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Brilliant embroidery and silver ornaments are distinctive national features, as is the accordion-pleated women's skirt. Two months later he asked me to married him. Huang and I have analyzed data from the U. When the Indians got their land taken away, it was also told. Now just think about it and tell me. The dances of the Miao culture express both grief and joy.

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To the surprise of his family, Walt leaves them nothing: Make certain that your abuser is not home at that time. In some districts, girls may begin dating at twelve. Chinese Multiracial or Other -- Most: Black boys have treated my daughter badly since she was in pre-school. Also, after just barely years of living in Laos after their migration from China, the Hmong ethnic was able to grow in size to become the second most dominant ethnic group in the landlocked nation, right behind the Lao ethnic group themselves keep in mind the Lao ethnic have been in Southeast Asia since AD. Seeing video clips and reading articles through research proves that hmong people are suffering and dying.

The Hmong and the American Immigrant Experience. Russell Sage Foundation Publications. A People's History of the Hmong. Minnesota Historical Society Press. Bamboo Among the Oaks: Contemporary Writing by Hmong Americans. Calling In The Soul: Gender and the Cycle of Life in a Hmong Village.

University of Washington Press. A Hmong Family Memoir. The Hmong people are an ethnic group whose origins go back about 3, years in China. Most Hmong -- about eight million -- still live in southwestern China. Another four million live in the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Burma, Laos and Vietnam, where they immigrated during the 19th century following centuries of persecution in China.

There, they existed mostly as farmers living in rural areas. The first Hmong migration of notable size to the United States began with the fall of Saigon and Laos to Communist forces in Many Hmong had worked with pro-American anti-Communist forces during the conflicts in Vietnam and Laos.

As a result, they were subject to violence and retribution in Laos. Many Hmong escaped Laos to Thailand where they were incarcerated in refugee camps. From to , the number of Hmong refugees slowed to a few thousand each year, but admissions picked up again between and , when about 56, Hmong refugees were accepted.

After , Hmong refugee admissions slowed to a trickle as most of the Thai camps were by now empty, with the remaining Hmong repatriated to Laos. Also, Hmong immigration based on family reunification remains low, especially compared to other Southeast Asian ethnic groups. This strategy, however, proved unsuccessful as many Hmong were settled in a poor, predominantly African American neighborhoods where they encountered much hostility and violence.

Also, many Hmong wished to be reunited with family and clan members. These reasons led to a massive shift of the Hmong population in the mid-to- late s to central California cities like Fresno, Stockton, and Merced, and to a lesser extent, to Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Census counted , Hmong Americans across the U. Many agree, however, that the figure is probably a significant undercount.

During the s, the Hmong moved again: This shift was epitomized by the emergence of Minneapolis and St. Paul as the unofficial capitals of Hmong America, taking over from Fresno. About half of Hmong today live in the Midwest, mostly in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, compared to 41 percent in Meanwhile, the proportion of Hmong in the Western states fell to 42 percent in from 55 percent in Around 6 percent of the Hmong now live in the South with most in North and South Carolina , an impressive increase from just 1.

In , the Hmong population numbered in the Northeastern states remained very small, at just 2 percent. Paul emerge as the new Hmong American capital? The opportunity to make a better life seems to be at the heart of things. MaiVangYang Post 47 I am hmong too. But i think that some hmong people do deserve to get tortured and killed because, as far as i know, some hmong guys do still rape hmong girls. Because i still feel that, for some reason, hmong people haven't loved each other enough yet.

Talking about the hmong people back in or 75 helping the americans, I don't really appreciate that because I have a cousin who works as a nurse and helped those americans soldiers at war but she got raped by the americans soldier instead. So i don't really appreciate how the hmong people have helped americans with war before.

Even though up to these days, americans only pretend to be nice to our hmong people. As a matter of fact, Gen. Vang Pao is not really a good general to be our hmong leader. I don't know what you people think about my comments, but that's what i had in my mind.

As I always sit and wonder about our hmong people, what have we done to be suffering this much? What have we done to other people in the very first place to make them hate and want to torture and kill us? Every time when i ask this to myself it makes me cry. I guess god will just let our hmong people suffer like this and cry till our tears turn to bloom forever. But I never lose hope yet for our hmong people, because i also still believe that we still have many hmong girls and boys who are highly educated out there in the world somewhere.

Even though i am just a 13 year old girl. I always still have hope in our hmong people. I'll let you know who is suffering from this. I'm hmong coming from the war. I'm only three years old and my parents drugged me so we got away.

You think everything is not true. You just do your research. I was there when the war started and ended. You don't know anything about this. The way i read your story, you stated to everyone that it is a lie. Everyone who writes about what the hmong people suffered is true.

I know for a fact that they raped girls 12 to 13 years old and mutilated them. You think this is not hurting hmong people. I hope you have kids. You look at your daughter and tell me how you feel when a soldier rapes you daughter and you can do nothing.

I will let you know how I feel about this. If not for my parents I would be dead by now. I will always tell my children how life is now better than before the war. My brother died because of this war. My parent gave him too much drugs to keep us quiet.

Because of my brother we will never forget about this war. This war makes me sick to my stomach. I'm 44 years old. I will never forget what they did to hmong people. You think now they will hear the hmong people cry out for help.

The government lies too much. The CIA lied to the hmong people too. The government people now helps us. We're just like animals to them. When they need help they will be nice to Hmong people. For 35 years the Hmong people suffered for a long, long time. No one will never hear about it. I will let you know how I feel. The Americans lied to us. The French lied to us. All the governments lied to hmong people. I will never trust anyone else but me. Please think twice before you post about what you said.

Hmong people still suffer. Love your own people. I want to go to Laos and help hmong women who are being forced as sex slaves, or sold by their parents for prostitution. I am Hmong and I am a woman who will not tolerate this kind of evil. God protect and heal all broken hearts. I'm vietnamese and he's hmong. My people went through so much, but no one is willing to take a stand.

But when it came to the African Americans, their story was told out to the World. When the Indians got their land taken away, it was also told. We will never give up! I have been in his house and have always been humbled by their mannerisms and respect shown towards one another. I have seen many old pictures of his grandfather in military uniform on the walls of his living room and now realize that he was fighting in Laos.

His parents must have come here in order to give him and his brother and sister a better life. His brother is an A student technician like his father and his sister is an A medical student. But he sits around all day and plays wow! I wonder if he knows or has forgotten the hardships of his ancestors and the plight of his people.

Seeing video clips and reading articles through research proves that hmong people are suffering and dying. Every person would want a future and to dream and being in peace, not stuck in nightmares and tortured. Since the Secret War ended, many hmong people fled to the United States to seek for a better life, and to have a brighter future.

The Hmong people should take that chance so that they can live an easier life and to be educated so that they can know how to defend their rights and to defend those who can't defend themselves for their rights. We want to be people who are important too, not people who look down upon us. I believe that Hmong people are true and good people and that they will continue to prove it. I hope people see the truth. But the one thing that i don't get is why is the hmong kids nowadays don't see that their parents and grand parents brought them here to the US and why aren't they taking advantage of it.

Why do we have to suffer so much. So why would it not do something like this to us Hmong? I am Hmong, indeed. RealFacts, if what you say is true, I can go on and believe it, but Laos is communist to this day.

Why are the Hmong refugees in Thailand so afraid to go back to Laos? Have you talked to those Hmong people? Have you ever asked them what it was like living in Laos? Many of them fled to the jungles and Thailand. Why would the Hmong want to start war? There are Hmong people today who have never forgot what it was like during the war.

Who would want to go back to that? You have no proof of what you say. Things are never as they seem. They use starvation tactics to kill our people. They poisoned our people nine times in , they used rural and roads development that accompanied by soldiers hunt and kill our people. It's true that the Hmong aren't the only ones suffering since they weren't the only ones helping the Americans.

It is undoubtedly true that the communists killed the Hmong after the war ended, but I haven't heard much about this nowadays. I am very lucky to be living in the United States. But to hear people are suffering over there is killing me. I am very proud that I am Hmong and proud of my culture. All this controversy, why isn't anyone doing or dealing with this? If someone is, why hasn't there been any change?

This hurts me so much. I just want tell the person who wrote the first comments above, you are not very educated about the truth about the Hmong people's situation about the Lao Government and the Hmong People after I have the original documents with the Lao Government's original official stamp saying they planned to wipe out the Hmong people by and this is no joke.

I have it in my hand. It is so true no one will refute it after they read it. I'm telling you that we have so much evidence, such as videos, news, victims and actual borderless reporters who went into the jungle of Laos and found out themselves and made their own videos. Also every nation on Earth knows and believes about it and you do not. Go and do thorough research yourself within the Hmong people not Lao, because they never tell you the truth. Just because they are more vocal doesn't mean all of their claims are in fact true.

You have to wonder why other ethnic groups are more willing to start fresh, learn to move on but not forget of course , and cooperate with one another, except for some misguided Hmongs. There is no genocide in Laos? How do I know? Several years ago, after doing countless interviews with Hmong veterans, and obtaining closed legal information on the British reporter who documented Hmong Chao Fa rebels in the Jungles of Laos, there is proof that the Lao government is not practicing genocide on the Hmong ethnic group!

Despite the fact that Hmong overseas cannot agree with the current government in Laos at the moment, the government is still a Sovereign government and since some Hmong rebels hiding in the jungle randomly attack tourists and Lao citizens, the government has to do what they can to protect unarmed citizens of that country.

If Hmong people in Laos are facing a "genocide," it wouldn't take long for the rest of the world to really find out and foreign tourists would not be constantly pouring into the nation of Laos!

Go to Laos yourself and find out. Even in Northern Lao towns, such as Luang Phrabang voted no. If the current Lao people or the Lao government was that terrible like some misguided Hmongs claim, then why would the Lao government feature the Hmong ethnic on their currency along with other ethnic groups?

As for Lao people being depicted as bad people, many people in the world and tourists in the country have never encountered this problem. In fact, for many foreigners, they are extremely surprised how honest the Lao people are to them sometimes chasing them down the street to give them back their right change money. Many have even commented that unlike Vietnam or Thailand where many people take every opportunity that they can to take advantage of you, the people of Laos don't do that.

In conclusion, if you have been working on investigating the politics behind these claims from both sides as I have, you will know for yourself that these claims of "genocide" have no basis to back them up. The war has been over for plus years! Many of the Hmong who claim to be "political targets" or are simply spreading the nasty rumor of genocide are doing this simply because they want to go to America for economic gains, plain and simple.

You tell me, isn't it suspicious to witness some of the Hmong refugees in Thailand claim to be Fighters for the CIA, when they themselves are just barely 20 years old now?

Research some of these interviews conducted. You can find them posted all over the Internet if you make the effort to research. Despite what many overseas Hmongs claim about "helping", it all boils down to past resentment and not genocide! Originally, the real back door deal with the CIA was that if the Hmong won, they would get a piece of Northern Laos to govern and form a Hmong state. Why did they truly believe this to be a real possibility? It's because Laos was the least populated country in all of Southeast Asia with just 4 million people at the time!

While both Thailand and Vietnam had a population of over 60 million. Also, after just barely years of living in Laos after their migration from China, the Hmong ethnic was able to grow in size to become the second most dominant ethnic group in the landlocked nation, right behind the Lao ethnic group themselves keep in mind the Lao ethnic have been in Southeast Asia since AD.

For the Hmong to even outnumber original ancient natives, such as the Khamu, you can understand for yourself why the "incentive" to "really help" the CIA seemed like too good of an offer. Even as of this moment, the Lao government is open to "dual citizenship" and have allowed former Lao roayl families to return, and former political refugees to return home on the condition that they don't start any political coup or war!

Some overseas Hmongs especially those who supported General Vang Pow who, by the way, attempted to commit a terrorist act by smuggling massive amounts of weapons to support the rebels further , need to learn the real truth and not randomly select facts that they only want to hear just because it serves their causes. In fact, I feel very sorry for some of the misguided Hmongs who donated countless amount of money to Vang Pao, only to be lied to and shielded from all of the real facts!

Instead of helping the Hmongs you claim to fight for, you're only hurting them! Citizens of Laos have been through too much pain in the last years; they don't need another war! They need to move forward with the rest of the world in peace and stability! The new generation right now don't know much about who they are and where they're from.

I strongly would like them to do more research and try to understand that the background and nationality of us Hmong are really special. We have suffered for a long time and it's time we all put an end to this, but we need all the help that we can. Many in the younger generation now, they don't care much about who they are or where they are from.

But they should know that there's more than just the language or the clothing. I hope that one day, the young generation well understand more about who they really are. We are full blood Hmong and not another race Unless you're mixed. But we all should be proud of who we are. My family felt Laos in in the middle of the night. We could only travel by night and in the day time we hid. I don't remember much; I was only four years old. However, my parents told me that I walked and was not carried all the way to Thailand.

My cousin was studying in Hawaii at UH and he was the one that sponsored us. Please, any young Hmong who don't know about history, ask.

I know I'm the seventh generation born in Laos that was from China. Now, I'm the first generation that grew up here and my children are the first generation born here. Hmong people are strong and we never forget where our roots are. Please can any Hmong help me? But why do these damn bastards have to do this to us? Why are the hmong people suffering from these people? People look at all the pictures and stories on this subject, Hmong people.

Kids are getting poisoned, killed, and some are just waiting for their time to go. These people don't deserve to end up like this. Is there someone out there in the upper government position that can help what the American did in the war that ended in and left what they promised to do if they lost the war? Looks like everything is forgotten and everything is for themselves. This war is a punishment for the hmong do to what?

Helping the Americans with a drug war? What I want to know is what did the Hmong people do to the Chinese, Laotian and Thai people that they hate us so much? God has already given the Hmong a chance to be educated and to be free so we can fight for those who can't fight and defend themselves. Young Hmong people stay in school and study hard.

The more educated Hmong people are, the more we can learn to work together, getting along and educate other ethnicities about the Hmong. So they don't have to look down upon us. It is not about being better than other ethnicities, but being true and good human beings of accepting and forgiving those who hurt the Hmong due to ignorance and fear. My family suffered so and almost got persecuted by the communist pathet laos.

Good thing my father escaped and went to Thailand and came to United States safe. I think the Laos government should stop presecuting the Hmong because God will curse those presecuted the hmong. God loves the Hmong. Someday he will bless the Hmong and they will be free as the world I saw many Hmong as soldiers. I took care of wounded Hmong. I put many in body bags. I was a sad soldier after the war. Many of the men were soldiers then.

My blood mixed with theirs many years ago. They continue to be my people Indeed, I strongly feel that persecution and cruelty should end and instead, the teaching of love and an open mind should be inculcated into everyone's mind. I wish my power of persuasion work in an instant, it's unfortunate. For more information on the Hmong people you can check out this book: It describes a fictional family's travel including obstacles. I'm sure you could find it in English. We're reading it for school now.

It's so sad and I just found out that the abuse is still going on. I wish it would stop! Why are people so cruel?! I hope that one day My Hmong People Would have our own country like the rest of the people in the world.

I am doing a research about hmong for school and came upon this history of my people. I was sad reading this because many of the Hmong are still in Laos and Thailand getting killed, tortured, and poisoned. Innocent kids get torture and kill like animals. I wish that I can do something to help. All I wish for is that everyone will love each other and not killing one another.

I really want the president to make a speech about loving and no more killing and or war. You hear about Europeans getting here through Ellis island and what not. I'm hmong and i ask my parents but they don't remember. Over 18 years and it's still going on, after I left Laos, when I was little. Post your comments Post Anonymously Please enter the code: One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted.

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By the way, what happened during the Vietnam war wasn't us against the Laotians or Vietnamese. Lordy, people are people. They had too much faith that someone. All right, let this be the last post.

I don't really know much about the secret war but it very. The past is the past. You know, I'm Hmong, but why don't we come together? For those who said Vang Pao wasn't a good leader, let's face it: Now we're split among different countries and continents, and the Hmong in.

I am Hmong myself and hope for the best for my people! The Hmong did not originate from China. You only heard what what you wanted to hear, you young Hmong American. Hmong Americans should raise our voices and help the poor young Hmong in Laos.

I am a black American who was born and raised in California. I think Hmong people are safe for now. General Vang Pao was in charge of the Hmong army fighting off communist in Laos. Where do you think you'd be right. Not all of the land has the same traces of "what is. All you guys have such sorrow for our hmong people, but all I see is a bunch of words and no actions. I am Hmong American and I have to agree with Post no. Don't get me wrong, but perhaps somehow, if we had a true hero and a leader who cared for.

We are changing, for the best or the worst. Life is cheap so whatever you do, look into the future. I am European and have lived in Laos among Laotian people for five years. Hmong people is the same Miao in China. General Vang Pao died. Don't be the one to shoot lies out of your. I am american Danish,english and LDS mormon. I am Hmong too, and I know that it's sad to hear about how horrible things used to be and still is today. That is a shame what our country will do to other humans beings.

I am Hmong, and sadly I don't know much about my culture. I am hmong too. Even though up to these days, americans only pretend to be nice to. Whoever wrote on 23 is not hmong person. I am Hmong woman but don't know much about my own culture. I have a hmong boyfriend and we have people who have problems with us because of our race. I'm Hmong and I'm proud! I have a friend who is hmong.

It's so sad how hmong people are getting treated in Laos. I am Hmong and i was born knowing this stuff about the hmong genocides and i am still proud to be hmong even though i see that our race is being hated by a lot of other asian ethnics.

It's a waste of time to move people back into these countries due to the risk of revolt due to the increase of population. I'm hmong myself, and hearing about how hmong people still get killed is just screwed up. I am Hmong too, and I don't know what the situation over there is now. It's horrible that to this day Hmong people living in Laos are being killed still.

I'm Hmong and I'm proud of that. Hmong people were not the only ones that suffered during the secret CIA war in Laos! Several years ago, after doing countless interviews with Hmong veterans, and obtaining closed legal information on the British reporter who documented Hmong Chao Fa rebels in the Jungles of Laos, there is proof that the Lao government is not practicing genocide on the Hmong ethnic. I am also Hmong and knowing that many of our ancestors are still suffering makes my heart cry out for them.

I am also Hmong. I'm the seventh generation born in Laos that was from China. Many would wonder how come the hmong people suffer so much and the main question is what did the hmong people do to the chinese in particular that cause them to make the hmong suffer?

It's so sad that Hmong people are still being abused by the Laos and Thai government. I was a soldier during Viet Nam, and after the war, I think the Hmong people arrived in America, Guiana, and France by plane.

Well, I think that everyone including the Hmong People should do something to help these people back in Laos and Thailand because as every minute goes by there are more and more Hmong People that are getting killed by either the Thai or Laos government. I'am Hmong and I'm 10 years old. I'm hmong myself, and it's devastating to hear that our people, the hmong, are still having to suffer to this very day.

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hmong dating other race

You see, you have to love yourself and fix your inside before you get involved with anybody. I also told her not to be afraid to ask the hard questions so she can know what he believes about things that are important to her to have from a man in a relationship.

hmong dating other race

Schenk said "They don't sell out in Detroit. Lol I live in Ft. I was there when the war started and ended.

hmong dating other race

In early my brother went to southern China and had found our long lost blood cousin which we had been seperated for hundred of years. Suddenly they are everywhere. Like Tim said black women hmong dating other race date asian men just like any hmong dating other race men. Just because you read a few things, and asked Hmong people who possibly fought with the Laotian communists, doesn't mean that persecution against those who helped the Americans doesn't exist. Because of my brother we will never forget about this war.