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We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. PayPal can't help because it is a preauthorized withdrawal and I have a payment pending. I would suggest to these dating apps to improve their safety and double check the information when any new person joins in the database. When choosing what you are and what you are into, non-binary and transgender people F to M or M to F etc. I would get dozens of notifications that woman wanted to chat with me, but they would never respond even though I paid for the upgraded membership. Then if you say you want to meet based on limited information they lock the match meaning you must pay 30 coins to open it up and actually see or contact the girl. After one month they cancelled my membership and refused to return my money.

6 Studies That Prove Online Dating is WAY Better Than Offline Dating

With detailed, unbiased, hands-on reviews of all the most popular subscription boxes out there today, we'll give you our honest take on which ones our editors think are worth your hard-earned cash -- and which ones you can pass on without regretting it. Our beautiful Escort Ladies are super accommodating, open minded and drop dead gorgeous Our first priority is you satisfaction PoshModels is a New YorK Escort Agency with finesse and style to bring our esteem clients the Best escorts in NY. When it came time to meet -- suddenly they were all unavailable. Two wanted to change the way I look "you look nice but I would prefer longer hair So I asked for a refund being I had no access to the site.

I believe their rating as being the best and having millions of members were made up. The men I was getting weren't in my category search and same ones kept popping up over and over. Try other dating websites. This is an honest opinion and I really tried but to no avail. Men are old, ugly and fat. And they will not respond to your cancellation request or refund your money at all.

When getting on with Zoosk I stopped in my tracks because I got interested in this lady and she messaged me back which was cool until I go to message her. Now I got to pay to see what she says, no thanks Zoosk. I joined in and hadn't dated in many years.

Right away I met a fellow who seemed perfect -- tall, educated, charming, handsome. In corresponding with him online, got the uneasy feeling that he was a Player and expressed that to him in no uncertain though not vulgar terms.

Zoosk actually berated me for it! This made me feel as though perhaps I was wrong and I apologized and continued our correspondence and eventually met him and became romantically involved.

I was to learn after the fact that he was indeed a married player living with his wife in Latrobe, Pa who had been on Ashley Madison seeking sex. His wife worked and during the daytime he had time for fun and games! The scandal broke when people were exposed on Ashley Madison and now he would go on Zoosk and OurTime with one month subscriptions to 'get' women for sex.

He was very good at this and when the day sub ended he walked away with many women's personal email addresses. He later bragged to me that he had engaged in sex with 12 women in 20 months! Indeed, his emails were very explicit but he also said he was "looking for the last woman he would make love to".

None of the women knew about the others when she got involved with him -- but Zoosk knew. In I saw his photo on Zoosk and immediately reported him as a married man who should not be on dating sites -- they said they would 'investigate' the report. Seeing his photo on again after 3 weeks, I threatened to go to the Better Business Bureau. Although I never saw it again it may have just been blocked from my account. I have little faith in the integrity of Zoosk. I had an account for nearly a month, and ran into various issues.

I feel they spied on my messages, banned my account without cause or reason, would change info on my profile without asking or warning me, 'guys' would message me, and they were automatic messages coming from random accounts, the guys even confirmed they did not send them, it was the same exact message every single time. I followed the rules pretty well, but I was banned without any kind of warning or reasoning, so I emailed them for them to give me a poor answer that told me nothing, claiming maybe I broke a rule or I'm just not 'eligible'.

How am I not?? The staff is horrid, and would randomly remove my icons up to 10 times a day or better, would constantly edit my page though I had nothing inappropriate at all on my profile, wouldn't even explain to me if I could get my account back, I had nearly coins or so, and they were not about to give them, my contacts, let alone my profile back.

Then, I made a new account to check things out, now it's required to use a cellphone which I made plain as day, that I do not have, so I can no longer use the site anyways! Do not join the site. It's very very shady! They don't do refunds even if you're banned for no reason, hacked, etc. I closed my new account and blocked their email, I'm done with it, please do not join it, there are so many fake accounts, scams, creeps, terrible mods who mess with your personal info but don't take care of the people harassing you for sex, yet they'll ban you for no reason.

They stated you have 72 hours to cancel subscription but when I called to cancel it after 48 hours, the customer service help told me, "You paid it and there is no refund.

I was talking to a couple of ladies, they were all scams trying to steal your identity and bank information. DO NOT send any family pictures and that was my mistake. Is nothing but headaches after. I kept receiving emails from phony members, not wanting to get involved I never responded to these young girls. Recently my account was closed by Zoosk, upon asking what was up, they said my account had been spammed and needed to be closed.

So I asked for a refund being I had no access to the site. Refund has been denied. This company is a rip off. There is only Men and Woman options, nothing allowing for in between or transitioning. Honestly it's hard enough to be gay AND trans without that expectation of what your genitals are.

The means of making that clear distinction is important so as not to accidentally attract non-supportive folk. I would suggest allowing a broader option as gender is a spectrum NOT a binary. To truly be inclusive would require more check boxes than pink and blue. When choosing what you are and what you are into, non-binary and transgender people F to M or M to F etc.

How else can we safely online date without being constantly harassed and rejected? Completely disgusted, I chose to browse and I liked one and got an email. To read the reply, I joined for 30 dollars, and also got charged an additional for coins I didn't want and the lady Profile I can't find.

I have it saved in my browser, but it wants me to subscribe. Customer service will respond in 3 days. Thereafter inform your bank to block them to take further money from you. Don't leave to the last minute - you will forget it. With regards to interaction - not many people read profiles here perhaps 1 in 10 and it is based on the LOOK instead of matchmaking re: Very few managed to string a few sensible English sentences together in order to scope their level of intelligence.

After 2 weeks hallelujah! Managed to have 2 and a half dates one is pending. Well what can I say? Men in general live in fantasy land and want "model like middle aged ladies" crane legs, never-ending hair. Two wanted to change the way I look "you look nice but I would prefer longer hair I am quite assertive and would consider myself reasonably attractive for my age mid 40s regular exercise, healthy eating, wear a "chin-length-bob", natural makeup etc I can still make turn heads when I am out and about but in here, as a woman I thought I have many shortcomings not the right height, not sexy enough, etc.

The reason I gave 2 stars because there are some genuine people lurking around and made it to the dates, but in general, men are not very well cultured. This is based on their brief profile description, interest, and the style of "online communication". To find your match you would need to run so many extra miles including buying coins, invest lots of time by searching the search.

I would say just go out there and meet real people and spend the money on an evening out or on mini breaks hotel breaks otherwise you will be trapped in the fantasy airy fairyland by hoping that there is always someone better waiting for you around the corner a better, bigger fish to fry Thanks for reading this.

I hope it helps this was based on my brief experience and good luck with finding LOVE. I wish I had seen this site before I signed-up with Zoosk. There's more, but by far the worst thing is their Auto Renewal policy. Like most people, I signed-up for it anyway, but didn't write the date down or put it on my calendar anywhere. I had the worst experience. Most of the men were with no longer on the site or were falsely put there.

They didn't even have profiles. They did not stick with my preferences and sent me all men of all ages and races. Never heard from the many I reached out to but heard from ones that I had not interest or were not within my preferences. I believe they add false profiles those not actually on the site , and leave up those who are no longer active.

To top it off I believe they lie about the dates when the person was last on the site. I don't know if this is for all locations, but I'm in the Raleigh area and have found this to be true.

After a few disgruntled emails I've been informed that they are going to issue a refund but still claim that I paused my account rather than deactivated it. Either way, I'm just glad I'm not stuck paying for a service I'm not using especially only a week into the 6 month subscription. Just be very cautious and read the fine print when offering up credit card info to any dating sites.

After being a member for a few months I unsubscribed and let my subscription run out, or so I thought I checked it to see if it was deactivated and was charged for another 6 months a week ago. Turns out if you unsubscribed and deactivate your account, if you ever check the site out again, you are automatically resubscribed! Shady business practice and don't give these people your credit card info. Anyone setting up a class action lawsuit against Zoosk let me know because it's not right what they're doing.

I've been with site 2 months. I doubt seriously if they allow you to choose ethnicity preferred. Weekends were very dead. Also there were plenty of people that were never online. So I'm paying to see folks thats I could never contact or they contact me. I was a pre-member and was able to see women's profiles and send them a smile. As soon as I sent about 8 different women smiles I got the same amount of notices from Zoosk that they all sent me an email in response and if I wanted to read it I had to pay money and join.

Right away I knew that 8 women were not all sitting by their laptop at the same time and all sending me a reply I also noticed that ALL the women in age group of were beautiful women. So I was going to join! But knowing that the other sites I tried were fake and impossible to talk to anyone from the site I decided to do a check on Zoosk You will become very frustrated and depressed.

Good luck to all the honest lonely people out there. I had an issue which I don't know how it came about, I mailed the customer service and a response was given without addressing the issue. I had to call this morning only to be told I will pay 49 pounds to the technician that will fix the problem after paying almost 60 pounds 2 days ago.

I wonder what the customer service is all about if not to help their customers. In all sincerity, I was disappointed this morning, I wonder how Zoosk got their recommendations! Maybe from people they paid to do that Please if possible I need my money back. I purchased a 6 month membership and received an unbelievable amount of spam.

I tried to cancel but they refused to issue me credit for the months I did not use. After I complained I started receiving mean harassing emails from men I had never spoken to and was suddenly overwhelmed with matches with transgender people, which I have zero interest in. Was on Zoosk and Match and Chemistry at same time. Saw several profiles common to all 3 sites.

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dating services nyc reviews

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dating services nyc reviews

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dating services nyc reviews

They will go elsewhere. I hope it helps this was based on my brief experience and good luck with finding LOVE. Refund has been denied. To find your match you would need to run so many extra miles including revieqs coins, invest lots of time by searching the search. I believe they add false profiles those not actually on fating siteand leave up those who are dating services nyc reviews longer active. Load 10 more comments. I am also considering the possibility of a class action lawsuit against Dating services nyc reviews.