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The longest prison sentences ever served

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Grigsby entered the pen as prisoner on 8 August — having travelled cross-country for several days in a horse and cart to get there — and was freed on 9 December With a collection of more than 70 million specimens from across the natural world, the Natural History Museum remains a world-renowned research centre. He wrote articles on jazz and, when he moved back to his home town of Portsmouth, joined Radio Solent.


Overlooking the old Roman city wall, the museum records the history of London from prehistoric to more modern times. I take a special interest in his story because of a strange coincidence: The museum displays many Coventry built cars such as those from the Humber, Jaguar, Standard and Triumph marques, an Alvis tank, Massey Ferguson tractors, as well as many of the famous motorcycle manufacturers including Triumph, Francis-Barnett and Rudge-Whitworth. Retrace the footsteps of the thousands of miners who descended into the cramped, dark and cold pit. On my first day in Ararat I was given a massive iron key to open the thick, heavy, iron and wood doors to the maximum security division to enable me to visit cell to cell the psychotic prisoners… J Ward was built last century of heavy blocks of blue granite with high walls topped with rolls of barbed wire.

He was one of the original team but, sadly, did not stay long. His co-presenter was Pete Drummond. It was a short-lived partnership. Sadly Mike died from cancer on Monday 5th October Our tribute to him is here and there is an interview here.

This photo issued by The Caroline Club. David Allan was born in Bury, Lancashire, on 7th August His first job was as assistant stage manager at Manchester Library Theatre and, for the next nine years he worked at various theatres around the country, culminating with a stint in the West End, employed on the hit musical Funny Girl. For a short time he used a different name on air. When station boss Ted Allbeury took over the ship-based Radio , the following year, David went with him but life on a boat was not to his taste and he did not stay long.

Since the pirates, he has specialised in country music programmes, working for British Forces Broadcasting, the BBC and commercial radio. More recently he was heard on London's country music station Ritz Radio and the national Primetime Radio. He has also been an announcer on the History Channel and written a column for Country Music People magazine.

David has very kindly provided a couple of photos , dating from his time on Radio and there are some more recent photos, taken at the Radio Academy Celebration of Offshore Radio in August , here. Thanks to Hans Knot for some of the above information, and to David himself. He was keen to work in offshore radio but was consistently told he was too young.

Finally Radio Scotland relented and Tony joined the crew on the Comet. When Radio Scotland closed down in August he worked as a continuity announcer for a number of television stations, including Granada and Grampian. Tony returned to sea with Radio Northsea International in February He also spent a great deal of time with Radio Caroline during the seventies and was an early presenter on Israel's first offshore station The Voice of Peace.

In he joined Edinburgh's Radio Forth to present an afternoon show but soon returned to Caroline. In he moved to Ireland where he stayed for many years working on a number of stations there, mainly as a commercial producer and voice-over. He returned to the UK when diagnosed as suffering from throat cancer and lived in London while undergoing the debilitating treatment.

Despite being weak and frequently in pain, he continued to live life as much to the full as possible, and without complaint. On 19th August he made a public appearance on Radio Caroline's ship, the Ross Revenge, followed by a visit to a nearby hostelry and a programme on the satellite service from the Maidstone studio.

There are some excellent photos of the occasion, taken by Steve Szmidt, on Martin van der Ven's Radio Caroline website. In March Tony attended Caroline's 40th birthday party. There is a picture here. Tony managed to fight the cancer for longer than many of the specialists had predicted but sadly and inevitably he could not fight it forever. He died on the morning of 9th July There is a page devoted to the life and career of this highly talented broadcaster here.

Photo courtesy of Arthur Sutherland. Ted Allbeury Born in Manchester on 24th October , brought up in Birmingham, Ted was a draughtsman before joining the army. During the war he served in intelligence, later working in the advertising industry before buying a Kent farm.

In a mutual acquaintance introduced him to a man called David Lye. Lye had invested in a small offshore station called King Radio which was losing money. He wanted advice from someone who knew about the advertising business. Ted suggested that the station needed a more coherent programme policy and a considerably better signal. He became fascinated by the project and decided to get involved. A new company was set up with Ted as managing director. Most of the big offshore operations were pop-based.

His plan was to launch a middle-of-the-road station aimed at the housewife market. Funds were raised, a more powerful transmitter was bought and new studios installed. Originally Ted wanted to call the new station Radio Eve but a last minute change of plan saw it launch as Radio It was an immediate success.

As well as running , Ted also found time to present a weekly programme and, as a broadcaster, is therefore eligible for inclusion in The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame. Named after the war-time fort on which the station was based, he hosted Red Sands Rendezvous every Sunday night.

In February Ted left Radio after a disagreement with his fellow directors. He took over the ailing Britain Radio which he relaunched as Radio He did not present regular programmes on this new station but did make one last appearance during its final closedown show.

Following his offshore days Ted found great success as a novelist, writing under his own name and as both Richard Butler and Patrick Kelly. He published more than forty titles, many available from Amazon. He died on 4th December aged There is an obituary on the Guardian website and an interview on the Offshore Echos site. He became interested in the offshore stations and was quickly snapped up by Caroline, where he started on the South ship.

Sea-sickness intervened and he transferred to a shore-based job in Caroline House. A few months later there were some vacancies on the North ship and Don was asked to help out temporarily. He found the larger ship much more stable and comfortable and ended up staying there until the station close-down in March For a time in Don also taped a version of his country show to go out on Caroline South.

During the eighties he moved to Ireland and was on a number of stations there, his last being Radio 3 Tullamore. He died on 13th May following a heart attack. He also features in Nick Bailey's photo album. Thanks to Steve Kirby and Kenny Tosh for providing some of the above information. He was a songwriter and record producer for Merit Music. Both the songwriters joined his station as DJs. Mike joined Radio Atlanta at the end of June , just before it changed its name to Radio Caroline South, but stayed on with the new station.

He presented a specialist jazz programme, Downbeat , as well as his normal daily shows. He left the ship in October but continued to be heard for a time on pre-recorded interviews and shows like Star Choice which were taped on land. He also carried on composing and in a song he co-wrote with another Caroline colleague, Bob Walton, was released by the band Mandarin Kraze.

He wrote articles on jazz and, when he moved back to his home town of Portsmouth, joined Radio Solent. He also wrote witty articles for the Portsmouth evening newspaper. He battled with Parkinson's Disease for some years before passing away on 26th May , shortly after his 86th birthday. Our thanks to Rhoda Zeffertt for her assistance. He went for it and got it. Like many others, he was expected to use a name from an existing American jingle package.

It was ironic that the name was so near my own For the odd couple of programmes I also managed for sister station, Britain Radio, I got to use my own name. Rob did not enjoy his time on the station: He did not stay long, just a couple of weeks, but this was not the end of his radio career. While working in Scandinavia he became a producer with Denmark Radio, later broadcasting from another ship, the Voice of Peace, off the coast of Israel.

With thanks to Alan for his help. He had served in the forces as a paratrooper, run a cinema and managed a band before joining Radio Essex at its start in Mark West tells us that he thinks Vince had also previously broadcast on another of the fort-based stations, either Radio Invicta or King Radio.

Can anyone confirm which, and tell us what name he used there? The smallest of all the offshore stations, Radio Essex was based on the Knock John anti-aircraft fort in the Thames estuary. In April Vince moved north to become joint Programme Controller on Radio , broadcasting from off the coast of Yorkshire.

He ran one DJ shift while Ed Moreno looked after the other. He presented the station's last programme on 14th August , the day Radio was closed down by the introduction of the government's Marine Offences Act. This causes Joan to realize that she must stop acting like a secretary, and transfers many of her office manager duties to Dawn so that she can concentrate on her new role.

She publicly lambasts Don for negating the sacrifice she made to ensure the account and their personal relationship permanently suffers. CGC's secretaries express irritation at being placed under Joan's command, but she brushes them off to warmly welcome Peggy back.

Bob Benson, an eager new hire in accounts, later walks in on Joan in extreme pain and discreetly escorts her to the hospital, even getting her expedited care. Joan is suspicious of Bob's motives for helping her, but her mother advises her that not every good deed is a front. Joan quietly steps in to save Bob's job when he is about to be laid off. Roger appears unannounced and is suspicious of Bob's presence.

Roger attempts to be part of Joan and Kevin's lives, but she tells him that she intends to let Kevin grow up thinking that Greg is his father.

It turns out to be a business meeting, as Avon is looking for a new direction. Joan is eager to expand her role in the firm and recruits Peggy to assist her in securing the account, but nearly blows it by excluding Pete from the proceedings and coming on aggressively at the meeting. Peggy is able to narrowly salvage the situation and the two women again reach an understanding.

Later on, Joan easily sees the attraction between Peggy and Ted Chaough, but doesn't mention it to Don until they go over budget for a commercial. Joan is shocked when Don smooths the client's feathers by saying the expensive idea was that of the deceased Gleason, averting the client's anger but embarrasses Ted and takes credit away from Peggy in the process.

This and Don's earlier impetuousness in firing Jaguar makes Joan wary of Don. When Thanksgiving of approaches, Joan agrees with Cooper, Sterling and Cutler in placing Don on leave, being concerned with Don's erratic behavior and its overall effect on the firm. Joan reveals that she has made arrangements for Creative to continue functioning, with Ted Chaough overseeing Peggy long-distance.

On Thanksgiving, Joan invites Roger to spend it with her. When Roger responds negatively to the presence of Bob, whom Joan had also invited, she warns him that she is allowing him into Kevin's life, but not hers.

In Season 7, Joan completely cedes her office-manager role to Dawn Chambers and becomes an account executive, handling Avon and Butler Footwear, in addition to taking a more active role as a partner.

She proves capable and a quick study, though her personality seems to have hardened considerably and grown more money-conscious motivated more by her status as a single mother than out of greed alone.

She initially bears a clear animus against Don for having previously fired Jaguar, thus costing her a substantial amount of money when the public offering falls through. Joan also rejects a marriage proposal from Bob Benson, on the grounds that both of them deserve real love and not an "arrangement" to cope with Joan's financial difficulties and Bob's need to hide his sexual orientation.

During the second half of Season 7, Joan has gained confidence in her new position, and during a business trip to SCDP's West Coast office, she meets Richard, a wealthy and very charming real estate developer whom she begins dating though he initially expresses regret over the fact that Joan has a small child. However, as her personal life begins to come together for the first time since her divorce from Greg, she suffers professionally when SCDP is absorbed into McCann.

When she takes issue with lewd, sexist treatment she receives from her male colleagues at the new agency, she complains to Jim Hobart, the Director at McCann, who responds first with condescension and then with contempt. When Joan threatens legal action, as well as to reveal McCann's misogynistic culture to the New York Times , Hobart offers to buy Joan's remaining contract out for half of what it's worth.

Though she first vows to stay at McCann and fight, Roger convinces her that it would be more pragmatic to take the money and walk away. In the series finale, "Person to Person", Joan starts her own film production company. Though she and Richard continued dating, and had started to become somewhat serious about one-another, he is opposed to her reentering the business world, and he ends their relationship when she announces that she is starting her own company.

She is last seen watching her mother and Kevin go off to the park, and then resuming work at her new venture, operating out of her apartment under the name Holloway and Harris. Embodying the role of femme fatale , [2] Holloway is a bold and sassy character. Holloway is considered the queen bee of the office secretarial pool, with a sharp sense of office politics and protocol. She believes discretion is the most important quality in a secretary and will never hesitate to remind other secretaries to safeguard their bosses' private affairs at all times.

As shown in the third season finale, her role at Sterling Cooper and later Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is made clear. The office is essentially unable to operate without her, as no one else knows how the office is organized. Joan was born on February 24, , is 5 feet 8 inches tall, is a green-eyed redhead, and her New York State drivers license as of Season 2 indicates she weighs pounds. She lives at 42 West 12th Street, apartment 4C. In an interview with USA Today , portrayer Christina Hendricks explained that people think her character is "hot" because "She's got fire to her.

And men love her because she's in touch with her sexuality and femininity. The men in the office can play with her a little bit. They can tease her, and she's not going to be in the bathroom crying later. Weiner was influenced by Helen Gurley Brown 's book when he wrote the part of Joan. Hendricks first read for the part of Midge Daniels , a recurring character in the first season, and was asked to return and audition for the role of Joan.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Joan Harris. Retrieved 30 August Retrieved June 20, Christina Hendricks on Joan Holloway". Weiner, Matthew; Albert, Lisa August 3, Weiner, Matthew August 31, Awards and nominations Retrospective: Retrieved from " https: Fictional businesspeople Mad Men characters Fictional managers Fictional characters from New York City Fictional characters introduced in Fictional sexual assault victims Fictional smokers Fictional producers.

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dating for over 60s portsmouth

Glenn Adams The offshore radio stations of the sixties were keen to promote their star disc-jockeys. I thought they were gone for days, and I was going to starve. The fight broke out over a game of five card stud poker.

dating for over 60s portsmouth

A collection of around 15, items are used to explore the local, social and political history of Enfield. Open daily, free admission.

dating for over 60s portsmouth

Kim Kardashian dating for over 60s portsmouth out in a hoodie and biker shorts in LA The youth also stole a. Opened indating for over 60s portsmouth Centre for Computing History details the developments in computer technology over the past 50 years, exploring the social and cultural rating of the computing revolution. Open daily throughout the year, free admission. Breasts have always been a source of fascination - for both men and women. Open daily from Easter potsmouth end-Oct, admission charges apply. In the Season 5 finale, Joan appears to have taken over Lane's accounting duties and presides over the acquisition of new office space for the firm.