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FROM me and my loving daughter Navya. I will go there again this Friday, 28th of Sept with a different group of friends. Anonymous September 6, at 7:

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I went to Skye for a friends birthday. Awesome place with good vibes and great view. I feel deeply for anybody suffering from depression, as I too have been one of its victims. I will go there again this Friday, 28th of Sept with a different group of friends. I am not married and I do not have children, but I am in a 3-year relationship with a wonderful person that tries to help me as much as possible since my depression started. Given the prohibitive taxes on wine in Indonesia, I was really quite surprised by how competitive the prices are, especially given that it is such a high class venue.

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Was planning to go there after work this Friday , but after reading all the negative comments i'm having second thoughts. Id rather go somewhere else. Restaurant yang banyak aturan.. Dear supervisior or boss plis brief your staff how to handle custame with well.. Though the food were never satisfied my tounge or belly.. I went to check it out. Not really comfortable tables, environment to eat. The outside bar is quite small and not worth the view money.

Service was slow even when there were not to many people. I would not go again. The concept is good and i hope others will follow, but they didnt fullfill their potential. I went there in september Even with reservation i had to wait. The food was good. I do not find it an intimate or entertaining atmosphere.

Outside area is quite small. Not worth the money they charge, but up to you. Service ok, makanan ok. I called the reservation today and the reservation really unfriendly They should give coaching to their staff about how to give a good service to customer.

So Bad, They seems don't care about that. Was thinking to make reservations, until I came across friends who advised me not to.. I see why, all of these complaints says it all. Beberapa bulan lalu dari Skye bersama teman kantor 6 pax incl me. Dinner di restaurant spent about 5 million , dan setelah itu ke lounge dan duduk di sofa dengan min spend 1.

Termasuk tempat yang mahal. Over all food was good, drinks also good. Service nya biasa aja. Entah kenapa, apa SKYE berpikir karena bule akan spend money lebih banyak? Nggak juga, padahal Indonesian banyak yang kaya dan mau spend money banyak loh.. Had bad experience with Skye's service around 1.

I was about to break my own promise to never ever visit this place again, but I first try to find out if they are still the same here. So I read the comments. Those reminded me of how angry I was that evening. All negative comments that I read here summarized my past experience: It is too bad that apparently Skye hasn't changed. It might still be the place with the best view in town, but the overall service is falls far below many customer's expectation. Cloud has a better view than SKYE and the service is much nicer For me it is the best rooftop bar in Jakarta!

Horrible place and staff are rude as hell. Dress code applies only to some people. The young manageress thinks no end of herself. Food and drinks are over priced. I went to there for lunch with my bf.. It was really surprising him We both love this place so much Isn't tooooo expensive i tho that's reasonable with the place and athmosper My boo has recommend this place to all his friends in dubai We need to visit this place again.

I see a lot of complaints, is there any improvement already? I was yesterday the skyebar. I enjoy with my friends this place and for sure, we will coming back! This place is shit! Im from Malaysia n Ive been denied entry just because I dont bring my pasport, reason being to validate my age above 18, and I clearly can see other guest just enter the place without any verification!

Just because I come with few of my 'non-socialites' Indo friends, we've been judge by our look, hellowwww, Ive been to many places all over the world, n Im pretty sure there is more expensive places than yours, go fuck urself for ur discriminating and offensive regulations! Its nothing to me if ur place just serve dinner about USD per plate, nothing!

I just reserved my table for this Saturday night. Sadly, most of the comments here are partly true. I called the official number on the website for 3 times until I finally directed to the right person.

The first operator was unclear and I dropped my phone on the first 20 seconds. The second operator was even worse, she just hold my phone after I told her that I wanted to reserve. And finally, the 3rd operator found it right.

The reservation was fast and easy. All I needed to do was just giving them information on when will I reserve the table, my name and my phone number. Based on my experience, I think not all of the operators are well trained and this kind of service does not match the big name Ismaya has. Last night access to the bar, was denied to me and my guests 2 members of a diplomatic mission by the front staff by rude and impolite manners and different excuses, not suitable to a class bar.

In past, I visited Sky bar with other guests and that I am familiar with its regulation. Since the situation created last night was very embarrassing for me and my guests, I don't suggest to anybody to have business discussions at Sky Bar. SKYE is the latest venue opened by the Ismaya Group, and for this reason, we can guess it will be the place to be in Jakarta for at least the next 3 months.

The Menara BCA has 57th floor and is meters high. Located on its 56th floor, SKYE's main attraction will obviously be the view over the city's skyline. The history of rooftop bars and restaurants in Jakarta has shown mixed results, with most places now closed Vertigo , Kampus , Pure , Cilantro , etc I wish more success for SKYE. At the time of writing, SKYE is probably the most spectacular venue in Jakarta and this is why I recommend you to try it. Expect a fancy crowd, and of course sky-high prices Vinnick June 4, at 8: Anonymous June 5, at 8: Anonymous June 6, at 6: Anonymous June 7, at 4: Lizz June 10, at 8: Anonymous June 10, at 9: Anonymous June 18, at Yantini June 18, at 9: Anonymous June 25, at 9: Nurul Wulandari June 25, at 9: Reiny June 29, at Anonymous October 17, at 6: Anonymous May 22, at 2: Anonymous July 6, at 1: Anonymous July 16, at Anonymous July 17, at 1: Anonymous July 17, at Jeff Fitri July 18, at 9: Anonymous July 18, at Anonymous July 19, at Anonymous July 21, at 8: Anonymous July 23, at 8: Anonymous August 2, at 2: Anonymous August 10, at 1: Anonymous August 11, at 5: Anonymous August 16, at 3: Anonymous August 19, at 7: Anonymous August 23, at 3: Anonymous August 24, at 1: Anonymous August 24, at 3: Anonymous August 27, at 7: Anonymous August 29, at Anonymous August 29, at 8: Anonymous August 30, at 3: Anonymous August 30, at 9: Anonymous August 31, at 3: Anonymous September 4, at Anonymous September 5, at 6: Anonymous September 6, at 7: Anonymous September 7, at Danu darrya pratama September 12, at 4: Anonymous September 14, at 2: Anonymous September 19, at 3: Anonymous September 20, at Anonymous September 24, at Anonymous September 25, at 8: Anonymous September 26, at 3: Anonymous September 27, at 5: Anonymous September 28, at 9: Anonymous August 18, at 6: Anonymous September 29, at 7: Anonymous October 8, at 8: Cend Woo October 9, at Anonymous October 11, at 2: Mattz October 12, at Anonymous October 14, at 5: Anonymous October 18, at Anonymous October 20, at Anonymous October 27, at 6: Anonymous October 31, at 9: Anonymous November 2, at 7: Anonymous November 8, at Anonymous November 10, at 5: Anonymous November 16, at Anonymous November 24, at 3: Anonymous November 29, at Anonymous November 30, at Anonymous December 1, at 5: Anonymous December 5, at 9: Anonymous December 12, at 8: Anonymous December 12, at Anonymous December 22, at 2: Anonymous December 29, at Anonymous January 2, at 9: Anonymous January 3, at 5: Anonymous January 8, at 6: Anonymous January 10, at 2: Anonymous January 15, at 6: Anonymous January 24, at 6: Edward Odeven January 30, at 6: Anonymous February 1, at Anonymous February 8, at Anonymous February 21, at Anonymous February 24, at 8: Anonymous March 9, at Anonymous March 20, at Miana March 22, at Anonymous March 27, at 3: Anonymous March 31, at Anonymous April 4, at Anonymous April 13, at Anonymous April 20, at 6: Anonymous April 30, at 1: Anonymous May 24, at Sexy Milf Pics Next Door Lust My Xxx Films Free Milf Porn All My GFs Lust Of Tranny Famous Pornstars 69 Spicy Black Girls Hot Moms Pussy Naked Horny Teens Porn Pics 7 Teens Porn Pictures Spicy Older Women

Images: im dating my bosss daughter

im dating my bosss daughter

I see a lot of complaints, is there any improvement already? You are a very big inspiration for us.

im dating my bosss daughter

Because i read in some blogs that he is married with Sakshi Rawat and also see his marriage images.. Just click the button below to get started. Next Door Lust

im dating my bosss daughter

Arjun - March 7th, at 6: By Australian standards, these are both upper scale white wines dating laos the prices are comparable to restaurant prices in Australia. Read the rest of this entry It is too bad that im dating my bosss daughter Skye hasn't changed. The linked galleries are automatically gathered and added into our myy by our spider script.