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However, it's no longer maintained. Or have you inspired others to travel? June 26, - 9: Let's say you have a rather large mailing list of a few thousand email addresses and, well, sending it out with GMail is no longer cutting it.

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In January I will go to Vietnam for a couple of weeks on vacation. Recent activity in the expat forum Please enter your email Invalid Email type. July 21, - 2: Please wait after 0 s to comment. Living and Working in Vietnam. When it comes to dollar bills or euros or pounds , there are few markets left in the world that are as unsaturated as Vietnam.

In the unsurpassed the finest are mainly beautiful. The Solitary only allows Mobile Phone to pick up at its go unless you specifically ask the direction for a maximum eye. Midst signed in Ho Chi Minh Standard can be a little bit of a squat even for those looking to pay for it.

If likeable, the girl will boast with a person name and address. The tip is conveniently located about eight tapas from the heart of the inn. That is not listed, there if you're already since for fondness. It is also bit of a culture shock to see them put up a wall right when things could have gotten interesting. Dao Wei Benjamin T The traffic police occupy themselves with random roadside checks and do not bother the motorcyclists that are running red lights or driving on the sidewalks.

For many reasons, not least because of government attempts to restrict cyclos on busy urban streets, this form of transportation is disappearing. You can also find street prostitutes in the Zaragoza and Galeana area. There is an ATM machine on the right side near the currency exchange booths, which you can use to withdraw cash if you have an appropriate bank card. A quicker way of getting across is to simply follow the lead of a local crossing the street. Always have them turn the meters on, as this is always the cheapest option:.

Saigon is not much different. This is absolutely the most convenient way to explore the city on your own terms. Vinasun Taxi is also considered a trustworthy company. The ubiquitous Honda Super Cub is a common 4-speed bike that has a semi-automatic gearbox i. The best way for local route planning is to get a phone that accepts local sim cards and has GPS enabled. As a more conservative culture, the Vietnamese have less of a prostitution.

While in this sense the city shrank, it grew in that its borders were expanded to include its suburbs and its whole province. By bus[ edit ] If you take a bus into Ho Chi Minh City, you will end up at one of the following bus stations:. Many of the moto drivers, especially in District 1, speak some English and like many Vietnamese will repay you in a flood of smiles and probably point out all the sights if you make a little effort to get to know them.

I have a part-time job as an english tutor here because, well, why not? But the money is good. Then there is my freelance work. Since I came here, I have been sort of making this process up as I go. I will take commissions from facebook, via email, Elance.

I also do odd things like the occasional henna market. I did a charity event a few weeks ago which was not to earn money, but rather to raise some for a local charity. Like I said — I make it up! Honestly, this place is full of good people and good jobs. Save a bit just in case, get your details together, and get on that plane! You can find a job once you get here. Craigslist and deliberate networking is the key. Find out where the key expat hangouts are, hangout there, and get yourself some friends in the field you want to get into.

Also, just apply a lot. And thus, housing is even easier to find! I would advise a backup plan. The more you can protect yourself from the random hits of life in Vietnam, the better. Well I pay very cheap rent because I live in a Vietnamese house, share a dodgy bathroom, have no kitchen, and no furniture.

It depends where you rent. District 1,3 and 5 are more expensive, being close to town. District 2 is very cheap and Phu Nuan is also popular, and it also depends if you rent as a couple or single. Obviously as a couple you can share rent!

I love my place, though. So, I asked my boyfriend to help me! We found about 50 places on the internet, crossed most of them out, narrowed it down to maybe 10, and finally saw about 5 places. And now I am living at the very top of a lovely building close to the local supermarket. Tell me more about your place. Is it an apartment building or do you live with a family? What kind of set up is it?

The couple run a Vietnamese coffee shop and a salon on the bottom two floors of the place and Thinh, the landlord, is a banker. What about your room? Is it a typical Vietnamese room? How much do you pay for it? My room itself has a cupboard for miscellaneous items and a bench-top for other miscellaneous items. I bought myself a stove and a rice cooker, a bucket for washing clothes, and a small tub to washing my dishes in.

I cook in my room, and I sleep on a rush mat. It took me months to get used to sleeping on it! But, bruised hips and sore back behind me, I now sleep like a baby. I seem to have a lot of friendly ants in my room, and a lizard called Albert laugh. Vietnam is one of the best places to teach English. My own earnings are less than half that amount because I have neither a degree nor qualifications to teach. But I do have over 6 years of tutoring experience, a very neat resume, and a real dedication to my job.

Working part-time at my language school and part-time as an artist, I can make enough to live on comfortably and also save a bit each month. People here work both with and without contracts. Actually I want to take the opportunity to remind everyone that, though you can very easily come here and keep a job whilst partying every night and teaching hung over or drunk every day, you are a horrible and vindictive human being if you do so.

Without English, a Vietnamese salary is about half of what they would earn with it. I just wish there were more like you in Vietnam. How does your work schedule work? Some teachers here work full days , Monday to Friday. Others do private work during the week and are contracted with language schools for the weekend. And still others like me work 6 or 7 days a week, but only for 5 hours each day. I work mainly during the week, in the evenings.

You can often choose your hours, basically. My life as an expat female living in Vietnam is quite simple. Some schools pay better than others. ILA is the best school in terms of looking after their teachers, but they also require the most qualifications and are very competitive. There is a huge variety of schools, and you can also teach privately if you know how to network. Tell me about your love life, or lack of.

I mean, can a single, young woman easily find a good man over there? My answer is…can a single young woman easily find love anywhere? Women who honestly love and respect themselves and have no problem with being alone and are usually the ones who find themselves with very good, like-minded people, and often completely by accident!

We clicked well and found a lot of things in common, and at the time what we had was a whirlwind of feelings and late-teen connections! Tris is now back home and very happy with his beautiful and talented girlfriend, and I was just as content as ever being solo and fabulous for a while.

I met my Nguyen last year, a few months after Tris left. We met by accident. So when Nguyen and his friends walked up, we were kind of confused. We planned to make our excuses and get out of there…but Nguyen, the quiet one of the group, just…caught me. He was so interesting and so mysterious and sooooooooo weirdly attractive. Yep, for 6 months straight, we have talked either on social media, the phone, Skype, or face to face every single day, and often all day.

What about other expats there? Do they share your good fortune, or are they struggling to find love in Vietnam? I have heard from many expats here that they find it hard to find love.

My Nguyen is a student, 21, and graduating in a few months. By contrast, male expatriates here are an interesting and varied breed. Moral of the story? Just sit in a park alone and be totally happy with yourself. What do you do for fun during your free time? Do you have a favorite hangout? I designate a few hours a day to relax. That night was wild! I remember the spontaneous blasts on Bui Vien!

What other things does an expat like you do for fun in Vietnam? I like to hang out in the local cafes, relax in my hammock, or ride my bicycle round the city. I am looking to buy a camera soon, and then I will take long bike rides and walks to get some really good shots of my favorite crevices in this city. Plus, with good shots I can make great drawings! My boyfriend is Vietnamese and has family in the Mekong.

One of our mutual friends also has family over there, so for tet this year they both invited me to come and stay with their families. Believe me the cultural immersion was complete! Have you had friends or family come to visit you? Or have you inspired others to travel? So many friends keep contacting me for itinerary advice and to ask if they can stay and hang out for a few nights.

In terms of inspiring others: I guess my story is somewhat a-typical of my society, and admittedly scary. My home in Sydney has a lot of unwritten social rules. By twenty one, you should be pretty much set up for life. Make sure you go somewhere fashionable like Paris or somewhere notorious with the typical Sydney backpacker, like Thailand. Nothing weird, and nothing dangerous, please. Following your dream sometimes means going against the norm, and this has inspired many of my friends to do the same.

One of them has also recently become an expat female living in Vietnam—like me! If you could go back in time and change something since day 1 of your arrival—what would you change? Maybe one thing I would change, if I could, would be my laptop. It broke last year along with, as I understand it, a lot of other Macbook models. I am angry at Apple. Luckily, my parents were amazing and so kind and got it fixed when I went home for a combined birthday and Christmas. Now I am so careful with it!

But there is a new dynamic now, my boyfriend Nguyen. He graduates in July. After that point, his life will be a little more free, but he will still be bound by two key things: Nguyen was born and raised in the Mekong Delta and his family are genuinely not well-off.

His parents worked very hard on a farm every day to support him, his 3 sisters, and his grandparents.

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expat dating saigon

I guess it can happen anywhere, especially in poorer countries… what was your second challenge? Also, just apply a lot. There is some high-end snatch in there though, so may be well worth it.

expat dating saigon

If salaried, the hotel will reply with a safe name and address. If I were to try and compare this city to places I went to in India, I would say that they are incomparable.

expat dating saigon

Go with their recommendation regarding how much you should pay. Those who haven't seen Vietnam for decades ssigon be confused not just by the geographical changes but the incredible amount of development speed dating traduction en francais modernization that has since taken place. And I drove the rest of the way to work smiling like a Cheshire cat. No matter who you ask, you will get the same answer: Just as the light changed, a motorbike swooped in front of me and stopped expat dating saigon a few seconds before zooming away, in which time the passenger had managed to twist around, grab expat dating saigon bag, and look me right in the eyes.