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how much does elove matchmaking cost

It actually sounds like you work for the company! The under-represented demographics are women in the their twenties and early thirties and fit and successful men over age fifty-five. M2 Media Group unauthorized magazine subscription 2 1 mins ago. What is the point of putting what you want in a match if the service asks you to compromise in order for them to find someone for you? Well, I won't have a utility bill in my name for several months because my company puts me up in an extended stay hotel as part of the relocation package.

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I called today to complain and they said that there is no refunbd so I want to file a complaint. Please try again later. Dear "Glen Brown", you now have my address and know my approximate net worth and address. I am with you. It offers fast-track matchmaking and allows users to search through other members' profiles.

While online sites allow unlimited fantasizing, matchmakers encourage clients to take their heads out of the clouds. Another sign of the rise of the go-between: He pointed out that the problem for matchmakers has always been casting a wide enough net; for online sites the problem has been narrowing the pool.

He advised both to find common ground. When the singles show up, Ms. Ferman meets them, takes their photographs, gets their contact information and adds them to her database of 12, names. Clients typically sign up through her Web site or send her an e-mail message; she follows up with an interview.

A survey undertaken by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that while 52 percent of the 16 million people who have used online dating sites had mostly positive experiences, 29 percent report mostly negative experiences. And according to a report by JupiterResearch, the percentage of people browsing those sites is stagnating.

Major online sites like Match. Last December, it rolled out Match Platinum, a matchmaking service, in Dallas, its first test market. Match Platinum promises confidentiality. Its matchmakers interview subscribers over the phone and handpick dates for them. View all New York Times newsletters. Other hybrids combine online technology with tradition. And even more coincidence, eLove has the same staff that The Right One had. Does anyone really think anything changed other than the name?

The re-branding to eLove Matchmaking has been widely reported through media outlets and the new name extensively marketed. Inc as one of the fastest growing business in the country , iDate named as one of the top three matchmaking companies in the world , and the Matchmaking Institute awarded the seal of approval.

Offering both levels of service provides members with as much choice and flexibility as possible to meet the demands of their lifestyles and achieve their objective. For singles interested in building a long term relationship with like minded singles eLove Matchmaking will be the correct choice.

At this level members need to qualify for membership. All members are required to pass a background check, be gainfully employed, emotionally ready to meet new people, and meet one-on-one with an eLove representative to discuss the process. We are proud of our record of providing an outstanding matchmaking experience to hundreds of thousands of members over the last 35 years, and we will continue to strive to ensure the best client experience possible.

I have been deceived by this eLove service. The first match did not respond; the second match, after changed meeting time for three times, did not show up; the third match, eventually met, was totally different from what they told me: I talked to this person about the service.

He has been in the service for about 5 months, told me that the service does not have enough dandidates as they boasted. And their attitude is the worst one I have ever seen!!! When customers complain about their service, they twist the truth, the tell the customers that if we don't accept whom they match to, then we are "negative". I was reading an onine dating article when their ads poped out.

They immediately gave me a phone call and made an appointment in the local office. Please don't believe in their service. They are relly cheaters! I am a member of eLove and have been for 7 months now and am pretty satisfied with the service. I was a bit shocked by the pricing at first, but felt that my represenative was very up front and honest with me about the levels of service and explaining the cost.

I was surprised that they dont use pictures- but now that I have been on a few dates, I get a feeling about how the matchmakers can actually do a pretty good job just off of the brief information they know about me.

I feel that this was a much safer option- also I am a single mom and watch my pennies, I still feel that although it was expensive, it is worth it so far. I believe they use a sliding scale, based on their incomes, to determine what to charge people. I balked at first and then Ingrid the eLove "matchmaker" offered me a special that she only allows for students: After I gave her my CC info she explained that the matches would be within a 1 hour radius from my home.

I explained that I wanted only people within fewer than 30 minutes; she said that was not possible. By that time it was too late and the deal was done. It was a very high-pressure sale, like a car dealer.

There was no walking away either. It took three or four weeks to get my first letter no email and the gal lived an hour away. She was nice enough, but certainly not a match, and not the caliber of woman I expected.

Yeah, maybe it's just sour grapes on my part, but I think it's bogus. I will "serve out my commitment" because there is no refund. I fully intend to ask the tough questions to any candidate, especially the questions eLove specifically asked me not to ask, i. I also plan to collect the interviews with the women and ask them to give me names of other men they met and get names of other women those guys have met, etc.

Then I will collect all the feedback and write an article about eLove and post it anywhere I possibly can. They just want your money. I would like tofile a complaint. They have called me every day for the last week I never applied for their service; never contacted them at all as elove or right one. I'm on the no call list; I don't know how they got my number I don't do dating services, but they should NOT be calling people that don't request to hear from them. They most certainly use deceptive practices and base their service charge on your financials.

They also do not do extensive background checks as they claim and they most definitely don't look at the credit reports of their clients as they told me they did. I had some horrible matches but stayed positive. It is a numbers game but compared to e harmony and match. Do not be manipulated by the people on this post that were so damadged that they couldn't get out of their own way.

I still owe over 2, I'm sorry but if you are looking for a real mate please try another website or if you have in believe in God this is really not the sight for you. Goood luck people, please take this in all honesty. These guys were in this barely inhabited office building on a Sunday, pushed me up an down to sign then and there not even let me sleep on it , and had no real credentials as elove employees or proof of elove's history.

Dear "Glen Brown", you now have my address and know my approximate net worth and address. If you come near me or my address, I will [censor]ing personally take pleasure in using my blue belt in jiujitsu to break one of your limbs.

And if someone else comes, I'll break their [censor]ing arms and then I'm coming after you--I never forget a face. Glen, you picked the wrong guy to con. They got me good. Don't waste your time. You would do better to give your money to a total stranger for nothing. Because so far that is what I have gotten for my money nothing.

They lie and they give you false referrals. I called several people who never called back and one lady said she wasn't even a member. They need to be sued. I say we file a class action lawsuit against these criminals.!!! Any lawyers out there? I am directly responsible for the San Antonio office and would very much like the opportunity to talk to you and resolve your complaint.

Your happiness and complete satisfaction with us is very important to me, and I will do all I can to fix this situation. At your convenience, would you please call me at I look forward to speaking with you. Unfortunately, I did my research a little too late. Immediately after submitting my information I was hounded with calls a day, but they never left a message.

When I finally did speak to them, I set up an appointment to meet with them in their Palo Alto office. I met with their matchmaker Julia Paiva, she made me all sorts of promises. I joined 2 months ago and have not had a single date. Now, here is the research I should have done. E-love has not been in business for 25 years, they are new to California and have been here less than a year. E-love is the renamed business of Together and The Right One, both of which went out of business, and had multiple law suits against them.

The bad reviews for Together and The Right One are a mile long. And lastly, my matchmaker Julia Paiva is the former owner of Table for Six, which also scammed people out of their money. Recently Discussed Complaints Cex. M2 Media Group unauthorized magazine subscription 2 1 mins ago. Max Novelty paint by number unethical behaviour 19 8 mins ago. Subjects of Wide Speculation 1.

Safeway 16 manager of safeway locate on west capital ave sacramento. The Salvation Army Womens Shelter 15 homeless services - for women and children!

Olive Garden 13 bad service, bad food, bad experience. Answersby Pc Support 10 I am very disappointed in this company. Latest Questions When my package reach at home?? Tax on individual liquor drink. Today's Mess-Up Photo What is this? Was the above complaint useful? I have been deceived by this eLove service.

I am a member of eLove and have been for 7 months now and am pretty satisfied with the service. I believe they use a sliding scale, based on their incomes, to determine what to charge people. They have called me every day for the last week I have been scammed by this company. This service is dihonest, they told me they had a lot of people that match my request in terms of backround, profession and personal likes, but they send me always the opossite of what I requested!

Ana Fau Chicago Reply Reply. This company promised me one match per month. I was married through The Right One. It's a waste of money, , , and by the time you figure out what a waste of money it is, , , It's too late.

E-Love is a scam it is the Right One Matchmaking, people please i'm being son honest please do not trust theses people they are scammers and thats what they do, I have no need to lie, but i am a Christian and I just want to be honest, they have a rebuttle if you tell them you think their a scam, and they were originally The Right One but they changed their names because of all the complaints.

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how much does elove matchmaking cost

I just signed up and my biggest initial concern is that due to the work hours they have, nobody actually answers the phone. Ironically enough, they do not even call me back to even try to make a match.

how much does elove matchmaking cost

I asked and got very concerned because I had walked into their offices which looked staged to me with no advertising, brochures, paperwork, sucess stories or employees Kelleher is a matchmaking company that has been in business for nearly 30 years and is headquartered in the Boston area.

how much does elove matchmaking cost

It offers background checks on all matchamking and allows members to search and choose people to contact. Was the above complaint whos zac efron dating now We'll match how much does elove matchmaking cost with the right company that knows what you need. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. This site matches people in almost all major California cities, using a professional matchmaker. These people are crooks. Because so far that is what I have gotten for my money nothing.