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He is also on methadone for his back and the combination of both has left us never having sex. At this point in my life, personally, I am only interested in having partners in my life. We agreed we liked each other and we were fine like that, sleeping together sometimes, he used to ask me how many guys I usually sleep with, something which I found a bit rude coz it made me feel like I had a long list of guys waiting for me!. I am going through the same. If he still needs to be chosen by other women — however virtualy, he is certainly having an issue — with love, sexuality or confidence. I feel so hurt the way he is treating me.

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It is long distance and we see each other every three months for about two weeks at a time. If he still needs to be chosen by other women — however virtualy, he is certainly having an issue — with love, sexuality or confidence. They always see each other as on the same time and, when in conflict, they approach the conversation with compassion and never lose sight of their partnership. He was not up to doing any work. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes makeup-free on camera as she reveals her step routine and her must-have products Lauren Goodger displays her phenomenal weight loss in slogan body and leather leggings

Usually, a man should say directly what he wants and if he tells you that then he means it. Most of the elements, to me, are irrelevant.. It sounds like you care about him.. I could tell you what to do.. I could tell you what I would do.. But, what I feel would be best is for you to also work to be decisive, make a decision about this for yourself and then go with that decision.

This is just my opinion, I hope it helps or if not offers you perspective before making your own decision. I could recall him saying that he wants nothing to do with her because she is stupid etc.. I know that I am part to be blame because I accepted that from the first place because I am always forgiving him because he always says that he will stop doing what he does to hurt me but in actually waiting for him to change is like waiting for rain when it comes to drought hopeless and disappointing.

Do you think me a woman who is always around and always ready to work on my weakness in the relationship should keep believing him or keeping hurting? But why does this make me feel this bad to have to seek this blog and ask for advice?

Should I stop taking this personal? Is this something every guy is going to do? Yea…well im a hot girl devoted and loyal, and i cant drink for health reasons. I treat my longtime boyfriend of 7 years awesome, in all areas. He loves to drink alot, and he makes moves on ugly, fat, alcoholic bitches, all the time.

He tries to bed them. Ive contacted them and they told me he tried to get with them. One even told me he wanted to be with her LTR. I talked to him many times about this problem but he gives me straight lies every time. Conclusion is that he wants me to drink and i cant. So i guess we BOTH will be cheating on each other, and still stay together until one of us finds a better mate. And like my mother always told me, All men are cut with the same scissors..

After a year or 2 in a relation, they start their shit…. The main reason I do, is because I believed men spend so much time trying to supers their emotions for the one they with, by asking for space that they already have. You tlel them how you feel as nice as u can and they ate stone cold or try to find an exit. Because these are all methods to stay detached from you emotionally so they can easily lead you and avoid being hurt themselves, if u decide to treat them the same.

This is so they can depart the relationships with no problem after they are done having all the sex they want from you. Never agree to have sex with just him, never make him a priority during that time. Here is my new experience. I dated a guy who claimed he was looking for the one, not trying to sleep around and done chase women. He knew right away I would not date a guy like that.

So for the first 2 months we dated and he never once flirted with other women, always gave me a lot of attention, was a total prince charming. I thought this was wonderful, but I would find out the catch.

Eventually I discovered he had two women stashed away. And the space he claimed he needed for business was actually to spend a week with each one. Also he used me to attract new womem. After the second month he started going to the spots alone, and taking me there only after he was there alone. Now twice I broke it off for him over this disrespect. Each time he came back claiming he loved me. And every time after asked for sex.

I once tested if he was shopping for women while out with him. I purpose spoke to a woman who I knew was his over all type, I then walked away from her. And left him there to see if he would break his neck to look at her or talk to her like he would normally do. And he didnt, he actually acted aggregated and called my named loudly. Cause I called him out and he knew to talk to her would make it obviouse.

I once tracked the time to show him how much he flirts with other women and disses me now. But yet once outside asked me to sleep with him who I declined. Suddenly we are not exclusive, in love and a couple. What I have leaned ladies, is once man flirts with other women, he is already cheating in his mind, and eventually he will cheat.

He will do it either by pushes you away for a while so he can sample some women or out right cheat and tell u they are friends. And they would say other wise cause their sluts. Ladies men flirt cause they know it easier for them. A slutty woman will willing except a flirt from a man, while his woman stand by. A man will usually not flirt with a woman whIle she is with her a man, and men know this and take advantage of having the power in the flirting game.

This means, no sleeping in same bed and sex. By that time he is showing his true colors. Because 5 men have used me and lied to me and got me in drama with women from flirting and cheating. Just the other day he pretended to not know me well on a date or walk out with me but tried to get me to hold him in bed.

I saw him looking at a woman alot. I believe he was trying to get rid of me, so he hook up with her. It was mother day and he was shopping for a woman on our date. I hope you all find strength to leave the jerks, like me. I really need some advice. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now. It is long distance and we see each other every three months for about two weeks at a time.

Recently I had caught him multiple times flirting and texting a girl he met on Tinder. Each time he said he would stop and that he loved me and wanted our relationship to work. It has been four times now and he is still texting her.

Eventually I got to the point where I told him that I can deal with the problems in our relationship, just not the lies. If he is open and honest with me about what he is struggling with or not getting from this relationship I will work to try and understand.

On the third time I caught him texting her I was caught between whether to stay and work it out or to respect myself enough to leave.

He said he broke my heart and wants to rebuild our trust. But I caught him texting her after that. Last night I did something bad and I looked through his phone. He was getting texts and I wanted to see who it was. Turns out he is still texting her and not only that but chatting up other girls on Tinder as well.

His conversations date as far back as four months. Everything is normal and our relationship is great, apart from this issue. I believes that he still wants to be with me and still loves me.

I think he is going to do what he wants regardless. Not only does that feel immasculating as a man, but many women agree that men who defer to women are not attractive to women. Many men have complied with demands like this over the years only to have their women lose respect and leave them [actual respect: Plain and simple, women too often feel complain of being bored with compliant men. But more constructively, you have basically 2 hard choices: If you choose option 2, however, you must not allow any 2nd chances.

You should move forward. Additionally, any future relationships, you should not allow to get to this point and skip the ultimatums. I only know some of his homeboys and like 1 female friend he knows other than his cuz girlfriend.

I have a slight trust issue though. Like I trust him but I gotta keep my eye open type of ish. I just feel that if a man has female friends then it should be boundaries.

Line should never be cross. What is the best advice to handle this situation. But he wants to be together. I also recently check his phone and I found out her name cause she invite him to Google hangout and that she works in the same business as me but in another location. He also save her under his phone as a dude name. How should I go about to handle this situation? This one for me is complicated alot , i have been with my partner for 5yrs now.

I am 23 he is 43 , we get along great as friends and lovers , however , he has always been unable to keep away from other women online , i used to find nudes sent to him all the time in his email. So naturally i went with my threat and i did leave him , however , now this is where it gets bad. Everyone thinks i am a bitch because i am cold to him in his condition , but should i have to be nice and defeated just because he got sick?

As for the online stuff.. I think that is like a playground for adults and it doesnt bother me as much. I love this article, because just now, I found my 3 yr boy friend was chatting and flirting with other girls on his phone and one of then sent him pictures of her private parts. I am not like model type of girl but I keep working out and maintain a good shape. I dare say my figure is much better than the girls who sent him all the pictures. I am also flirty and oftentimes slutty with him in bedroom.

Out of a mistake that I already forgive him, I was pregnant wth him once and he insisted me to have a termination. I love him too much to say no and he has been caring and sweet to me as always. The puzzle is that, I sent him all types of porn style pictures all the time, never said no, and was creative every time. Whenever he needs me I was there to talk and make him laugh. He has had ups and downs in his life and I wonder where these girls were.

The puzzle is, as I beg your advice on this point, what more could I do to fill on that void? I know guys like nude pictures, fine, I give him. Yet he is not satisfied. Of course, since the pictures and chats are ongoing, he even took nude picture on my bed and sent it to other girl , my worry is that he will meet those girls one day he used to tell me he is not interested in meeting any girls he met online, and those girls he met online and really cheat on me.

Should I tolerate his little habit because I still love him and because maybe all guys r pretty much no better, or should I let him go. BTW does this girl knows he has a gf?

Anyway talk to him about it.. Let him know exactly how you feel. So before he mention about space everything was fine until he got a phone call to pick up some stuff so I asked him if I can go along for the ride he said no.

Before we used to go out often, He took me along with him sometimes when he meets his peoples. He rarely takes me anywhere. I let him go out with his homeboys I have no problem with that all I ask from him is to let me know who he is going out with and where he is going. I do question him though so maybe he is tired of me from asking him alot of questions because he says that I want to always be in his business.

He tells me that I need to find some friends and go out. I also found some condoms in the back of his car from moving it before I head out.

So I ask is it a man or a female he said female. I questioned him about his space cause I wanted to know what his intentions are.

I ask him is he want space to go out and have sex with females because I just found some condoms in your car so whats up with that. I asked if I can throw away the condoms and he said yea. I just ask because I care and I do love him. I just need some advice on this so I can have a clear head about everything. And also he went out last night yesterday to pick up stuff weed which he told me that he would be back.

You tell me you want space you go out and you aint home yet no uh! I think the dude is lucky to have a woman like you.. Some dudes do things to frustrate their woman intentionally to show her his dominance..

I have learned a bit about how my words can sometimes be misconstrued as blameful, I am not saying shit is your fault.. If you start a new one, look to keep a balance of investment Look to screen new partners up front, before you commit more and more..

Realistically, you should probably just drop this dude.. You are not wrong though, you are just too far invested versus him… I have to go but I hope my words or someone elses here are helpful in some way.

He tried to talk to me saying Babes! Cause your right even though he is 29 I would expect to get his shit together because he turning 30 next year.

He comes home every night no numbers in his phone.. I just feel like he think he can do better. Dilemma…my boyfriend of six years started working at my job and I specifically asked him to steer clear of chicks there so there would be drama. So I deal with it because I love him.. Hi, basically it would be really great to get a mans opinion on my relationship please.

I have been on and off in a relationship for over a year. At first things were great and I was happy, he is a very dominate man. Anyway after a month of first being in a relationship he freely gave me his FB password, I was a little surprised and I never asked for it. After a week I talked to the people around me and they said he obviously wanted to show me for a reason and I agreed and got back with him.

He said he stopped and I believed him and began to trust him again, unfortunately I discovered he had not stopped at all and had been lying to me but I was prepared to just accept it as him being him.

Then he got very close with a girl who lived in the same town as him and was Skyping her on cam and phoning her etc. I made the mistake of spying on his facebook so I was reading everything as he was writing it all.

It all got too much for me and I broke up with him, however he would not stop bombarding my phone with calls and texts saying he loves me. I did get back with him and he stopped talking to her. I realise this may seem petty right now. Any who he continued with other women online regularly and it did eat at my insecurities but I was doing my best to strengthen myself to not let it bother me. As time went on the arguments increased, one time he insisted I message my old best friend a girl if she fancied him and I got really cross and said no.

He asked me several times to message her asking if she liked him and it made me feel low, I got very angry and hung the phone up on him in the end. Anyway he said he was asking me to ask her, so that if she did he could show me he only wanted me not anyone else. Later on he admitted to saying things like that to get me out of my mood swing. I have a son, who is very young but not a baby and he has been a great guy around him and taught him well.

Anyway we broke up and everyday day he would ring my phone at least twice a day, sometimes roughly 40 times a day and after 2 months he continued and never answered until he started sending me emails, I did reply, probably very silly of me I know.

But he wants to change and make things better, he has just begun counselling and is going to go on anger management courses and depression courses. I have seen him a few times since and it has been pretty good minus a few minor blips. He is very caring, kind, helpful, makes me laugh and he is very generous most of the time, we seem to fit really well together and have so much in common. Makes me feel very happy when things are going rather well.

Sometimes I feel lucky to have him in lots of ways. He pushes me to do well, pushes me to study my theory for driving and encourages me to do well. He has suggested couples therapy to help deal with our issues. He is also an alcoholic but has quit alcohol for nearly 3 weeks now and he also has a gambling addiction. So my main question, do you think he can really change the abusive behaviour or is it all for show? He obviously needs help, but so do you. Get away from this man before he kills you in a crimeof passion.

This sounds very serious. There is no real shame in asking for help. I think he can, but he has to choose to. Based on what I read, past history does not sound like he has been ready to do so.

I respect that he drives you to achieve and that is great however, ultimately you will need to do that yourself as will he need to make those changes in his life, for himself. Sometimes when past events outweigh everything, going separate ways is an opportunity for a new beginning for both parties, a clean slate with a new partner that does not have a troubled past..

If you go to new relationships, this is not a constructive question. Knowing that only clouds the scenario further. I just wish more people who feel the need to explore the dating world would remain single while they shop around because it is more honest with less consequences. Easier said than done. Know what you want and accept nothing less. Most people know how it feels to want a relationship to work and care about someone and not wanting to lose that but you should trust your gut, your heart and your mind all three and a new start may be in order.

I also highly recommend to people getting out of relationships to spend up to 6 months single when possible to develop or redevelop a sense of independence before dating again. Ultimately you should attempt to train yourself to know what you want and then it becomes easier to ignore and reject those things that are counterproductive to your goals.

This is my personal perspective and I hope even if there are people who disagree that it is either helpful in some way or you find your path in this great world we have. I understand you are upset about this situation. I try to offer advice. Attempt to take most of what I say literally here and not to read into it too much. I try to steer women to look at actions over words because many women get jealous over us men communicating with other women but I personally feel as long as we CHOOSE not to act upon it, it is ok.

More often I see the complaints about the communication but I feel this one hits close to home from a relationship I had many years ago and partners ago. The best I can tell you is, to decide what you want and what is most important.

It is not uncommon for attraction to fade amongst partners. My parents always did though, so that varies. It is a major challenge, no doubt. Essentially, I would advise you to consider what is the best for your children.

Does he provide for them an opportunity for a better future? If so, consider some options. First, you need confidence. Obviously, something like this is a total confidence blow. I met a woman with 3 kids last night who is getting a divorce from a 13 year marriage she said was with the only man shed ever been with and he was cheating with 4 women.

What I would recommend is to find 2 or 3, strong confident women friends. Just attempt to emotionally detach a bit and find any way possible to get some space. Going to the gym is huge if possible or some sort of regulat exercise. Time apart to reflect helps.

Focusing on yourself helps. Building your confidence and your body helps. If you must, use some jealousy to wake his arse up. Find a few solid strong personality women friends. Look to separate emotionally. Also, as a man, and also as an experienced dater as well as a casual observer, one of the things we do to show our dominance is to not allow women to boss us around.

How do you not be those? My goal is to debunk the negative side that it is to blame a woman but to instead attempt to empower women that they should not reward this behavior. Also us men, our friends roast us for listening to women. Decide what you want? However, the best policy is to reward positive behavior and NOT crack down, but ignore the crappy behavior.

Give him the steering wheel to your relationships future.. LET him steer the fate. Only cook him food if he sits down with you and your children for dinner. Otherwise, just cook for them and eat on your own. However, this thing is one sided and you need to tip the scales a bit in your favor. Also, you will need to consider and prepare yourself mentally, for your children, if the final result will be that you will leave him.

Learn to walk away and get space to yourself. My boyfriend is one year younger than me, we have been datin for 3 months buts it feels longer. Thanks for this post! The comments here also provide valuable, inspiring advice. Some men cheat because they need self-validation or an ego-boost from women, do you want his pride to take him THAT far?

You better leave him ALONE for a week or two and see if he comes back if he disagrees to respect you. It should be about respect. I discovered few days ago that my boyfriend has been flirting with a woman online. He was so quick to hand out his mobile numbers and they had a major flirting session. I confronted him and he basically told me im a drama queen and he cant have such drama in his life. He really made me out to be this paranoid insecure woman. So now ive told him since he has set the standard for our relationship, i will also be calling men by pet names and handing out my numbers.

But honestly, who wants that kind of relationship? Ive never been the kind of girlfriend to just flirt around and hand out my number. But I just feel he needs to see what kind of impact such behavior has on a partner. When a man sits there and ask a barmaid about her sex life and what she does in th e bedroom is that flirting?

I ask this because after 20 years of marriage to a man who was verbally and mentally abusive I am new to the dating scene. Even though I had dated this man 32 years ago I feel a little uneasy. Wasnt sure what he was doing or trying to prove or if he just wanted my reaction.

Depending on the dude it may also be beating around the bush unless he is screening for your tastes in the bedroom.

Easier said than done, I know, but try to recognize your new partners as a fresh start and a chance to have fun. I especially recommend trying someone very different from yourself and your ex.

People often look for commonalities, but dating yourself would possibly be boring, but someone very different can be very interesting and fun… exciting even. When Ive been single, I am single. Therefore, I will be dating and meeting many women and I expect nothing less of women. Talk a little smack, look for chemistry with a guy that you feel meets your wants and respects your boundaries.

Wow…having read these comments. Typing this on my phone and its going crazy. Sinosed its become a crutch at times. He…has lied about things in his past. Everyone has a past and they are entitled to it. However, when you lie about it and it comes to haunt youm.. He slept with his friends wife when he lived with them. Lied to me about it….

Had told me that she would get jealous of he dated someone or brought someone home…a friend would not get jealous over that. Red flag there, right? So one day…he stupidly leaves pics open on his computer…I walk into the room…and see them.

But…learning he lied about the married friend…well that got me thinking what else has he lied about…. We had a huge fight about that. He has few friends…joins facebook, adds a lot of old high friends…lots of girls….

He starts school and makes a new friend. He starts lying about her…giving her rides to and from school. And I flat out asked him, do you like her, want to be with her? Tell me, ill leave , no hard feelings. My main questions would be: Are you IN love with him and if so, enough to move past the lying.

Based on what you wrote, I dont feel so. Also, most importantly, are you getting what you want? Then just ask yourself if you feel, overall, this is what you want?

If no, rip the bandage off and get single long enough to reflect and heal and find yourself. Then, decide what you want and dont and screen, up front, dudes for what you feel you want. Take your time and do not rush into something just because you feel lonely.

You may just find that you are stronger than you may or may not feel you are already. It might also be better for other parties too. Ive been angry before at women who rejected me but in many cases Im better off and stronger because of it. Confronting him about it and asking, how come such a great girlfriend as i am is not enough for him, is useless.

I know, what a scared and insecure boy is behind all this womanizer mask. I could never talk to him about it, because it would scare him even more and make things worse. So how can i benefit from these insights? Well men are all cheaters by nature, nature designed them to want to stick their manhood in anything that walks including fat, skinny, other men and yes animals. The The truth is men are whore by nature. They were genetically designed this way so that they could procreate and make babies.

Animals are this way to, so in a sense men are more like animals than women. To men sex is simply a physical act. A man could sleep with a countless number of women and care about none of them, he just uses their bodies. All they care about is getting laid, and busting a nut. Why because men enjoy sleeping around it makes them feel like men. There is nothing wrong with men being this way because it is their nature. What upsets me is when men make false promises and pretend like they really care about you, love and act like they are committed to you.

This is quite annoying because women get disappointed when they find out the men were lying and were just using those lies to get laid. Women often have trouble with men because they are designed to be nurturing and caring which is the opposite traits of the common man. Most women porn stars excluded lol view sex as a beautiful act, as a bonding of two people, as a way to show their love for a man. So, they are really disappointed when they find out that the man they choose to be with only used them to bust a nut.

It is really sad. Just use men as toys, or let men buy you things, thats all they are good for. How come the recurring theme in your posts is YOU the woman is doing something wrong.. You must better understand and accept that he flirts with everyone.

What kind of BS advice is that? How come you never sham the guy for his wrong behavior and just blame the woman? No guy or girl likes their partner flirting with others.

How come you never advise the girl to stand up for herself or to take control of the situation? Some of the advice given on the site is spot on that being said, thanks.. I saw your post before but I just returned from two awesome weeks in Italy with my amazing girlfriend now fiancee! It is that life is about choices. They are looking for answers. They are looking to decide what to do next in their lives moving forward, etc.

Many do not recognize it yet. Where the line is crossed for ME is when it moves from talk to actions. However, not everyone agrees with me on that one. In many cases, their choice should be to get space and in some of the cases to move on and look for men that fit better. Men face similar challenges, because we have women that we find attractive but do not share our core values and goals and we have to also learn unfortunately often through trial and error of poor and failed relationships that not every person we are are attracted to physically is a good match for us.

Much of these behaviors can be screened out prior to investing into longer term relationships but many do not do that up front.

We all have different perspectives, experiences and are at different points in our lives so many will have experiences that others have not yet or never will experience. Of course, if you really want to see why I write why she needs to take action is in this article here, entitle: This last advise is absolutely ludicrous. Women always have to play the fixer upper or we lose.

Dear Eric, My boyfriend and I have been dating for little over a year and so far things have been okay. Lately though i have contemplating about leaving him because of his flirtacious nature with other girls.

I have found facebook messages and texts of him giving his phone number away as soon as he is even introduced to a girl. Now i am already an insecure sometimes needy girlfriend and i have been trying to change for myself because i hate being naurotic.

Well the incident happened about 2 weeks ago, he was hanging out with his friends, one who is a known cheater of his girlfriend, and his was this guy his girlfriend and another old friend, they all know eachother from highschool. Now this all sounded good reasonable, but still i have my doubts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Lets start with 2, you. So the million dollar question is: I asked him if he was using a condom and he said no. I said we better stop and he said I was right and that we should.

But what he did was to wrap his arms around me as he slowed down and then he held himself deep in me as he gasped and I felt the pulsing inside me as he came. He rolled off me and I went to sleep almost immediately. But in the morning when I woke up he was laying next to me telling me how beautiful I was. By the end of the summer I had moved in with him and before Labor Day I was pregnant. My little girl was born three days after my 18th birthday.

Age when it happend: Processing your request, Please wait The cost to the NHS is many millions of pounds. However during this investigation we found no efforts to introduce any national awareness-raising campaign. We approached 16 MPs with a significant number of British Pakistani constituents for interview — every one declined. We asked 30 MPs with a high population of British Pakistanis. It is not just British Pakistani families who suffer. Wayne and Sonia Gibbs are white and first cousins once removed.

They had no idea this could lead to problems. Nicole died aged two. They wanted more children — but had genetic counselling first. They have two healthy boys today. I have travelled nationwide, meeting doctors and families whose lives are full of pain. To me the solution is simple: Ring the alarm bells loud and clear. In Birmingham, one GP practice has taken radical action. The doctors have campaigned heavily to stop cousin marriages. They have introduced genetic screening and testing for patients, starting at 16, and now claim that very few cousin marriages take place there.

My mother tells me that, long before I was born, her siblings and their cousins decided their tragedy would never recur. The conclusion some will draw is that cousin marriages should be banned. But people must be able to make informed choices about the risks involved and options available, be they genetic screening, counselling or carrier-testing.

Meeting the families in the programme upset me greatly. Every day for them was an uphill struggle, mostly because their children needed so much help and this put enormous stress on their family lives. Yet this was avoidable. If this were any other health issue, politicians would have been out in force. When Cousins Marry is on Channel 4 at 8pm tomorrow. In response to this story a Department of Health spokesman said: The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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I am new here.

dating a cousins ex boyfriend

Now this all sounded good reasonable, but still i have my doubts. I have tried to talk to him but gets me now where.

dating a cousins ex boyfriend

Besides thateven after he had mehe still let his ex gf to keep his house key. The skinny trashy bar women. Even if they do. My observation is that once boygriend people learned to accept others, they became much happier and their social situations became much happier. We broke active dating sites uk in the past because of q type of stuff, and when getting back together he promised me it was all dating a cousins ex boyfriend to end.