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Because of Saddleback MX Park, it helped me to become a sucessful business owner today. To this day I have never told my race buddies what happened. Really really freaked me out.


There was no line! I feel sorry for my kids they look at the pictures from those days and say what happend. I couldn't see a thing. Damn, I thought linda was in love with only me! Sad fact is that the only reason there are so many is apparently because there are people who fall for it.

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Has anyone heard of craig-safenet. I had someone named Christine try to direct me there to verify who I am. Thank you, I clicked on your link and noticed I received the exact same thing from Christine Carter, to the T. Just wanted to say thanks for your insight and help in exposing these scams. Not all of us are looking for sex out side of marriage or to find a divorced woman.

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Does the name on the email match the email address? Does the description on the email match what they said in the CL ad? And of course, the dead giveaway, do they ask you to sign-up for some dating site before they will meet you.

If you get hits back from tineye, its a positive indicator that the person is a scammer. Note, this does not work on pics that have been edited, i. Let me know if you want to know more, and I can give some pointers on the advanced stuff.

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Send them a link to the CL post you responded to as well. This should give them enough ammo to retroactively close the scammers account, and usually get all of their comissions back, meaning the scammer gets payed nothing! They use templated emails so it only takes them a few hours a day to run this. Not to mention that this is just one of the many scams that these guys run simultaneously.

The ones I think are funny is when the sender has a girls name but her email address is some dudes full name. Was told about this site. Just lookin for someone that want to have a good time. Short n sweet I dig it! Im curious what are you doin a little later? Ill leave it in your court to contact me if you like what you see. Hi James, Oh well, now you know for next time. Be safe on CraigsList. David September 17, 1: David September 26, 4: Patrick June 27, 4: Gregory Lamb June 29, 4: They almost got me!

Eric July 10, 1: Jim August 9, 3: Kigen August 16, Robert September 16, 7: Matt July 10, 3: Oliver July 10, Dave August 1, 9: This site is too expose Craigslist. Michael August 5, 6: Frank August 6, 1: Damn, I thought linda was in love with only me!

I got the Julie chick but she had my name on the piece of paper. Really really freaked me out. Mike October 3, 6: I attached a small gift for you that I just took today. Sent from my iPad http: Jason August 12, 2: I just got the exact message from girl named chelsea….. Sizmic August 9, 4: Jim August 11, 4: Darryl August 14, 8: Yo how can i send u that pic with my name on it http: Imari August 20, 1: Jim September 11, 1: Sin August 30, 4: How do u know?

What question should i ask and what reply would verify that its a scam? Zach August 21, 5: Why dont they just kick the bots out http: Ralph Smith August 31, 9: Yes I have heard of her, She e-mailed back when I put her in spam. The greatest park in Orange County has ever had, period! I remember riding there one time with a school buddy of mine and his older brother and forgetting to pull in the clutch when we stopped.

I went down 2 stair step inclines, broke through a fence and ended up in the middle of a turn on the motocross track. Oh the days of our youth. I spent many, many wonderful days riding and racing there after I got a handle on the whole clutch thing.

My younger brother raced there, among other SoCal tracks, for several years. I had my one and only encounter with Jeff the freckle Ward one fine day. He was riding one of the 4 wheel Honda buggies, remember them? My dad, Ken Kendall, was good friends with Marv and my family all got security passes the weekend of the outdoor nationals.

When I was not out on the track I was sitting on the roof of Micky Diamonds parents motor home. Never knew him personally but my dad did. Any remember the Cagiva rider who owned the track? Ron something I believe. Fastest local to call SaddleBack home. Anyone remember the first rider to double the backside parking steps uphill? Danny " Magoo " Chandler.

There is a spectator tape of that race out on the net. Take a look at it and you will be flooded with all your long lost memories of the fun we all had there. And a free burger and Coke to boot. OCIR motorcross was another hangout of mine. Another story to be told. If anyone wants to share pics you can email me at jkn yahoo. I rember watching Zack Barrett the year was he was riding a Bonanza Typone at Saddleback National on the minibike track doing the best feet up slides I have ever seen and one of the fastest riders in the country!.

The years before that I remember getting out of school and my friends dad driving us to Saddleback or Escape Country. Sure do miss those days I do wish those parks were still there I still ride, take the kids riding, but the MX parks of today just don't have the save feel. I am David Kerr. My favorite memory of Saddleback Park was winning the 1 to 3 hp national. I was running second behind Jerry Shore and with two laps left, I passed him on the inside line going up the left handed hill.

I stayed in front to the checkered. For a ten year old, my trophy was up to my waist. I rode on the TT track on the back side alot. I attempted the Matterhorn, rode on the super dry speedway track and actually attempted riding on the motocross track after the races were over and I remember how narley the turns where.

I went on to race dirt track at Corona Raceway, and Ascot. My career racing to a turn when the AMA banned the twins. It is what it is as my older brother Jeff Kerr would say.

At least he became a professional junior cc dirt tracker on Tony Dells Norton. Enjoy your life and consider the Lord Jesus Christ. Lets start up a network to see what we can find out. Use This space as a community. I'll do some research and see what the heck is up. We had a "Saddleback II" at Irvine lake. Saddleback was always a great place to spend a full day riding what ever you had the scope of bikes was just about everything under the sun.

Mine bikes to full race motocross bike and they all had a place to ride. I remember being there on a play day with my Rokon Trail breaker and a little trike. And even at 12 years old he was left in the park by his father for the entire day Cheap Boy sitter Being that I owned a mini bike shop in Long Beach I had lots of parts in my van so I started to work on the little mini bike a couple of new chains a new clutch fixed up the throttle better and so by For me it was the best of times to give a helping hand to a young rider and enjoy the freedom that Saddleback was all about.

Man I just loved Saddleback. First rode there in and used to race there dang near every second Saturday through Escape Country was the alternate week and sometimes even back the following day.

Those were certainly the halcion days of our sport and it is a shame the kids today don't have the opportunity to ride all of the tracks we did. It is a crying shame how progress sometimes destroys things that are good. Im 47 too and would absolutely love to take my daughter riding at Saddleback like I used to do.

Lets just round up all the blood sucking lawyers and send them on a boat ride so we can resume riding again! David Your on the right track. Lets take it back. It's what made OC great not Coto de Caza. There were so many feilds to ride in and we would never get hassled. Growing up in Anaheim we used to ride everywhere along the 5 fwy including under the 5 and 91 freways until the rescent construction of the new on ramps. It was a great little spot and we had it to ourselves.

We built a killer track under there and we would be riding while people were sitting on the fwy in traffic. We rode out all the places untill there was absolutly nothing left in the city to ride. It's gut wrenching to see this happen. Every last feild is gone. What is a childhood without a dirt feild to play in while you grow up. When I used to ride down there it gave me the same feeling as ridding in places like Saddleback,motorcycle hill off beach blvd.

I feel sorry for my kids they look at the pictures from those days and say what happend. All I can say to them is that it will never be the same as it was when I was a kid. If you rode in the city now like we did then you would be on the 6 o clock news. I got to ride there for a few years before it closed down on my gt 80 xr 75 and yz complete with the canisters on the forks. I also rode the short lived track at irvine lake around it was nice but just not the same. The Flatbiller has ruined it for everyone.

So lets watch out we cant loose any more riding areas so be active and dont let them take anymore. The military wants to take johnson valley. I told my daughter about this and she started to cry. I felt hopeless for a moment and got really down,but I snaped out of it "I need to be her rock" I took her by the hand we got on the computer and wrote letters to all the senators and congressmen it was good therapy. Then we fired up the crf 50,I cracked a beer set up a lawnchair,and watched her rip about 50 laps around our tiny back yard.

It put a smile on her face and made our day. She said they cant stop us here. In , Steve Rose was my boyfriend then and he lowered a seat on a dirt bike so I could ride with with my short legs. I still managed to land the bike on my leg and had a web pattern scar on my leg or many years from the muffler burning my shin.

We would ride Saddleback almost every Saturday. He drove a tan Ford Econoline van. Hey everybody, go to TheFasthouse. Saddleback videos, t-shirts, photos, history Wow, lot's of memories. My very first race was in at El Toro speedway.

I got to race against Davey Carlson and Jeff Ward. I think Jeff lapped me 3 times in a four lap race. He was on the cool 50 with the 90 motor in it. I raced mainly nights at Lyons Drag strip and Irwindale. When I turned inter. I decided if I was ever going to be any good I needed to race Saddleback and Carlsbad.

Guys I use to beat in the night races lapped me during the day stuff. Man did I learn alot. Tim Hart and Karsmakers even showed up at Carlsbad that week. I came around the bottom of webco hill in second place and crashed right on the hill. They had to pic me up in a helicopter. I had dislocated my hip for the second time. My moto career was over. I then started riding with my friend Paul Williams for Steve Bultaco.

I rode trials for 3 years. Paul and I got to practice with Bernie Shreiber out in Tahunga what a trip that was. Bernie could ride a motorcycle like no one. Saddleback was a big part of my life. Good luck to all of you. Enjoy it while we are here. Keep riding and you will never grow old. The thought of somehow reviving Saddleback is awsome but the reality is that it would never be what it used to be. There was different mentality back then. Today it would all be about "extreme" attitudes, almost boardering on evil, you know what I mean, skulls, iron crosses, "monster energy", It is a different world today than it was back then.

Take a look at the crowd in Glamis and imagine trying to have a nice father and son day out at the new Saddleback with the mentatlity of that crowd. Never thought of that, but the modern guys would want to build that track into a Jumpocross track I run with 3 vintage clubs here in SoCal, and luckily the mentality remains the same, except for the occasional modern rider that wants to try out VMX racing along with his tactics Merry Christmas to everyone and be safe!!

These were the best riders in the country,from to please add if you know anybody else. How about corona raceway? How many of you MX freaks remember that place? Or Elsinore-I used to race "T. I even used to ride bikes where "North Court" north o. God I feel old Hi my name is Zack Barrett I was one of the old racers from the 70s I just got back from Haiti you can not even amaging how bad it is I am asking the racers to step up and give a little donation so we can put in a water well I work for the City of Garden Grove I am the water quality for the last 30 years let ban together and help out our fellow country people.

Fill free to call me I grew up in Diamond Bar and have so many fond memories of riding and racing in the area. My mom used to drop me off at Claude Osteens motorcycle park and I would ride all day. Man those were the days. Later I raced mostly GPs and desert. Reminds me that I have some old 8mm movie film from my days at Saddleback.

I remember having a great shot of Mike Bell doing a faceplant into the wall of dirt just before the crossup jump. Geez I miss that place - Good times! Wrote this a while back about Bonzai Hill at Saddleback Banzai Hill I am 45 years old and have ridden and raced motorcycles since I was I have never achieved a status higher than a novice racer, but I love to ride just as much as any Pro. When I first started racing, my favorite place to race was Saddleback. I never missed an opportunity to come out and watch the Pros when there was a National or Trans-Am.

I couldn't ride like those guys, but just riding a track they had ridden on was an experience I knew few people were lucky enough to have and boy did I look forward to it. One part of the track they never left in, however, was Banzai Hill. And was I ever glad for that. I saw Banzai every weekend when I would race at Saddleback, but it was one of those things that stood silent and ominous, off in the distance, shadowing you with its eerie presence.

I saw Banzai attacked by the Pros with what appeared to be absolutely no fear. Just standing there watching riders fly down Banzai, touching the ground just a few times on the way down, scared the crap out of me. It was terrifying just to watch.

In fact, I remember vividly the day Jim West died form crashing off the little jump right before the uphill run to Bonzai. The weekend following a National, I arrived in the pits at Saddleback running a little late to the race. Being excited and familiar with the track, I put my gear on and bolted out to practice without checking the track first. As I pulled a long fourth gear pinned wheelie on my Maico up the crest of the start hill, I hit fifth.

I was flying and it seemed odd that it was taking longer than normal to get to the first turn. As I began my turn, I saw a bunch of riders to my left, all gathered up and so I went wide to avoid them. Then I realized why they were stopped at the top of the start hill and what they were staring at. This was why it took so long to get to the first turn, they had extended the start to leave Banzai in and I had just committed myself to going down. This was one of those moments where time stands still.

In the matter of probably less than a second I was barraged with a couple of hundred different thoughts. With adrenaline driving my thought process, each thought was perfectly analyzed and worked to conclusion in my mind. To this day I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I gassed it and decided to play it safe and go a little slow, so I left it in third. Quickly, I was at a speed that was way beyond my ability for the circumstance I was in.

I would have applied the brakes, but it would have been useless as I was spending most of the time airborne. I think I touched the ground two or three times this part I don't remember as total fear took over. I do remember feeling as if the ground had been pulled out from under me and my eyes felt as if they were pressed against my Carrera goggles like a cartoon character.

The sound of my bike red-lining brought me back to conscious reality like being slapped awake out of a bad dream. If I could just figure out how to slow at the bottom and not cross rut on the boot deep grooves, I would survive. Somehow, someway, as the G-forces slammed my internal organs into the tips of my Hi-Point boots, I made it. I immediately pulled off the track. There was no way I could finish a lap with my heart pounding like it was. I had over-revved my heart like a beginner twisting the throttle on a mini bike for the first time.

I asked around and sure enough they were going to run Banzai. All right, I decided, even though I was petrified from my experience, I was going to race today. All I had to do was figure out the "good line" down Banzai and everything would be just fine. I rode over to Banzai and looked down from the top. The ground dropped away and tucked back into the hill like a huge wave sucking out and folding over on itself. I couldn't see a thing. As I looked over the edge I got the same sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach as you creep forward and set the edges of your skis just before you drop in from the ledge of a steep chute you have never skied before.

Only this time I was on a dirt bike. I decided to ride slowly down and pick out my line. I went over the top and it was like riding over Niagara Falls. Gravity took control and held me captive. My ride down was committed to a full locked rear brake and trying to stay on two wheels. I was just trying to survive my trip over the falls and…I didn't remember a thing on the way down, let alone pick the "good line".

My heart was racing again and my eyeballs were really starting to hurt from being pressed against the inside of my goggles for the second time. When I got to the bottom I stopped, took a breath as I forgot to breathe on the way down and looked back. I saw a mountain. It was a hard slippery rock and shale nightmare. It was full of bumps, little rocks and ruts.

There was no line! As I sat on the tailgate of my truck, I was faced with a huge decision. I knew this would be a turning point in my life. Do I race and risk life and limb? Do I ask to have my race and gate fee returned to me?

What would my friends think? I looked over and stared at Banzai. I tried to picture myself going down the face. My mind was filled with terror and anxiety, the likes of which I had never experienced. This was not good. As I left the track that day I rationalized my decision. It was worth the gate fee and entry fee to have ridden down Banzai twice and survive.

Hell, that was a lot more than most. Besides, I wasn't going to tell anyone I chickened out anyway. I felt as if I was becoming a man I was I had made a mature decision that probably saved my life. Later that week, I learned too many people were injured in practice so they took Banzai out for the race. To this day I have never told my race buddies what happened. They would have had to have been there to understand.

Today was a sad day we lost a very special person and one of the best riders in the world, We love you Kelly. Dear Banzia Anonymous, You rode that monstrous downhill two times more than I had the "rocks" to hike down it. I spectated several Trans Ams and other races in slack jawed fear for those brave enough to not only attempt to survive the decent but to be at speed throttling down that terrifying broken shale and sandstone feature!

Your account of that esperience is absolutely chilling and brought a lump in my throat for it's sheer capture of the level of fear that downhill conjures in my memory. It was a fear I tried to forget as it was so demoralizing to whatever it was that I had thought to be some semblance of courage I thoutht I had.

Your account obsolves me of lacking courge in exchange for good judgement. The Saddleback Banzia Downhill has to be catagorized as not just "one of" but singularly, "the most" dangerously frightening downhills ever incorporated to the design of a race track of any kind! It was pretty knarly. I remember going down it on my Elsinore cr and it was scary going slow but I've seen much worse on my crfr and been much less scared.

I lived in Pasadena Watching the pro race one rider was so far out front he way just cruising long going off and on the track on little trails that ran a long the side of the track.

In a couple of years everyone know his name. It was Bob Hannah. Loved Escape County and Saddleback from'73 through around ' Had my worst spill on the Saddleback track while riding, jumping, then sliding, then high-siding over a berm and then being chased down hill by my tumbling Yama-sled. Lots of scary-good times. At that time bmx was transitioning from banana seat, goose-neck handlebar Schwins to MX bars and small seats.

Escape country MX track seemed to be a great place for the younger riders and in some ways was a better spectator track than Saddleback. Just lots of different kinds of riding at those parks like you can't find anywhere--race tracks, trails, flat track, hill climbs.. Also loved Yucca Valley may have been Johnson Valley --there was a big round asphalt bomb target, abandoned copper mine, bomb craters to avoid, sand washes, flat out desert flat so see what your bike would do completely wound-out--another kind of play gound altogether.

Yup, So-cal in the 70's was moto-paradise. You can still see remnants of the old TT track just north of the Remember the trials riding area under the old oak trees nearby?

I was a pretty skinny kid and no threat to anyone, so I was glad no one ever hassled me for reminding them about the rules. I even made my own trials bicycle for kicks.

Wayyy different from the 76 TL I had for a while , but I digress He is stil dishing out the dirt as always. I remember seeing him at Saddleback in the late 70's. What an amazing memory I rode at Saddleback from the time I was 10 on my Kawasaki 75 two stroke while my friend rode his Honda Trail We would spend the entire day just riding around the park on that fire road trail that circled the whole park.

Two of my worst memories as a teen are when both parks shut down I have some amazing pictures of us riding at Saddleback! I know drive down the almost daily and its really sad such an amazing place was shut down! Hello my name is Jack Riggi. I have some pictures but if anyone has any of me please email me them please!!.

I raced for 13 years strait! I knew Rex S. Brad lacky, Hannah, Kenney Zhart all the pros that raced back then. Any way if u find any old pics I sure would like to see them. My email address is riggi54 live.

Sometime wandered out on the big MX track or the Matterhorn. My friend took my 60 up to the last exit before the top! I got up to the 2nd exit. I remember the mini cycle chapionship with Jeff Ward as the winner.. Steve McQueen carried an injured rider across the track to medical attention.

Saddleback was classic needless to say! Great memories of racing my Yamaha 80cc on the TT track back in the 70's. This was when Jeff ward was racing minicycles as well. It's amazing to see the air riders can get today. Can you imagine describing the tricks they do in the air now back then. You would have been committed. Has a clip of Rosey with foam rubber head attatched to his shoulder riding around Saddleback. The movie is pretty bad but the Saddleback footage is historic.

It was seconfd to none. Good morning to every one that has memories as I do about Saddleback park Its been 35 years sense Ive enjoyed the park I had a XR 75 in those days and I miss them so I had the best times of my life riding with my old dirt buddies from Carson California.

Im 50 years old now and A minister at ministry of Christ Church thank you for the listening and also sharing your memories. Goat grew up next to Disneyland and spent his childhood watching his older brothers race Saddleback and in the Desert. There was no one faster in the early 80'S than Goat. In his whole shot in the cc national race is still talked about and seen on YouTube.

Most brought their bikes on a 6 week deal from dealers in Orange County where after they had finished racing at Corona,De Anza, Indian Dunes and ofcourse the Saddle they would sell them back to the same dealer at an agreed price. We arrived to our bikes at DG USA organised from our Australian Distributor and much to our disbelief and disappointment they had both been ridden and were told they had seized and been fixed up, which left us with a sour and untrustful taste in our mouths.

Pete and I went out for a day of testing with Head Honcho Harry Klemm, to get sorted for the Worlds and all the other racing we were trying to do in prep and mine seized again. Boy I wished I could have done a deal with a shop and ridden the next day like the others after getting of the plane instead of no bike ready for 2 half weeks out of a 6 weeks journey. Anyway enough about that then we had the priveledge to go to and compete and witness Saddleback's 3 days in the sun with Cyclerama.

I have a panoramic set of polariod Photos I can forward to you , just email me rholden66 bigpond. Always looked forward to stopping in there with my Dad on the way to the track. Have a great pic of me with my Racer's Pit Stop hat on. I won my first race at Saddleback Saturday in on a YZ Yea, I remember Saddleback. Anyone know where you can find results from back then online? Always looked forward to stopping at the Racer's Pit Stop on the way to the track!

My old man won his 1 plate at Saddleback park, taking Jeff Ward out The movie trailer is on YouTube and shows most of the Saddleback footage from the movie at the end of the trailer. Here's a link to the YouTube video: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Marv Hendricks? Is he still around? Haven't seen him in over 30 years. The minibike track behind Angels stadium was called "banzai park" not bonanza, rode there quite often. Those days were memorable to say the least,thanks for rekindling them.

If you watch the movie from , The Thing with Two Heads, the whole last 15 minutes is shot there. I stumbled on this site and have now read the blogs twice or more. I have so many great memories of that place. I spent every weekend at the park. I would also go on Wednesdays to practice on the MX track. One Wednesday, Bruce McDougal and I were running the track and I passed him and stayed ahead of him for a full lap until I made a mistake and passed me. Later in the pits he said I had some skill.

I had a subscription to Dirt Bike Magazine. I have a long list of do you remember this about Saddleback. Before racing consumed every riding moment I spent time just riding around the park. I made my TM do everything from trials to hill climb. I attempted the Matterhorn many times but never made it up. It was this hook on a chain or rope attached just above the vertical part of the hill and if you did not make it they would hook your front tire before you flipped backwards.

I would watch the hill climb events back then. The hill climbing bikes were so cool. The extended frames with big engines burning nitro. I also would attempt the trials areas on my TM If I had the money I probably would have gotten a Bulltaco trials bike. On the weekends we would get there at dawn and drive the Van to the back of the park and set up camp under some big Oak tree usually the same one just before the TT Track. Spent a lot of hours pretending it was a TT racer on my little Moto Beta at that track.

Does anybody remember seeing the deer in the mornings? Both were riding for Susuki and as you know Joel was 5 time world mx champion, and Roger was 7 time open class cc world champion. Watching them ride at Saddleback was amazing. Joel would ride the cc race and then ride in the cc on his against Roger and the rest.

We talked about the big differences between his bike and my production bike. Joel Robert gave mx lessons one day at Saddleback. We went around the Park and he would make up little sections then explain and show us how to ride through it. At the end of the lesson he climbed the Matterhorn and then turn around and blasted straight down it.

I realized at that point that his bike had a lot more horse power than my bike. From that day on I would freak people out buy going down the Matterhorn. I have so many other memories of Saddleback. One of my favorite parts of the park at the end of the day was the back part that over looked Irvine Lake.

Do you guys remember those 3 wheeled trikes with the big tires they would rent there? I always wanted to rent one but never could. I have many Saddleback and desert memories of those years also. Most people remember seeing or reading about Chandler freaking out Hanna and totally out riding him.

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Hi Sharon, I love your designs.

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Do you have a clothes pattern for dolls? Grant's son was also on scene, very tragic accident.

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Will September 9, 9: If you want to see Saddleback over the years go to historicaerials. I have the blue pair I made in the video and I can't really tell that I made that mistake, lol But I'm deoete you read the note in the pattern and got it figured out. That guy was like poetry in motion. BeforeAllowTraffic zccount Use to run tasks before traffic is shifted to the deployed Lambda function version.