49 logged on and guess what base level 1 thanks treyarch for great game but means nothing now thanks!

I have been deranked for no apparent reason. I was level 55 prestige 2 and one day I was level 1 no prestige. I worked very hard for my gold guns and I was about to get diamond smgs please fix this and help everyone else that also have had this problem. I am very disappointed in this game and Treyarch especially. I bought this COD: BO2 two months ago along with my ps3 and it was nice at first until it wouldnt let me hear anything unless I was in campaign mode.

I stopped playing that til my internet got hooked up. Ive gotten lied to from someone who posed as an employee through email,,got the run around, and now that Ive done a couple searches on google im sure there aremillions others with the same or similar problems. So dont tell me its too much info for my ps3 to process. Hell i have caught team mates shooting my bouncing mines,as well as score streaks why dont you kick them.

He then follows me to another lobby does it again and then again same results each time now im on probation WTF??????????????????????????????? Why have I been deranged to level 1 for no reason, this is pathetic treyarch are shit, people pay for the game and then get deranked for no reason, never buying a treyarch game again, I want my money back. Suck for kicking people for no reason Their the ones hacking and im protesting buy Face book and im creating a page that will stop this shit!

Hi treyarch I lm reporting something buggy that happened to me and i went to go play zombies online because I had Internet problem and signed out but I went to connect to online service and it took a couple seconds then…… It said u stats are now erased! I was surprised when I had only a bone!

It was very hard work with getting blue skull! I have had nothing but problems with almost all of there games. Make more mainframes if needed but im tired of this happening. Black Ops 2 was a waste of my money,has to be the most hacked game since MW3.

Sick of all the hackers and those using modded controllers with rapid fire,god mode,permanent vsat,auto aim etc. Every second player in a lobby I have encountered in the last 6 weeks have been using ALL of these things at once and reporting them does nothing.

I dont mind losing to guys that are genuinely better than me but all the cheats have made the game virtually unplayable. Sorry I wssted my cashon the season pass as well. Cant believe Treyarch won any kind of award for this hacked out game that only brings satisfaction to those who cheat. Hi, I have encountered make a fresh start on my black ops second So I wonder if you can do so that I will be in prestige 6 again.

I had diamond SMGS. You should fix that and get our levels and scores back. I have been playing C. Black ops 1 was a descent game but I got kicked out of games a lot.

Fine, no big deal. Black ops 2 is freezing my entire PS3 constantly. What can you guys do? If it keeps up I will not get the next game u make. I am upset with them tried to call there customer service and all it did was send me to the main intro to the treyarch company. Dont bother trying to call treyarch cause its not worth it thank you for your time. Can you please fix your complete garbage servers!? It happens all the time. And its not like I have slow internet.

I am so tired of seeing a kill cam the is nothing like what i saw on my screen. Even in a zombies match ill get booted from a game. Fix your garbage this is defiantly the worst game you guys have come up with. Huge waste of money. And patch the game to get rid of the stupid glitches in the new zombies. Hi my name is Brenden. I play call of duty black ops 2 ALOT and have finally completed my zombies map idea.

I have been working on for a while I would like to show you my idea and that you would consider it in a new DLC I have Revolution and I love it, however I would like my map to be created. I already have a story behind it and everything. I would appreciate if treyarch fixes this.

My xboxlive is Mr Waffles I just got diamond snipers and my stts got reset. I have never hacked any cod. I play on Xbox and my gamer tag is ItsTomato Please send me an email if you can restore my stats I was level 55 prestige 1 and I have worked up again to level 40 no prestige. Please can you help. Hey, I know you guys get request after request but I have a big request.

What I mean is to get rid of all the hackers. The games are no longer fun because hackers have taken over. If hackers were no longer on the games maybe you could just do a big update for all the Call of Duty games. I know my request will probably just be glanced at then forgotten, but please, fix these games.

Ok- So heading thru a map and some jerk wad that you never even see hits you one time and down you go. Try again, same thing, again…yep, same thing. Ten year old kids running around master prestige and every weapon diamond, 20, kills with only wins, unlimited grenades, across the map kills with open sights.

Hackers, boosters, spawn killing. For god sake people: Please fix the hacks, strip them out of the game, even the playing field. There is no way that anyone should have the advantage due to internet connection speeds.

I paid my hard earned money for this game and will not purchase another until I KNOW that these problems will not strip me of the enjoyment I have had with previous games you have designed.

This is in regards to Black Ops 2 probation for not completing matches. This is bullshit considering most of the matches that are never completed are due to server or Internet connectivity.

How am I supposed to control your server and the Internet companies connectivity in order for me to not be placed on probation. I have the season pass and this is what i get for my money. I am in 5th grade and not allowed to play video games on school days.

Just seeing if anybody in the HR Department has looked over the resumes or online applications for the position for Game Level Design. I am having issues with the game connection interruption issues. I am wondering will it get fixed soon. Well as I am hearing if you purchase the Season Pass, you still have to purchase the maps that go along with it. Im a wiiU player n we still havent gotten nuketown…i know the wiiU is the least favorite of all the platforms but we still payed jus like everybody else…its not fairu show favoritism to the ps3 n xbox… My cuz has it for ps3 n he has way more opition than me…wassup wit that.

But a week before I came on it after a while of inactivity, and my extra CaC slots were gone and so were half my stats. Someone actually hacked my account and boosted my stats. Why is it that when you play zombies with your friends in your party you can never find a lobby please fix this problem it so so annoying.

This is the worst game ever made. Not because the graphics or player options, but more so because it has destroyed my PS3, and I can not even play the game on anyones PS3 or it freezes the PS3.

If you wanna play a war game do not buy Call of Duty Black OPs 2 because it will destroy your PS3 as well, and you wont be able to contact them because they do not seem to care once you buy the game.

You will just end up with a game that does not work and a broken PS3. Playing black ops 2 online is bullcrap. Hell the servers timed out and I got freaking probation. Then the next game my killstreak accidentally killed teammates and got booted and got probation for that.

U have to be kidding me! With all the money made off BO2 you would think they could control the amount of hackers but they do not as one out of every ten games there is someone with over 50 kills and less then 5 deaths.

Is gokuubeastt help please. So your customers pay you billionsright. And you repay them with horrible connections to play the game. How about taking the billions wen provide you and make some dedicated servers and get rid of this horrible host base system? Think about it maybe? Only if you would like to enjoy my ravings, read on:.

Treyarch, Why oh why did you mess up this game so bad? The graphics are great, the class selection design is wonderful. Still, how could you mess it up so bad??? One, you have not updated the target finder so that there is a delay before it targets enemies. Did you ever consider that your aim assist and this bs attachment work together to give the cheater finder too much of an advantage?

Just be close, is that your idea of fair??? My idea of a delay would balance this situation. Give it a thought. On to my other complaint. You screwed the pooch on zombies. I had followed every detail you shred up to the release of BO2 covering zombies. The only way I can describe your attempt is a fail. For one, you give us one actual play arena extremely linear — BUS???? Your financial advisers probably regressed the game style more than any of your developers believed you could in creation.

Are you so money hungry that you push a piece of crap zombies version onto us so that we buy your map packs hoping, I mean truly hoping, that the next installment will get better? All MP maps are the same routine anyways, just new textures and terrains, but zombies was supposed to be a new story in each level.

Yet all you give us is a one go-round where all it is is infuriating to deal with. The story is lost to begin with, too much ambient and vocal noise to decipher when it comes to the main points if there are zombies around which is, well, always , do you not believe developers would be able to lower specific volumes in order to present main plot points to players? To fix zombies, you need to go back before your launch and develop several levels, not just two Farm, Town stand alone levels where it is fun to play.

You should know that your two pathetic stand alones failed. They are boring and way too small for the correct feel of zombies. Tranzit has a good feel but there is way to much of a delay between points. That is a problem with xbox as a whole, the player hosting which ruins your TDM and such.

Target finder needs adjustment, you screwed up zombies. Next time, instead of hyping the zombies, put more effort into making your release good enough to play multiple times and most will purchase you follow up so that they may enjoy or hope to enjoy the same quality you put into the original. I have always frowned upon treyarch for the less than adequate online TDM work and have always believed that IW surpassed you in that aspect except collision detection in BO2 which BO2 seems to have screwed even more than MW3: I hate humping a trashcan when all I want is to maneuver around it yet I reserved the idea that your easter eggs and zombie work was creative enough and entertaining enough that you nearly balanced out.

After hearing the next installment was to be developed under you, I still held on to the fact that you were going try to over achieve your earlier zombie experience and looked forward to it You can most likely check that I was online with you less than an hour after your release in CO — DemonicIRISH but I hold fast that you either lost what you had or are holding out to release the best with your DLC, which I probably will not purchase.

I wish you would have stuck with the old school and made it better. Many levels, all separate yet contained to a story, but expanded, larger, more sandbox style. That was my hope. I regret to write this as I usually take it all with a grain of salt but enough is enough. Please make a better contribution to the gaming community next time. Black Ops 2 has proven to be completely ridiculous. First and foremost, the knifing system. Second, zombies is disappointing.

It took me ten minutes searching through your website before I gave up and found this using Google. Although, given how apparently little effort you put into Black Ops 2, you may have purposely removed such conveniences to protect your lazy backs.

I recommend either improving greatly in programming and design, or conceding and giving the rights to Zombies to InfinityWard. As an unimportant side note: This is so racism!!! What is up with this stupid probation thing. I got put on probation because my ps3 froze? Dear treyarch you need to update black ops 2 or do something because this game is outrageous at times I feel like I am shooting blanks with these shotguns.

WE cant find a single match in any game mode without someone hacking or modifying your game. I didnt preorder this game from you guys just to get moded on. An you next game dont expect me to buy it cause if you cant fix your newest games them im for sure not buying the next games your company relases.

I will not buy another Call Of Duty game again. Not only do i have complaints about hackers,they have made it way too easy to hack. One would think with money in the billions from ONE game you could afford quality. Nope just more junk. Welcome to the Hollywood type greed in new age video games.

Hello about the second week this game came out i put a Swastika on my emblem and it was just the first and i got permanently banned from using the the title and emblem feature its get me irritated how i see people with there swastikas and dont even get banned now that all new titles and things are coming out its get me more frustrated.

Sort your games out, lag compensation has wrecked the games for me, flops 2 is unplayable with the slow ping times especially against the french i play with a meg broadband i might aswell have a dialup what right have you got to mess around with my broadband which i pay for treyarch you are the biggest cheats on the game you are pathetic you couldnt organise a pee up in a brewery turn lag comp off for a weekend and let gamers choose if we need it or not.

Hey, I was wondering if you guys would consider lowering the price on the original black ops map packs. You guys should consider dropping these prices or even putting all of them in a bundle package. For one Treyarch is garbage at making Call of Duty games compared to InfinityWard, do us all a favor and stop. Do some research on actual weapons first SMGS do not have the range of assault rifles, neither do the ass shotguns in black ops 2.

I was trained by a sniper at basic training so i know. Last you obviously have no idea how deadly a Claymore is. The game is overwhelmed with aimbots and other punk ass cheats. Please do everything you can at any cost to eliminate these cheats including modicontrollers.

If i can do anything to help let me know. Treyarch i love Black ops 2. But when I bought the revolution map pack i can no longer play revolution only. Ive only played downhill once after several hours of playing. Can you please put the revolution option back so you can only play revolution if you want. Competitive gaming my ass. The lagging, mods,hacks,glitchers are worse than anything! Why is trearch putting people on probation? If its that much of an issue,take it out of the game!

I am really disappointed! I bought the maps, but i am playing free for all only, cause I hate the team-matches. Is there a change in the near future possible? Please answer my question.

Hey treyarch i really love your old characters in nazi zombies and i know that im a young kid but i really want to make a comic about them now im smart and i know that copyright is important. You people are garbage. I loved the first black ops and World at war. But this is trash. Shotguns are used like sniper rifles in this game. And for some reason you thought there should be a fully automatic shotgun. Because one shot one kills were not enough. Even the ballista, a bolt action sniper rifle has less damage than the KSG.

They are ridiculously overpowered. I have shot people with the SWAT times but the b23r can kill on its first burst. And then there are target finders which ruins the challenge of the game. A weapon has to have its drawbacks. And somehow the knifing is worse.

I hate this game with a passion. I loved world at war. The campaign was very detailed. The zombies were good and the multiplayer was good. Same for the first black ops. Black ops 2 is garbage and if I knew ahead of time what was in store for me, I would not even consider buying the game. I am researching video game design and I was wondering if I could use you as an expert source. I would like to ask any video game designer of treyarch some questions through email. Please let me know if you are willing to help with my project and the best way to communicate with you.

Thank you Rodolfo cupa. Black ops 2 is a total flop. Soon after buying season pass the game is unpalyable. I would like my money back please pronto. It took me awhile to get playing the games but since I have I have grown to love them. What I dont like is getting cursed out for not doing good. When you report them nothing is done and then the players harass you. Also I am tired of having my awards taken away. I prestiged again and thins time recieved no award. I am tired of e-mailing the company to have this fixed.

Please do something or I am done with your products and som are the people who introduced me to it. Treyarch listen, I think there are a couple things that you need to fix. First of all i was on a 60 win streak and i went to get food and came back and it kicked me from the game losing the win streak i think you should change that so it doesnt count as a lose. You cant nerf guns, just leave them the way they are.

I believe mw3 was WAY better than black ops 2 by far. I was checking out the leaderboards on Black Ops 2 for the Team Deathmatch gamemode, and the number 1 player appears to be a hacker. Another Example, is that his stats for most guns are showing a minus - sign before his false stats, sometimes the stats even have letters in them. There are a few more examples, but I wanted to keep this as short as possible. If you guys get this message, please reply via my Email account.

You guys seriously have to do something with BO2. I just spent the last thirty minutes getting killed in hardcore for my packages, so I kill them back. Can u guys make DLc map pack 2 all my friends have been waiting. The new gun can be called…killer…? And is a Assault rifle and can be better! Than the peacekeeper best gun ever. When are the new camps coming out for ps3 or pc The new guns date will I hope be soon but iv waited so long kind of. Hi my name is brad and I want to work for treyarch without Getting paid.

I will go above and beyond for you. I have a special Talent for video games and would want to make my Carrier making videos. I know u just read and Reply but please show it to someone that could Make the decision. I join games online and instantly start playing. I play 3 games without backing out, pop to toilet…. I never rage quit or leave a game on purpose…think something needs sorting here…can you help please? Treyarc is ripping everyone off by some probation period. I was told by Activision that the developer sets the standards for policy and procedures in banning.

I was banned from using the emblem editor and player cards for life for having a WW2 German Flag as my emblem, yes a Nazi flag. In Dec I had a major stroke and lost the use of my left side. Apparently I was still using the flag emblem when I was transported to the hospital. I was in physical rehab for 4 months and just got home in late March I was excited to get going on a legal and fun prestige tour and get new player cards and emblem perks.

Activision Customer Service said that swastikas are considered life banning material and no reason to be used, this was Treyarchs rule, Activision just enforces it. However they are allowed to use it because it represented WW2 and all that happened with Germany made that flag evil. Activision CS said that because Treyarch sees the swastika as negative and they are not government rated that players cannot use the WW2 German flag as an emblem.

But wait it get better…. Treyarch even feels that a Marijuana leaf is also permanent banning because it represents Sloth. However several US states have made Weed legal, Treyarch says no way. True I can still play the game, but I can no longer use the emblem editor or player card again on my current gamer tag which has a gamer score. If I want those back, I have to start a new account, a new xbox live gold, and a new season pass. All my xbox live gold is renewable BTW I never received any warnings or any kind of probation for having a flag as my emblem.

Activision CS said that the old COD BO a swastika was a permanent ban forever on all levels of play, so I was getting a break by losing the emblem editor and player card. I will crush your future by word of mouth. Enjoy unemployment as I predict it will fail by Time is not on your side. You guys need to fix some things in black ops 2 zombies. So I please ask you to fix that. Hi I was just thinking of a new map Idea you could based on carrier it do with 2 ships batteling and there both slowly sinking making the map go from very big to really small I think this would be good because there has never being a map that moves as such like this.

Hellow Treyarch MrTryHard Is cheatiing on blackops 2 he is a prestige master and he hacked his snipers diamond gold and his kid is 2. Will Treyarch will you please help me and fixed these problems for me please I do not want to be band from blackops 2. Treyarch, one of your so called moderators he claims to be said he is going to ban Me for 33 hours I asked him what for then he started cursing at me and then deranked me on cod4 and where the message of the day was it just said cock repeditly and it say I have to wait utill ireach private 1st class to play any online game.

Any ways I thought this was suspicious and wanted to see what you had to say. Please help the guys gt was David Da OG thanks. Why have i just gone on to black ops 2 and caprture the flag has been taken off hardcore? I only play on hardcore capture the flag because i dont like playing core!

So now what am i supposed to do? So what are you going to do? And while im on the subject you should also reinstate headquaters back to hard core aswell!! And please dont ignore this i would like a reply! So Ive been playing black ops 2 ever since it came out but its got so much lag its unreal By the way its ps3 so please could you fix the lag please it got nothing to do with my connection thanks rez.

I promise you this. I love black ops 2 I just wish that on the competitions there would be a place for hardcore. My friends and I play hardcore more than anything and would love a division just for hardcore players. Do you think this is possible? Why did you guys take hc ffa and ctf off the list? I think you guys are smarter than that. Hello i am a very happy buyer of cod bo2 but I bought the game for zombies I mean I still like zombies now but i wish I could fresh start like off multiplayer because my brothers play it and no one plays the game with me cause I only have a skull.

And also I am Ver disappointed that people alway quit during games and it does not save it cause me to have to quit or commit suicide because the game stops counting on the leader boards please message me back about this hope to see bo3 alot better. Is there a possible way of me getting my stuff back? Hey love the game hate your service. Ive never seen a game that disconects and looses party members or lags as much as this game.

Stop trying to make your elite page look pretty and do something about your severs. This game is the epitome of FPS games. I am very upset with this game. First they take hardcore capture the flag from the play list which is a all time favorite. My next issue is the overall game play with people from experiences with major lags per game and ranges of fire on weapons that shouldnt even be able to reach as far as they do.

Tretarch has upset me for the first time and possibly the last. I am a diehard CoD Fan and honestly with this game it makes me not want to play any more. I would like a full refund for my money and time wasted playing this game.

Can someone help me. I bought the Season Pass on the 14th of April. I woke up to get the map pack for free with the Season Pass. And when I got online. The Deuce is gone! Now it says it cost Microsoft Points! I just bought it for ! And I try to dwonload Uprising but it cost It shows that I donwload it on my History Download.

I tried to redownload it. I have a problem with my black ops 2 sever. Thank you from RuThLeSs My game keeps freezing.! And it only does this to black ops 2! I reset my ps3 and my internet connection and it still freezes me out of games. I rather dislike glitching and that he is using this along with his friends to make it to high rounds.

It is probably none of my business but can a patch come out for this? Treyarch is about as pathetic as it comes to game making. Instead of banning boosters who were the max prestiage in the first week, they go after people who get stuck against these no lifers and boost but one time.

Do you guys even know to monitor your games, cause oviousy not. Who gives a shit if people boost, it is going to happen no matter what. Anyone who reads this, please join my boycott of Black Ops 2 and Treyarch. First of all I would like to tell you guys that BO2 is awesome, and I enjoy playing hard core search and destroy every day. With that being said, can you please, please put richochet on hard core search.

And not just for the first few seconds? A lot of my friends and I are not happy about this and we will just stop playing and buying products if this continues. You took my brother into the freaking call of duty series now I almost hate him. You took part of him away from me. This reason almost makes me not want to play. Im always on a really good killstreak and then some loser with a shutgun comes up a barrel stuffs me.

My wifi is great, that i know for a fact. It might be the host but my bullets never register. Regarding Black Ops 2: OK, are you guys cutting PS3 out of the plans? If so… I want ALL my money back for the season pass and the game.

Hey Treyarch huge fan and i was thinking of some new camos for Black Ops 2. Like it or dont i just have some new camos i want to say. I dont know if u have thought of these before but here are some. That would be so beast. Like A Mirror camo. You could see your playersself in the gun.

Thats all i have and please i insist you to Do these. You could purchse them like you did for the personalization packs. But please Do them I truly insist and it would be a big profit i think. I do not know whether I manage e-mail, but I was zbanoway, cbyha forever, serwey Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 I am an honest player, I never cheated in multiplayer games if you get to the scammers, reported them to you. The Zombies mode, I just wanted to see if the hacks work, but it did not work, and immediately turned off the game, even without killing the enemy, which means that I do not cheat, even if you downloaded this file.

I ask you, you to removed the ban. Really, I will not try to download any file. Such a situation will never happen again. I just want to play with other players and shared honest report cheaters. We ask you to give favorable consideration of this appeal. Every time I try to contact them through e-mail I get absolutely nothing.

They tell you to hold and then hours later you have to hang up because there is no one there and there will never be anyone there. Their company is practically a giant middle finger to the world. I was wondering if it were possible to get rid of probation in Blacks Ops II. I know that you probably could care less about me or the other few customers with the same complaint, but it would be nice if you would take this into consideration.

I get on probation because my internet occasionally shuts off. Well, I was playing the other day and I got disconnected one time, and when I got my internet back it said I was on probation.

I see this as a serious issue. Every time I get the map express or drone my ps3 freezes. And could you put back the choice to play just nuke town. As a frequent player of Black Ops 2 and all Call of Duty games, you need to seriously fix your connection problems. You need to seriously fix this problem because I am sick of always getting a connection problem and having it prevent me from playing. This is my third complaint. Although this will not be read by anyone but other complainers.

Hire someone who knows what their doing. The lag on multi-player games is terrible at times; most probably due to the lag compensation feature for those with poor connections. If they can afford the cost of the console and game, they should also be able to afford decent Internet service.

Too many players who use modded controllers, lag switches and other cheating devices are a major problem for those of us who want to play an honest game. Actively seek out and console ban anyone who pulls this sort of B.

More random spawn points besides the two that are featured in the game. The practice of placing players on probation for leaving a game early for whatever reason is questionable. If the designers give the player that option, it makes no sense to penalize them for doing so. Stop the practice; all it does is alienate a paying customer who can take his money elsewhere. Finally, why have you eliminated Capture the Flag in Hardcore mode? This is one of your most popular multi-player games.

The object of the game is to capture the flag, not build a higher kill to death ratio as if you were playing Team Death Match! Bring this game mode back! To do otherwise will again aggravate paying customers; some of my on-line friends have stated that that they will no longer buy any Treyarch game is this game mode is not re-instated.

In closing, I believe that Black Ops 2 has great potential, but was rushed to market too early with too many problems left unresolved. This post is probably falling on deaf ears; but at least the biggest problems have been aired for the gaming community at large to see. If this lagg shit isint fixed Im going to make a fan page for boicoting all of the treyarc games. You are doing nothing but promoting Hackers and lagg switches.

And I wont stop there ohhhh no you have taken the only game I play the reason I bought a damn xbox and ps3 and compleatly watered it down like the comments up top you will not read this and you probably dont care but this shit is frustrating and you have to hold the company accountable. You have a great game and its loads of fun with out the lagg I have the highest speed internet in the world its the google wired if you dont kow it runs a 1G a second as you know this was recently instaled in Austin TX.

And have you guys even looked at the boosting going on in BO2 its a big problem. Bet that i can steal at least 20, from you. I buy this code in the gamestop and I write in the black oops 2, but the playstation network sad: When you que for lets for instance Team Death Match. But you get penalized for leaving the game. This is a joke. Then you reque and it places you back into the same game you just left…Really.

All most all the Maps are SMG friendly only. Sniping in this game sucks unless you are quick scoping. Same with pistol the range is crazy. Make the weapons more realistically ranged.

Guess nobody at Treyarch though about changing time of day during game place. For instance Twilight, Daytime, Nighttime, Dusk. Night vision scope would be great if there were and darkness. Giving away kill positions is crazy especially for a sniper. I know play hardcore…. There are so many offensive languages, racist, sexist talk on chat.

Yes I can mute them which I usually do. The emblems are out of control… then text and the pictures a pornographic and very offensive. You report players and of course nothing happens. I love the concept of the game but there are many things that need to be fixed to be an enjoyable game. Also, this voting for which map comes up next is B. Everyone votes for run and gun, small maps. I played the game for 4 hours and never seen Yemen Which I prefer.

Maps like Yemen, Drone, Meltdown are hardly ever voted to play. I am so sick of run Nuketown, Raid, Slums, Hijacked! Make the next map the actually map. If players dont like the map let them reque. I rather wait in a que for a preferred map than have to keep leaving seveal games because I hate the map.

Also, you need to adjust Gold Camo standards to type of weapons. WTF is up with headshots for camo. I agree with head shots for snipers but SMG…really! AR and LMG are debatable. Think of a map, then put guns on the wall and the mystery box in the room and a packer punch machine in the middle of the map. Three waves of zombies at street, mid and end points of map. I am thoroughly dissatisfied with Black Ops 2. People appear out of no where and its annoying.

Thanks will never buy another one of your games. Have a smelly balls day! I just want the colectors edition digital camo. How can i get it whitout buying the whole game again?

I would really be thankful if you can help me out with this problem as soon as posible, send me an e- mail please. This probation thing is ridiculous. I accidently kill a teamate and am put on probation. After the probation was up. This feature needs to be removed. Why am I bloody getting put on this silly probation period when the game migratess hosts and closes the lobby? I mean itz not my fault that connection is lost. I paid for the game to be played and yes win or loss I complete the whole match.

This is ridiculous and I hope u do something about this honestly this is taking the p at the moment. This is the sorriest excuse for fAir matchmaking I have ever seen also I find it annoying that league play is based off of wins not actual skill.

I would love to play black ops 1 on my ps3 but when i insert the disc a black screen appears and does nothing but stays there.

BO2- y can players lag switch? I got banned from Call Of Duty Black ops 2 for no reason. I was playing and the screen said that im banned of Call Of Duty Miltiplayer and I have no clue what happened. Can you somehow let me play multiplayer again so I can play. And also get my stats back. Please un reset my stats because people are calling me names like faggot booster try hard u suck and I am very sad. Can you guys please fix this in Call of Duty Black Ops 2: When a care package is near a sentry gun, holding square button should always be used for grabbing that care package first instead of trying to move or even worst control the sentry gun …so dumb.

Humiliation is the stupidest thing on planet earth when it comes to sticks and stones! It takes all your points instead of just a few like 15 or I can help you with that, it happened to me b4 and i got it working, i can show you how to do it, just give me your account details and i will see if i can fix it for you. Did Reznov die a Heroes death or as a Prisoner? Please it kills me inside to think he died unnoblely.. I would love to know reznovs to fate and it would be cool to bring him back in a final time thanks for listening and reading.

I would appreciate if u would do something about that thanks. Played the game on Harden beat it in a hour and a half. Then the Multiplayer, where do I start, hmmm.. Well lets see snipers that fire better then an automatic machine gun, shooting ppl in the chest from 3ft away and no hit or death and they run right through you. Lobbies that dont match plays right , meaning it will be all Prestige masters on one team that are not partied and all lower ranks on other.

Does that affect this in any way? My black ops 1 server isnt working and im mad because im trying to play and it wont let me do any online gaming. I backed out of a game and the probation timer for 5min went off, after serving my 5 minutes it then restarted the timer an extra 5 more minutes.

It has gone off 6 times in the past 45 minutes, and seems to go off everytime someone farts. Please fix this problem. I love all your games. I assume the dev team had played combat training with Veteran difficulty bots in Black Ops before?

Now picture that script put on steroids. The AI knows where you are at nearly every waking moment, and they can, and will turn without any given reason to open fire at your upper body or skull, decimating you in less than two seconds.

They cannot even be snuck up upon, as the bots will make an immediate degree turn and stab their assailant. More often than not I have been spawnkilled. Granted this happens often in multiplayer in general, but not as often as it does against veteran bots on free-for-all. Death is not expected. There are no excuses to Veteran Bots.

No I will not lower the difficulty. Is there any kind of solution to this problem on ps3. I hope and pray they go out of business. You worry more about coming out with camos for guns than you do the gameplay. Connection interruptions occur on a gamely basis. Along with people getting redidulous kills where they didnt even come close to hitting the guy. That shows on the killcams.

Ive been killed by people who were looking the complete opposite way from me. The concept to your game is good. But the game itsself is terrible. The same problems have been occuring. Youve pissed off a lot of people. And wasted a lot of hard earned money. You need to go back to the basics of designing a game before you push forward in it. I will never buy another treyarc game after reading all these comments. And you still doing nothing.

This is a type of company that makes a heavily flawed game, then instead of cleaning up their garbage, they squeeze more money out of the game. It is not my PS3 because every other Map Pack and all the Custom Camos work properly, i have die rise and that works great. Also it would help if you had a phone. I am sick of faults in Call Of Duty. If I were you Treyarch I would fix them quick before you lose your customers.

I have been trying to play my black ops 2and it keeps coming up with downloadable content removed please could you advise me on how to get this sorted. I DOnt know how to send this to treyarc or what to do.

A Army Base theme with the perks such as juggernog, quick revive, speed cola, double tap, tombstone, dead shot, stamin up, and mule kick all skattered around an army base with a care package looking mystery box. I think its a very cool idea. I also have another idea for a Highschool with the cafateria vending machine with the perk drinks you can buy from them. I dont remember shotguns being as powerful as snipers.

Shotguns are op please nerf them or somethin. NOPE…some idiot have to get in my way!! Please fix the issue of re-spawning and dying immediately from a kill streak. This is bullshit and should have been fixed 2 games ago.

Hello tryarch i am fan of your AMAZING games especially black ops 2 i have bought all camos uprising and revolution too and i am waiting for the new camos. Yeah this stupid probation shit is really egging me on to shoot myself, I might as well go fall on my head and turn braindead like your customer service, Why cant I just speak to someone? Instead of going to a stupid chat where nobody is paying attention to what I say. Get workin on Treyarch before you use a long time customer, by the way Call of duty black ops 2 is shit.

Ghosts better be worth it. I just like to start and say that i love Black ops 1 and 2 i have been trying to get a platty on Black ops 2 for a while and the giant aaccoplishment trophy stands in my way… Harddest trophy to get ever i sware.. Over powerd i guess but no more so then ksg one shotting everyone with long barrel..

Hello trearch i got de ranked and banned from your game and was wondering if you can give me my rank and diamond guns back i spent 9 days 13h 31s and i got banned becaus emy firends fell out with me so they reported me then i got banned this is really unfair so if u could look into it to prove i wasnt doing anything wrong please do my gamertag: TurtleStuff please please please give me my rank and guns back would mean the world took me a very long time.

Yours Sincerly Jared Smith. I am sure your tired of all the remarks and comments to you about black ops 2. Hi my name is todd and I was wondering why I cant level up to the skill on black ops 2 zombie I been playing this game for 7 month now and I am still at the same level it would be nice if you send me an email thank you. I have a lot of videos to send in. Can you please fix the problem?

I would be more then happy to be an administrator for Australia Sydney NSW because i play for more then 5 hours a day. Please stop making black ops 2 a shit game because people cannot play legit and make people stop playing i have lost some good mates because of people who cheat. Big Drop locked to Sports Time Trial: Salaries for all Bodyguards and Associates are doubled between July 18th and July 24th, From July 18th - July 24th Premium Race: Completing a bunker sell mission at any point between July 18th and July 24th, grants the player the Black Ammu-Nation Hoodie.

An Adversary Mode , Power Mad , became available. From July 25th - July 31st Premium Race: Power Mad Adversary Mode. Discounted items through August 7th, From August 1st - August 7th Premium Race: Target locked to Ruiner Time Trial: An Adversary Mode , Overtime Shootout , became available. Mobile Operations Center and renovations. Weaponized Vehicle 's customizations.

Ammo types for the Mk II Weapons. Dewbauchee Vagner at Legendary Motorsport. Salaries for all Bodyguards and Associates are doubled between August 8th and August 14th, From August 8th - August 14th Premium Race: Mountain Drop locked to Bikes Time Trial: From August 15th - August 21st Premium Race: From August 22nd - August 28th Premium Race: Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Do you like this video? For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V , please see here. Contents [ show ]. As the residents of Los Santos know, the only thing more fun than crime is profit and should you choose to invest in this new business, some extremely shady customers are ready to pay top dollar for what you can deliver. Stay tuned for more on Gunrunning, including specific business and research opportunities, details on the massive tactical, full-service Mobile Operation Centers complete with new weapon upgrades and deep customization, all new Weaponized Vehicles and more.

Independence Day Special Insurgent Pick-Up Custom Week. A Weaponized Tampa with several modifications. A shooting range, located inside an underground Bunker. An APC , armed with missiles for anti-air capabilities. Multiple APCs , turreted and armed with missiles, traveling through a river. A Caddy behind Agent 14 inside a bunker. An Oppressor rocket bike. An Anti-Aircraft Trailer attached to a Sadler. An APC with different livery and a missile unit. A Phantom Custom with command post unit , surrounded by a selection of military-grade vehicles.

Images: black ops 2 matchmaking glitch

black ops 2 matchmaking glitch

There is no formal customer service department as Treyarch is just the designer for other companies who sell the games. My BO3 opened before while using windows 7 and now I put the 10 does not open it more for work was wondering if there is a way to pack without having to switch windows. Get workin on Treyarch before you use a long time customer, by the way Call of duty black ops 2 is shit.

black ops 2 matchmaking glitch

Players will be able to right click on any unit frame and select Set Focus. Players who log in to GTA Online between June 30th to July 10th will receive two Rockstar Noise Tees; a white one with "Rockstar Games" on it and a black one with the Rockstar logo, both with the "glitch art" aesthetic that were also debuted in the Rockstar Warehouse at the same week. Downloading update data started when i entered the game.

black ops 2 matchmaking glitch

Black ops 2 matchmaking glitch was banned from using the emblem oos and player cards for life for having a Black ops 2 matchmaking glitch German Glktch as my emblem, yes a Nazi flag. After you turn the power on then off do you then have to; make navcard reader thing, power up with jet gun, put nav card in: Weaponized Vehicle 's customizations. Once again, take care of yourself. Windows Activation trips up virtual machine good questions to ask a girl on internet dating, even on same system. Hello trearch i got de ranked and banned from your game and matchmakng wondering if you can give me my rank and diamond guns back i spent 9 days 13h 31s and i got banned becaus emy firends fell out with me so they reported me then i got banned this is really unfair so if u could look into it to prove i wasnt doing anything wrong please do my gamertag: Did you ever consider that dating customs aim assist and this bs attachment work together to give the cheater finder too much of an advantage?