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Ass , 18 19 Teens , Gay Sex , Fingering. The majority of international cargo utilizes ports. Originating in Denmark in the nineteenth century, folk high schools became common throughout the region. According to historical sources, Danes waged two crusades on Finland, in and in , [39] and Swedes , possibly the so-called second crusade to Finland , in against Tavastians and the third crusade to Finland in against the Karelians.

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Archived from the original on 10 September Today, Finland has a very lively classical music scene and many of Finland's important composers are still alive, such as Magnus Lindberg , Kaija Saariaho , Kalevi Aho , and Aulis Sallinen. This was rejected by the Russian Provisional Government which decided to dissolve the Parliament. In May , Finnish Military sent nearly one million letters to all relevant males in the country, informing them about their roles in the war effort. ABC Porn Search From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. According to some social historians, the basis of this belief was a relatively benign history that had allowed the gradual emergence of a free and independent peasantry in the Nordic countries and had curtailed the dominance of the nobility and the subsequent formation of a powerful right wing.

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The regions are governed by regional councils which serve as forums of cooperation for the municipalities of a region. The main tasks of the regions are regional planning and development of enterprise and education. In addition, the public health services are usually organized on the basis of regions.

Currently, the only region where a popular election is held for the council is Kainuu. Other regional councils are elected by municipal councils, each municipality sending representatives in proportion to its population. In addition to inter-municipal cooperation, which is the responsibility of regional councils, each region has a state Employment and Economic Development Centre which is responsible for the local administration of labour, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and entrepreneurial affairs.

The Finnish Defence Forces regional offices are responsible for the regional defence preparations and for the administration of conscription within the region. Regions represent dialectal, cultural, and economic variations better than the former provinces , which were purely administrative divisions of the central government.

Historically, regions are divisions of historical provinces of Finland , areas which represent dialects and culture more accurately. The region of Eastern Uusimaa was consolidated with Uusimaa on 1 January The fundamental administrative divisions of the country are the municipalities , which may also call themselves towns or cities. They account for half of public spending.

Spending is financed by municipal income tax, state subsidies, and other revenue. As of [update] , there are municipalities, [9] and most have fewer than 6, residents. In addition to municipalities, two intermediate levels are defined. Municipalities co-operate in seventy sub-regions and nineteen regions. These are governed by the member municipalities and have only limited powers. Sami people have a semi-autonomous Sami native region in Lapland for issues on language and culture.

The figures are as of 31 August The capital region — comprising Helsinki , Vantaa , Espoo and Kauniainen — forms a continuous conurbation of over 1. However, common administration is limited to voluntary cooperation of all municipalities, e.

The Constitution of Finland defines the political system; Finland is a parliamentary republic within the framework of a representative democracy. The Prime Minister is the country's most powerful person. The current version of the constitution was enacted on 1 March , and was amended on 1 March Citizens can run and vote in parliamentary, municipal, presidential and European Union elections.

Suomen tasavallan presidentti ; in Swedish: Finland has had for most of its independence a semi-presidential system , but in the last few decades the powers of the President have been diminished. In constitution amendments, which came into effect in or and also with a new drafted constitution of , amended in , the President's position has become primarily a ceremonial office.

However, the President still leads the nation's foreign politics together with the Council of State and is the chief-in-command of the Defence Forces. Direct, one- or two-stage elections are used to elect the president for a term of six years and for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Former presidents were K. Relander — , P. Mannerheim — , J. The current president was elected from the ranks of the National Coalition Party for the first time since The presidency between and the present was instead held by a member of the Social Democratic Party or the Centre Party. The member unicameral Parliament of Finland Finnish: Riksdag exercises supreme legislative authority in the country.

It may alter the constitution and ordinary laws, dismiss the cabinet, and override presidential vetoes. Its acts are not subject to judicial review; the constitutionality of new laws is assessed by the parliament's constitutional law committee. The parliament is elected for a term of four years using the proportional D'Hondt method within a number of multi-seat constituencies through open list multi-member districts. Various parliament committees listen to experts and prepare legislation.

The speaker of the parliament is Paula Risikko National Coalition. Since universal suffrage was introduced in , the parliament has been dominated by the Centre Party former Agrarian Union , the National Coalition Party , and the Social Democrats.

Their lowest common total of MPs, , was reached in the elections. For a few decades after , the Communists were a strong fourth party. Due to the electoral system of proportional representation, and the relative reluctance of voters to switch their support between parties, the relative strengths of the parties have commonly varied only slightly from one election to another. However, there have been some long-term trends, such as the rise and fall of the Communists during the Cold War; the steady decline into insignificance of the Liberals and its predecessors from to ; and the rise of the Green League since In the elections, the Finns Party achieved exceptional success, increasing its representation from 5 to 39 seats, surpassing the Centre Party.

The Parliament can be dissolved by a recommendation of the Prime Minister, endorsed by the President. This procedure has never been used, although the parliament was dissolved eight times under the pre constitution, when this action was the sole prerogative of the president. After the parliamentary elections on 19 April , the seats were divided among eight parties as follows: After parliamentary elections, the parties negotiate among themselves on forming a new cabinet the Finnish Government , which then has to be approved by a simple majority vote in the parliament.

The cabinet can be dismissed by a parliamentary vote of no confidence, although this rarely happens the last time in , as the parties represented in the cabinet usually make up a majority in the parliament. The cabinet exercises most executive powers, and originates most of the bills that the parliament then debates and votes on. It is headed by the Prime Minister of Finland , and consists of him or her, of other ministers, and of the Chancellor of Justice.

Each minister heads his or her ministry, or, in some cases, has responsibility for a subset of a ministry's policy. After the prime minister, the most powerful minister is the minister of finance. The incumbent Minister of Finance is Petteri Orpo. As no one party ever dominates the parliament, Finnish cabinets are multi-party coalitions. As a rule, the post of prime minister goes to the leader of the biggest party and that of the minister of finance to the leader of the second biggest.

The judicial system of Finland is a civil law system divided between courts with regular civil and criminal jurisdiction and administrative courts with jurisdiction over litigation between individuals and the public administration. Finnish law is codified and based on Swedish law and in a wider sense, civil law or Roman law. In addition to the regular courts, there are a few special courts in certain branches of administration. There is also a High Court of Impeachment for criminal charges against certain high-ranking officeholders.

Some crime types are above average, notably the highest homicide rate in Western Europe. Finland has successfully fought against government corruption, which was more common in the s and 80s. In , Transparency International criticized the lack of transparency of the system of Finnish political finance.

Nine Ministers of Government submitted incomplete funding reports and even more of the members of parliament. The law includes no punishment of false funds reports of the elected politicians. Finland has one of the world's most extensive welfare systems, one that guarantees decent living conditions for all residents, Finns, and non-citizens.

Since the s the social security has been cut back, but still the system is one of the most comprehensive in the world. Created almost entirely during the first three decades after World War II, the social security system was an outgrowth of the traditional Nordic belief that the state was not inherently hostile to the well-being of its citizens, but could intervene benevolently on their behalf.

According to some social historians, the basis of this belief was a relatively benign history that had allowed the gradual emergence of a free and independent peasantry in the Nordic countries and had curtailed the dominance of the nobility and the subsequent formation of a powerful right wing.

Finland's history has been harsher than the histories of the other Nordic countries, but not harsh enough to bar the country from following their path of social development. The Finnish Defence Forces consist of a cadre of professional soldiers mainly officers and technical personnel , currently serving conscripts, and a large reserve.

A universal male conscription is in place, under which all male Finnish nationals above 18 years of age serve for 6 to 12 months of armed service or 12 months of civilian non-armed service. Approximately women choose voluntary military service every year. The army consists of a highly mobile field army backed up by local defence units.

The army defends the national territory and its military strategy employs the use of the heavily forested terrain and numerous lakes to wear down an aggressor, instead of attempting to hold the attacking army on the frontier. Finnish defence expenditure per capita is one of the highest in the European Union.

The term total means that all sectors of the government and economy are involved in the defence planning. The armed forces are under the command of the Chief of Defence currently General Jarmo Lindberg , who is directly subordinate to the president in matters related to military command. The branches of the military are the army , the navy , and the air force. The border guard is under the Ministry of the Interior but can be incorporated into the Defence Forces when required for defence readiness.

At first he was reported be a casual Arabic student, however only later it was published that his studies were about jihadists, terrorism, and that he was employed by the military. In May , Finnish Military sent nearly one million letters to all relevant males in the country, informing them about their roles in the war effort. It was globally speculated that Finland was preparing for war—however Finland claimed that this was a standard procedure, yet something never done before in Finnish history.

The economy of Finland has a per capita output equal to that of other European economies such as those of France, Germany, Belgium , or the UK. Primary production represents 2. The gross domestic product peaked in As of [update] , the country's economy is at the level. Finland has significant timber, mineral iron , chromium , copper , nickel , and gold , and freshwater resources. Forestry , paper factories, and the agricultural sector on which taxpayers spend [ clarification needed ] around 3 billion euros annually are important for rural residents so any policy changes affecting these sectors are politically sensitive for politicians dependent on rural votes.

Knowledge-intensive services have also resulted in the smallest and slow-growth sectors — especially agriculture and low-technology manufacturing — being ranked the second largest after Ireland. Finland is highly integrated into the global economy, and international trade produces one third of GDP [ citation needed ].

Trade policy is managed by the European Union, where Finland has traditionally been among the free trade supporters, except for agricultural policy [ citation needed ]. Finland is the only Nordic country to have joined the Eurozone. Finland's climate and soils make growing crops a particular challenge. Annual precipitation is usually sufficient, but it occurs almost exclusively during the winter months, making summer droughts a constant threat.

In response to the climate, farmers have relied on quick-ripening and frost-resistant varieties of crops, and they have cultivated south-facing slopes as well as richer bottomlands to ensure production even in years with summer frosts.

Most farmland was originally either forest or swamp, and the soil has usually required treatment with lime and years of cultivation to neutralize excess acid and to improve fertility. Irrigation has generally not been necessary, but drainage systems are often needed to remove excess water.

Finland's agriculture has been efficient and productive—at least when compared with farming in other European countries. Forests play a key role in the country's economy, making it one of the world's leading wood producers and providing raw materials at competitive prices for the crucial wood-processing industries. As in agriculture, the government has long played a leading role in forestry, regulating tree cutting, sponsoring technical improvements, and establishing long-term plans to ensure that the country's forests continue to supply the wood-processing industries.

To maintain the country's comparative advantage in forest products, Finnish authorities moved to raise lumber output toward the country's ecological limits. In , the government published the Forest plan, drawn up by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Private sector employees amount to 1. The average cost of a private sector employee per hour was Gender segregation between male-dominated professions and female-dominated professions is higher than in the US.

The unemployment rate was 9. As of [update] , 2. The average size is 2. Residential buildings total 1. The average residential property without land costs 1, euro per sq metre and residential land 8. The average total household consumption was 20, euro, out of which housing consisted of about 5, euro, transport about 3, euro, food and beverages excluding alcoholic beverages at around 2, euro, and recreation and culture at around 2, euro.

As of [update] , Finland has roughly the lowest industrial electricity prices in the EU equal to France. In , the energy market was around 90 terawatt hours and the peak demand around 15 gigawatts in winter.

This means that the energy consumption per capita is around 7. The fifth AREVA - Siemens -built reactor—the world's largest at MWe and a focal point of Europe's nuclear industry—has faced many delays and is currently scheduled to be operational by —, a decade after the original planned opening. Energy companies are about to increase nuclear power production, as in July the Finnish parliament granted permits for additional two new reactors.

The extensive road system is utilized by most internal cargo and passenger traffic. The annual state operated road network expenditure of around 1 billion euro is paid with vehicle and fuel taxes which amount to around 1. The main international passenger gateway is Helsinki Airport with about 17 million passengers in Oulu Airport is the second largest, whilst another 25 airports have scheduled passenger services.

Helsinki has an optimal location for great circle i. These services are branded as "Allegro" trains. The journey from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg takes only three and a half hours. The majority of international cargo utilizes ports. Port logistics prices are low.

Vuosaari Harbour in Helsinki is the largest container port after completion in and others include Kotka , Hamina , Hanko , Pori , Rauma , and Oulu. The Helsinki-Tallinn route, one of the busiest passenger sea routes in the world, has also been served by a helicopter line.

The "metal industry" includes shipbuilding, metalworking, the car industry, engineered products such as motors and electronics, and production of metals steel, copper and chromium. The world's biggest cruise ships are built in Finnish shipyards. However, the Finnish economy has diversified, with expansion into fields such as electronics e. Rovio Entertainment , known for Angry Birds , and is no longer dominated by the two sectors of metal and forest industry. Likewise, the structure has changed, with the service sector growing, with manufacturing reducing in importance; agriculture is only a minor part.

Despite this, production for export is still more prominent than in Western Europe, thus making Finland more vulnerable to global economic trends. Finnish politicians have often emulated other Nordics and the Nordic model. The level of protection in commodity trade has been low, except for agricultural products. Finland has top levels of economic freedom in many areas. In the Business competitiveness index — Finland ranked third in the world.

Economists attribute much growth to reforms in the product markets. Nordic countries were pioneers in liberalizing energy, postal, and other markets in Europe.

This indicates exceptional ease in cross-border trading 5th , contract enforcement 7th , business closure 5th , tax payment 83rd , and low worker hardship th. Finnish law forces all workers to obey the national contracts that are drafted every few years for each profession and seniority level.

A lack of a national agreement in an industry is considered an exception. Much of the sudden growth can be attributed to the globalisation and modernisation of the country as well as a rise in positive publicity and awareness. There are many attractions in Finland which attracted over 8 million visitors in The Finnish landscape is covered with thick pine forests and rolling hills, and complemented with a labyrinth of lakes and inlets.

Much of Finland is pristine and virgin as it contains 40 national parks from the Southern shores of the Gulf of Finland to the high fells of Lapland. Finland also has urbanised regions with many cultural events and activities. Finland is locally regarded as the home of Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus , living in the northern Lapland region.

Lapland is so far north that the Aurora Borealis , fluorescence in the high atmosphere due to solar wind , is seen regularly in the fall, winter, and spring.

Outdoor activities range from Nordic skiing , golf, fishing, yachting , lake cruises, hiking, and kayaking , among many others. Wildlife is abundant in Finland. Bird-watching is popular for those fond of avifauna, however hunting is also popular. Elk and hare are common game in Finland. Olavinlinna in Savonlinna hosts the annual Savonlinna Opera Festival.

The population of Finland is currently about 5. Approximately half of voters are estimated to be over 50 years old. This is the third-lowest population density of any European country, behind those of Norway and Iceland , and the lowest population density in the EU.

Finland's population has always been concentrated in the southern parts of the country, a phenomenon that became even more pronounced during 20th-century urbanisation. As of , there were , people with a foreign background living in Finland 5.

If they are born in Finland and cannot get citizenship of any other country, they become citizens. With slightly under four million members, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is one of the largest Lutheran churches in the world and is also by far Finland's largest religious body; at the end of , It was the first state church to be disestablished in the Nordic countries , to be followed by the Church of Sweden in The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland sees its share of the country's population declining by roughly one percent annually in recent years.

A small minority belongs to the Finnish Orthodox Church 1. Other Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church are significantly smaller, as are the Muslim , Jewish , and other non-Christian communities totalling 1. The main Lutheran and Orthodox churches are national churches of Finland with special roles such as in state ceremonies and schools.

In , Finland was the first Nordic country to disestablish its Evangelical Lutheran church by introducing the Church Act. Although the church still maintains a special relationship with the state, it is not described as a state religion in the Finnish Constitution or other laws passed by the Finnish Parliament.

As an autonomous Grand Duchy under Russia —, Finland retained the Lutheran State Church system, and a state church separate from Sweden, later named the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland , was established. It was detached from the state as a separate judicial entity when the new church law came to force in After Finland had gained independence in , religious freedom was declared in the constitution of and a separate law on religious freedom in Through this arrangement, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland lost its position as a state church but gained a constitutional status as a national church alongside the Finnish Orthodox Church , whose position however is not codified in the constitution.

However, the majority of Lutherans attend church only for special occasions like Christmas ceremonies, weddings, and funerals. The Lutheran Church estimates that approximately 1. Life expectancy has increased from 71 years for men and 79 years for women in to 78 years for men and 84 years for women in There has been a slight increase or no change in welfare and health inequalities between population groups in the 21st century. Lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise. More than half a million Finns suffer from diabetes, type 1 diabetes being globally the most common in Finland.

Many children are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The number of musculoskeletal diseases and cancers are increasing, although the cancer prognosis has improved.

Allergies and dementia are also growing health problems in Finland. One of the most common reasons for work disability are due to mental disorders, in particular depression. There are residents for each doctor. A recent study by The Lancet medical journal found that Finland has the lowest stillbirth rate out of countries, including the UK, France, and New Zealand.

Most pre-tertiary education is arranged at municipal level. Even though many or most schools were started as private schools, today only around 3 percent of students are enrolled in private schools mostly specialist language and international schools , much less than in Sweden and most other developed countries. Primary school takes normally six years and lower secondary school three years. Most schools are managed by municipal officials.

The flexible curriculum is set by the Ministry of Education and the Education Board. Education is compulsory between the ages of 7 and After lower secondary school, graduates may either enter the workforce directly, or apply to trade schools or gymnasiums upper secondary schools. Trade schools offer a vocational education: Graduation from either formally qualifies for tertiary education. In tertiary education, two mostly separate and non-interoperating sectors are found: Education is free and living expenses are to a large extent financed by the government through student benefits.

There are 20 universities and 30 polytechnics in the country. Forest improvement, materials research, environmental sciences, neural networks, low-temperature physics, brain research, biotechnology, genetic technology, and communications showcase fields of study where Finnish researchers have had a significant impact.

Finland has a long tradition of adult education, and by the s nearly one million Finns were receiving some kind of instruction each year. Forty percent of them did so for professional reasons. Adult education appeared in a number of forms, such as secondary evening schools, civic and workers' institutes, study centres, vocational course centres, and folk high schools.

Study centres allowed groups to follow study plans of their own making, with educational and financial assistance provided by the state. Folk high schools are a distinctly Nordic institution. Originating in Denmark in the nineteenth century, folk high schools became common throughout the region.

Adults of all ages could stay at them for several weeks and take courses in subjects that ranged from handicrafts to economics. Finland is highly productive in scientific research. In addition, 38 percent of Finland's population has a university or college degree , which is among the highest percentages in the world. In a new law was enacted considering the universities, which defined that there are 16 of them as they were excluded from the public sector to be autonomous legal and financial entities, however enjoying special status in the legislation.

The change caused deep rooted discussions among the academic circles. English language is important in Finnish education. There are a number of degree programs that are taught in English, which attracts thousands of degree and exchange students every year.

In December the OECD reported that Finnish fathers spend an average of eight minutes a day more with their school-aged children than mothers do.

Written Finnish could be said to have existed since Mikael Agricola translated the New Testament into Finnish during the Protestant Reformation , but few notable works of literature were written until the nineteenth century and the beginning of a Finnish national Romantic Movement.

Many writers of the national awakening wrote in Swedish, such as the national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg and Zachris Topelius.

The visual arts in Finland started to form their individual characteristics in the 19th century, when Romantic nationalism was rising in autonomic Finland. The best known of Finnish painters, Akseli Gallen-Kallela , started painting in a naturalist style, but moved to national romanticism. Finns have made major contributions to handicrafts and industrial design: Finnish architecture is famous around the world, and has contributed significantly to several styles internationally, such as Jugendstil or Art Nouveau , Nordic Classicism and Functionalism.

Among the top twentieth-century Finnish architects to gain international recognition are Eliel Saarinen and his son Eero Saarinen. Architect Alvar Aalto is regarded as among the most important twentieth-century designers in the world; [] he helped bring functionalist architecture to Finland, but soon was a pioneer in its development towards an organic style.

Much of Finland's classical music is influenced by traditional Karelian melodies and lyrics, as comprised in the Kalevala. Karelian culture is perceived as the purest expression of the Finnic myths and beliefs, less influenced by Germanic influence than the Nordic folk dance music that largely replaced the kalevaic tradition. Finnish folk music has undergone a roots revival in recent decades, and has become a part of popular music.

The people of northern Finland, Sweden, and Norway, the Sami , are known primarily for highly spiritual songs called joik. The same word sometimes refers to lavlu or vuelie songs, though this is technically incorrect.

The first Finnish opera was written by the German-born composer Fredrik Pacius in In the s Finnish nationalism based on the Kalevala spread, and Jean Sibelius became famous for his vocal symphony Kullervo. He soon received a grant to study runo singers in Karelia and continued his rise as the first prominent Finnish musician. In he composed Finlandia , which played its important role in Finland gaining independence.

He remains one of Finland's most popular national figures and is a symbol of the nation. Today, Finland has a very lively classical music scene and many of Finland's important composers are still alive, such as Magnus Lindberg , Kaija Saariaho , Kalevi Aho , and Aulis Sallinen.

Finnish popular music also includes various kinds of dance music ; tango , a style of Argentine music , is also popular. The light music in Swedish-speaking areas has more influences from Sweden. Modern Finnish popular music includes a number of prominent rock bands, jazz musicians, hip hop performers, dance music acts, etc.

During the early s, the first significant wave of Finnish rock groups emerged, playing instrumental rock inspired by groups such as The Shadows. Around , Beatlemania arrived in Finland, resulting in further development of the local rock scene. During the late s and s, Finnish rock musicians increasingly wrote their own music instead of translating international hits into Finnish. During the decade, some progressive rock groups such as Tasavallan Presidentti and Wigwam gained respect abroad but failed to make a commercial breakthrough outside Finland.

This was also the fate of the rock and roll group Hurriganes. Hanoi Rocks was a pioneering s glam rock act that inspired the American hard rock group Guns N' Roses , among others. Many Finnish metal bands have gained international recognition. HIM and Nightwish are some of Finland's most internationally known bands.

Apocalyptica are an internationally famous Finnish group who are most renowned for mixing strings-led classical music with classic heavy metal. Around twelve feature films are made each year.

Finland's most internationally successful TV shows are the backpacking travel documentary series Madventures and the reality TV show The Dudesons , about four childhood friends who perform stunts and play pranks on each other in similar vein to the American TV show Jackass.

Thanks to its emphasis on transparency and equal rights, Finland's press has been rated the freest in the world. Today, there are around newspapers, popular magazines, 2, professional magazines, 67 commercial radio stations, three digital radio channels and one nationwide and five national public service radio channels. Each year, around 12, book titles are published and 12 million records are sold.

Sanoma publishes the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat its circulation of , [] making it the largest , the tabloid Ilta-Sanomat , the commerce-oriented Taloussanomat and the television channel Nelonen. The other major publisher Alma Media publishes over thirty magazines, including the newspaper Aamulehti , tabloid Iltalehti and commerce-oriented Kauppalehti.

Worldwide, Finns, along with other Nordic peoples and the Japanese, spend the most time reading newspapers. Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, operates five television channels and thirteen radio channels in both national languages. Yle is funded through a mandatory television license and fees for private broadcasters. All TV channels are broadcast digitally , both terrestrially and on cable.

In regards to telecommunication infrastructure, Finland is the highest ranked country in the World Economic Forum's Network Readiness Index NRI — an indicator for determining the development level of a country's information and communication technologies.

Finland ranked 1st overall in the NRI ranking, unchanged from the year before. Value-added services are rare. Finnish cuisine is notable for generally combining traditional country fare and haute cuisine with contemporary style cooking.

Fish and meat play a prominent role in traditional Finnish dishes from the western part of the country, while the dishes from the eastern part have traditionally included various vegetables and mushrooms. Refugees from Karelia contributed to foods in eastern Finland.

Finnish foods often use wholemeal products rye , barley , oats and berries such as bilberries , lingonberries , cloudberries , and sea buckthorn. Milk and its derivatives like buttermilk are commonly used as food, drink, or in various recipes. Various turnips were common in traditional cooking, but were replaced with the potato after its introduction in the 18th century. According to the statistics, red meat consumption has risen, but still Finns eat less beef than many other nations, and more fish and poultry.

This is mainly because of the high cost of meat in Finland. Finland is the top world consumer of coffee per capita.

All official holidays in Finland are established by Acts of Parliament. Christmas is the most extensively celebrated, and at least 24 to 26 December is taken as a holiday. Various sporting events are popular in Finland. In terms of medals and gold medals won per capita, Finland is the best performing country in Olympic history.

At the Summer Olympics , great pride was taken in the three gold medals won by the original " Flying Finn " Hannes Kolehmainen. At the Summer Olympics , Finland, a nation then of only 3. In the s and s, Finnish long-distance runners dominated the Olympics, with Paavo Nurmi winning a total of nine Olympic gold medals between and and setting 22 official world records between and Nurmi is often considered the greatest Finnish sportsman and one of the greatest athletes of all time.

For over years, Finnish male and female athletes have consistently excelled at the javelin throw. The event has brought Finland nine Olympic gold medals, five world championships, five European championships, and 24 world records.

Finland is also one of the most successful nations in bandy , being the only nation beside Russia and Sweden to win a Bandy World Championship. The Summer Olympics were held in Helsinki. Other notable sporting events held in Finland include the and World Championships in Athletics.

Finland also has a notable history in figure skating. Finnish skaters have won 8 world championships and 13 junior world cups in synchronized skating, and Finland is considered one of the best countries at the sport. Some of the most popular recreational sports and activities include floorball , Nordic walking , running, cycling, and skiing alpine skiing , cross-country skiing , and ski jumping.

Floorball, in terms of registered players, occupies third place after football and ice hockey. According to the Finnish Floorball Federation, floorball is the most popular school, youth, club and workplace sport. More than 8, Finns travelled to Spain to support their team. Overall, they chartered more than 40 airplanes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 16 March This article is about the European country.

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Fauna of Finland and Wildlife of Finland. List of Finnish municipalities , List of Finnish municipalities by population , List of Finnish municipalities by area , and Former municipalities of Finland.

List of political parties in Finland and Human rights in Finland. Regions Maakunnat , Landskap. Sub-regions Seutukunnat , Ekonomiska regioner. Municipalities Kunnat , Kommuner. List of Female Cabinet Ministers in Finland. Law of Finland and Judicial system of Finland. Foreign relations of Finland. Social security in Finland. Finnish Defence Forces and Military history of Finland. List of wars involving Finland.

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Lists of Finnish films. Telecommunications in Finland and List of newspapers in Finland. Public holidays in Finland and Flag days in Finland. The following list contains international comparisons of national performance. The list has a maximum of three years per survey. For a more comprehensive list, see International rankings of Finland. International rankings of Finland.

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