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NCIS uncovers a bomb plot and a long-running theft ring while investigating a death at a Quantico reunion. Ari is an early arch-enemy of Agent Gibbs, as well as Eli David's first-born child. Their friendship is close enough for Gibbs to delay his retirement in the episode " Escaped " to assist Fornell in recapturing a fugitive. DiNozzo is known for his seemingly-endless film references; Ziva insists that his dying words will be "I've seen this film". What hallmarks would you like to see?

Blind Loyalty

David rarely speaks of her personal life. Quinn leaves the team at the end of Season 14 to take care of her ailing mother. Game on, Charles 5. From season seven, he attempts to rebuild his relationship with his son, from whom he had been previously estranged. In the episode " Extreme Prejudice ", Gibbs goes after Harper Dearing, cornering the terrorist in a home in West Virginia, and when the man is about to use his gun, Gibbs stabs him, killing him.

Mike continues to appear as a figment of Gibbs' imagination, often offering advice. After his son left to join the Marines, Jackson Gibbs continued to live in the town of Stillwater, Pennsylvania. He was widowed some years before the events in the season six episode "Heartland". Disoriented once while returning from a mission, Jackson was saved by an enemy German pilot.

The pilots' reunion is the subject of the eleventh season's episode Better Angels. In " Heartland ", it is revealed that Jackson and his son are estranged, but in later appearances, they reconcile and become close. LJ revealed to Gibbs that he, Jackson and the latter's wife Ann were friends growing up and both men fell in love with Ann.

Due to segregation , Jackson married Ann as LJ was African-American and an inter-racial marriage was a social taboo during that time.

The strained relationship between Gibbs and Jackson starts to mend after they bond during the case and they get an insight into what the other is feeling. Gibbs finally starts to forgive his father when he learns that he has finished restoring the car that had been Gibbs' only dream during his teenage years. Jackson later tells Gibbs to take the car and they promise to keep in touch. Gibbs also starts to call his father "Dad" instead of "Jack".

It is eventually revealed that Gibbs' resentment for his father came from the difficult relationship between his parents. Gibbs' mother, Ann, was a hard woman to live with and they mutually had affairs despite their strong feelings for one another. Gibbs blamed his father's affairs for his mother leaving.

The only thing that kept Gibbs and his father in contact after that was Gibbs' wife, Shannon. In the season 11 finale, " Honor Thy Father " which aired exactly three months after Waite's death in February , Vance tells Gibbs that Jackson suffered a fatal stroke. Jackson is buried with full military honors. LJ and Gibbs' team are present at the funeral.

She first appears in "Hiatus" Part 1. When a " John Doe " is donated to science and Ducky finds mercury in his brain, he is outraged that the medical examiner who performed the autopsy did not think to check his brain before donating him.

As he and Gibbs go to confront "him" Ducky mistakenly assumed that Dr. Hampton was male , he asks Gibbs to think no less of him for giving the M. After finding out that Dr. Hampton was not male, Ducky was visibly placated. Jordan came back to Ducky's autopsy room to help him find anything else she might have missed, and decodes the tattoo on his arm, helping Gibbs and his team eventually solve the case.

She also reveals in this episode that she likes things neat and clean. She made a reappearance in the episode "Broken Bird" to help Ducky overcome grief and guilt for euthanizing a tortured Afghan when he was a doctor in the military. The two show some romantic interest in both episodes. Also, although she did not appear in the episode, she gave Ducky the autopsy report for La Grenouille in the episode "Internal Affairs".

Allison Hart Rena Sofer is an attorney. She is contacted by Colonel Merton Bell while he is being tried by the Mexican authorities for bounty hunting in their country. Hart successfully gets Bell released from prison on the condition that he not leave Mexico. Vengeful against the man who sent him to prison, Bell sends Hart to Washington to defend any accused who are involved in Gibbs' investigations.

Hart starts to take up every case that involves Gibbs. Hart's skills as a lawyer are a match for Gibbs' skills as an investigator. Despite their animosity, they appear to be attracted to one another.

It is implied that they share a kiss at the end of one episode. In the episode "Mother's Day", when Gibbs' former mother-in-law Shannon's mother becomes a suspect in a murder investigation in which the victim was linked to the cartel responsible for the deaths of Shannon and Kelly, Gibbs covertly hires Hart to defend her.

He then deliberately makes procedural errors to prevent her arrest and prosecution, permitting Hart to get her out of NCIS' custody. In the episode "Patriot Down", Abby writes a report on the murder of Mexican drug dealer Pedro Hernandez, a crime committed by Gibbs in in retaliation for Hernandez' murder of Gibbs' wife and daughter. The report never makes it to Mexico as it is intercepted by Hart, indicating that she has switched her allegiances.

Her last appearance is " Rule Fifty-One ", in which she confronts Gibbs over the report, and though she states that the report will end his career, she offers to defend him in court if it comes to that.

Off-screen in " The Spider and the Fly ", Hart resigns from her job at NCIS and moves away, taking the report with her in order to protect Gibbs from Paloma Reynosa and Alejandro Rivera, Hernandez's two children hell bent on revenge on Gibbs for their father's murder. After Alejandro accidentally kills Paloma, mistaking her for Gibbs, and is arrested, Hart mails the report back to Vance, who then puts it far away in storage.

NCIS initially identifies him as an undercover Mossad agent in the episode " Reveille ", but he is really a rogue agent working for Hamas and he is later found to be the leader of an Al-Qaeda cell in Washington, D. Ari is an early arch-enemy of Agent Gibbs, as well as Eli David's first-born child.

Both of his parents were medical doctors; Ari's mother, Hasmia Haswari, was Palestinian and his father, Dr. Benjamin Weinstein actually Eli David using an alias , was Israeli. He underwent medical training in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh Medical School , in order to serve undercover inside the Gaza Strip, where his mother was killed during a retaliatory bombardment by Israel.

The event prompted Ari to join the radical Islamic cause. It is shown that he hates his Israeli father as Eli David arranged for the attack on Gaza on a day when Ari was in the city. He preferred to be referred to as Haswari in school instead of Ari. Ari's motivation for his actions is his hatred of his father, who groomed him from birth to be a spy within Al-Qaeda, and was very likely the reason why Gibbs later suspects him in "Twilight" to be the head of an Al-Qaeda cell in Washington, D.

It is revealed in the episode " Aliyah " by Director Vance that Ziva had been under orders to kill Ari, as he was out of control and planning a massive terrorist attack, and to gain Gibbs' trust in the process, which ended whatever secret Gibbs and Ziva could keep from the rest of NCIS. Ziva initially does not believe that Ari was an enemy agent and becomes his control officer in hopes of protecting him, until he nearly kills Gibbs, when she hears the truth from his own lips.

Ziva does not fully come to terms with killing her brother, and experiences moments of guilt and hurt, even with her departure from Mossad after the beginning of season 7 and her new American citizenship coming through in that season's finale episode " Rule Fifty-One ". In the season 12 premiere he is mentioned by his half-brother terrorist Sergei Mishnev, the main antagonist of the season Alex Veadov , who attempts to kill Gibbs in revenge. Gerald Jackson is Dr.

Mallard's original assistant until being incapacitated by Ari Haswari after being held hostage in the morgue [46] While recuperating from the gunshot wound to his shoulder, his position is filled by Jimmy Palmer. Approximately a year and a half later, a week before he was scheduled to return to work, Gerald is again captured by Ari Haswari in an effort to secure Dr.

She assists Gibbs' team in keeping watch on communications, and speaks fluent Arabic and Kurdish. When she is first introduced, Tony and the rest of the team are turned off by her germaphobic behaviour: In the episode " In the Zone ", despite being a germaphobe , revolted at the idea of field work, Jardine asks to go to Baghdad with Tony.

She ostensibly goes there on a case, but she also has her own reasons. Her brother had been injured while serving there, and a local villager, mistaken by Marines as an insurgent, was killed while attempting to help him, prompting Jardine to help the villager's children. Her last appearance is " In the Zone ". Clayton Jarvis Matt Craven is the Secretary of the Navy appointed after the events of the season eight finale, " Pyramid ", which led to the resignation of Secretary Davenport.

Jarvis is an old friend of Director Leon Vance and it seems that he comes highly recommended in D. Jarvis is introduced in the final scene in a meeting between himself, Director Vance and Anthony DiNozzo. When Jarvis hands DiNozzo the file with the agent's name, he recognizes the name but it remains unknown to viewers.

In season nine's " Nature of the Beast ", it is revealed that the mole is none other than Simon Cade, a member of E. However, it is also revealed that Cade was framed earlier, and that Jarvis was supplied with misinformation by Sean Latham. Nevertheless, Jarvis proves to be an asset to the team such as when E. Jarvis lies to Sean Latham, knowing that he will leak the information to E. The blackmailer is believed to be Jarvis's childhood friend, Philip Wickes, whose company is about to lose its contracts with the Navy.

The operation involves a faked assassination attempt on Jarvis to destabilize Wickes. Jarvis later dies in the Season 11 premiere episode, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" where he is the victim of a bombing; his death leaves Vance devastated. Prior to , Zoe worked for the Philadelphia Police Department alongside Anthony DiNozzo, where they were both rookie patrol officers at the same time.

They were partners until DiNozzo transferred to Baltimore. In season twelve, Zoe and Tony meet during an investigation into a jihadist group. Sometime later, they begin a relationship, and DiNozzo introduces her to his father. He works for the CIA; while he usually manages to avoid getting caught for illegalities, he nevertheless almost always has his own agenda. He has a tendency to lie to peoples' faces, even Gibbs'. In the episode "Dead Reckoning", he tells Gibbs that trust is elusive at best; Gibbs responds that, between them, it is not elusive but impossible.

He manages to keep a neutral relationship with everyone on Gibbs' team except DiNozzo, as he blows up Tony's car in the episode "Bury Your Dead" and keeps La Grenouille informed about Tony's relationship with his daughter, even though it is an undercover mission. It is also speculated that Kort killed La Grenouille, though it is implied Jenny Shepard may have also been responsible, as her Glock 19 magazine is found to have left the same imprints on a 9mm bullet as the one that killed "The Frog".

Following the La Grenouille incident, Kort is assigned to a desk. Gibbs believes that Kort may be more dangerous behind a desk than when he is in the field. Kort returns in season eight, tracking down Lt. Aware of Cobb's identity from the beginning of the investigation, Kort tries to save one of Cobb's victims; but the effort costs him his left eye, which he sends to the NCIS team.

Kort is later revealed to have been the training officer for Operation Frankenstein, the "super soldier" program in which Cobb participated. Cobb wants revenge on all those who made him a killer and that includes Kort, whom he kidnaps along with Jimmy Palmer and E. Barrett in the season finale. However, his real goal is to have revenge on the man who authorized the operation: Cobb is killed before he can kill any of the hostages. Kort also makes an appearance in NCIS: Los Angeles , revealing that he has worked with Agent G.

Callen in the past. Kort returns in Season 13 "Dead Letter", with a glass eye replacing his lost one. He is found assaulting a MI6 agent, Clayton Reeves. Later in the season, it is revealed that Kort is the man responsible for framing British agent Jacob Scott, with Kort being revealed as the person who sold nuclear secrets to the Russians, therefore being shown as the main antagonist of that season.

He is also responsible for Ziva David's death. Lee is, in fact, the mole, as Langer learns, and she kills him to preserve her cover. He works with Gibbs' team in the episode " Tribes ", where he assists the team in tracking down a terrorist recruiter.

She is brought in between season three and four to bring the team back up to full strength following the departure of Gibbs.

Following Gibbs' return early on in the season she is transferred to the legal department and is frequently seen delivering warrants to the team, also having a covertly intimate affair with the medical examiner's assistant, Jimmy Palmer. She returns to the series in season six as part of Gibbs' new team, but is reassigned after the first episode. It is revealed that she is a mole in NCIS who has accessed for a foreign power at least the Joint Chiefs' strategic battle plans for a potential Middle Eastern operation, if Israel's enemies were to once again make war upon her.

Although Gibbs figures out gradually that she is a spy, and affirms his conclusions by inserting a picture of an agent she shot, as if he were the spy, on a barwall "Slain Heroes" wall "Collateral Damage" , she is caught in the next episode " Cloak ". However, when caught she claims that she was forced to trade government secrets because her daughter Amanda has been kidnapped.

But Amanda, it turns out, is actually her sister. The deaths of their parents prompted Lee to raise Amanda as her child. In the episode " Dagger ", after she learns that Amanda is safe, she gives Gibbs silent permission to kill the Weatherman, the person responsible for the crimes. The Weatherman uses her as a human shield until Gibbs fires into Lee's abdomen, the bullets passing through her body and killing both of them.

In the course of her espionage, Lee kills Special Agent Brent Langer and Petty Officer Steve Vargo, whom she was blackmailing for the aforementioned classified information. Director Vance hints that she may have been headed for a death sentence had she survived in " Dagger ". When asked by Vance if Lee should be called a hero or a villain, Gibbs responds simply, "Both". Barrett who appears in three episodes in season eight.

In the episode "Swan Song", he is shot and killed in a shootout with Jonas Cobb. After her transfer from the NSA to NCIS, Jake and Ellie's marriage begins to show signs of stress, which he disingenuously attributes to the fact that they can no longer talk about their day with each other like they used to.

Following this revelation, Bishop returns home to Oklahoma for some time to herself. Then in the "Spinning Wheel" Jake comes to Bishop and makes attempts to apologize for the infidelity, but she recognizes that an affair is only a symptom of a wider pattern, and tells him that their marriage is over. She first appears in the episode " Sandblast ". She and Gibbs have a serious relationship, even earning the nickname "future ex-wife number four" from DiNozzo.

Their attraction becomes overt in the episode " Sharif Returns ", as they discuss their possible relationship but refuse to act on it until Sharif is caught. At the end of the episode, they kiss. Although she and Gibbs clearly have serious feelings for each other, she is often frustrated by his reluctance to express his emotions.

In the episode "In the Dark", she returns from choosing her successor and is upset to find that Gibbs has worked through the night to fix her home's plumbing, seeing it as a sign that he does not want to stick around. She confronts him, saying, "I'm aware there are three billion men in the world, and not all of them have to want me, but you should want me, and the fact that you don't makes me wonder why I ever wanted you.

She realizes that this is his oblique way of committing to their relationship for the long haul and kisses him fiercely. In the episode " Ex-File " the relationship with Gibbs ends when she discovers the truth about Shannon and Kelly from Ducky and realizes that Gibbs is still silently mourning their deaths.

In the episode " Lost and Found ", the Stars and Stripes military newspaper Shepard is reading reveals that Mann has relocated to the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

He appears in " Squall ", where it is revealed that he has cancer. She makes two quick cameos in Seasons 2 and 3 before making a full appearance in " Twisted Sister ". She later shoots and kills Trent Kort. Executive Producer Gary Glasberg described Monroe as "full of fire and cynicism and sarcasm and wit and energy and is extremely experienced". She "thinks of her team as her family. She's no-nonsense on the outside, but has a big heart underneath with a belief in honor, justice and doing what's right.

She'll fight to protect the values she holds dear, and her team, with determination and a bit of sarcasm". He appears in several episodes during seasons one and two, but unlike his replacements, Directors Shepard and Vance, Morrow himself is not part of the main cast, and is credited as either a recurring character or a guest star.

He has less direct involvement with the team's cases than either of his successors exceptions being matters of terrorism and national security , and seems to spend much of his time in MTAC monitoring NCIS' global presence.

While he seems to like Gibbs, he is less tolerant of Gibbs' personal style and methods than Jenny or Vance; he has a deeply serious, almost stern demeanor, and Gibbs only ever refers to him as "sir".

In the season 13 episode, "Return to Sender", Morrow is found dead, having been shot in the head by a sniper the team presume is former British spy Jacob Scott, although it is later revealed that the actual killer is former CIA agent Trent Kort. He was murdered in "Dead Man Talking". He first appears in " Double Blind ", the penultimate episode of season 10, in which he is investigating the aftermath of the NCIS team's handling of the Ilan Bodnar case.

Parsons goes to great lengths to take Gibbs to court for all of his "wrongdoings", but after a bombing that results in the death of SECNAV Clayton Jarvis in the season 11 premiere episode " Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ", Parsons' perspective on Gibbs' team changes after Gibbs defends him during an ambush in Iran. Parsons repays the debt by saving Gibbs' life during a gunfight.

Later, back in Washington, D. Recruited without any military background, she is the first female to hold the position. She attended Harvard and attained a business degree, before becoming a career politician. She is divorced and has one daughter, Megan, who is revealed to be a teenager. Gibbs is later tasked with locating her daughter after she is kidnapped in "React", an event which leads Porter to question her future as the Secretary of the Navy, although she remains at her post as of season Los Angeles , although she's yet to make a physical appearance.

Paloma Reynosa Jacqueline Obradors is the head of the Reynosa drug cartel, the most powerful cartel in Mexico, the daughter of drug dealer Pedro Hernandez and the elder [ citation needed ] sister of Mexican Justice Department official Alejandro Rivera.

Paloma took over control of the cartel when her husband died. During her years in charge, the cartel grew to be powerful enough to infiltrate the US Navy. As a way to try to end the drug war in Mexico, the Mexican government launches a task force project with American law enforcement agencies to strike against the cartels.

Paloma is contacted by Colonel Merton Bell, who is seeking revenge against the man who had sent him into a Mexican prison: Bell has uncovered evidence that Gibbs killed Paloma's father with a sniper rifle in They form a partnership and elaborate a scheme to have revenge on Gibbs. Paloma's brother, Alejandro, uses his position in the task force to get the forensic evidence linking Gibbs to the murder using Abby Sciuto 's skills.

When the evidence is uncovered, Bell sends Lieutenant Jason Paul Dean to kill Special Agent Lara Macy, who knew about Hernandez' murder but covered up the evidence while still an MP officer, believing it to be a just killing. Later, Bell tries to kill Mike Franks but Paloma needs him alive as leverage so she orders Dean to kill Bell and bring back Franks' severed finger. He also returns with Gibbs taken prisoner. Paloma tells him of her true intention: She wants Gibbs to work for her or she will kill his friends and family, starting with his coworkers and finishing with his father.

Four months later, Paloma is lured to a safe house where she believes Gibbs, Jackson, and Mike Franks have taken refuge. Alejandro arrives separately, having been tricked into believing Paloma is dead through a note purposely left behind by Director Vance and Agent DiNozzo as bait for a trap.

He then opens fire on the safe house with a submachine gun, believing Gibbs and his father to be in it. After being arrested, Alejandro soon learns that Paloma was actually in the safe house all along, resulting in Alejandro unintentionally killing his sister.

Paloma then recites the poem of the spider and the fly as her last words before dying. Paloma has a fascination for the work of Tennessee Williams , citing him on three occasions: Alejandro Rivera Marco Sanchez is a high-ranking official of the Mexican Justice Department and, secretly, the son of drug dealer Pedro Hernandez and the brother of Paloma Reynosa who is the head of the Reynosa drug cartel. Rivera is assigned by his government to be a liaison with American law enforcement agencies on a special anti-drug project of forming a Mexican-American task force to strike against the drug cartels, notably against Reynosa.

Secretly, Rivera's objective is to have revenge for his father's death by using Abby Sciuto's forensic skills to investigate the cold case while training a class of task force forensic specialists in Mexico. It is later revealed that Gibbs killed Hernandez and Rivera was counting on Abby's report to bring Gibbs down but it never reaches Mexico having been intercepted by Margaret Allison Hart, who is working on the task force project.

However, Alejandro makes one huge mistake when he arrives at NCIS and later threatens Abby, prompting the entire team, including Leon Vance, to have him removed. He is duped into thinking that his sister, Paloma, had been killed, and goes to the safe house she was at, thinking that he can kill Gibbs and his father. However, he ends up killing Paloma and is then arrested for her death. He reappears in season 11's finale " Honor Thy Father " when it is revealed that he used his cartel to fund operations for the Brotherhood of Doubt after Parsa's death, as a result of the two sharing a common enemy— Agent Gibbs.

Later on in the episode, he is seen in the office of the head of Mossad, Eli David , Ziva's father, as Ziva talks on the phone to Gibbs. Tony becomes suspicious of the man that Ziva appears to be dating, and keeps trying to find out who he is. He is asked to leave the U. In the episode " Semper Fidelis ", what appears to be an open and shut case of an Immigrations, Customs and Enforcement agent killed by a terrorist is complicated by the presence of Rivkin, who is still in the US visiting Ziva.

Tony traces communication with the terrorist's computer to Ziva's apartment, where he finds Rivkin. Ziva later enters her apartment and attempts to help Rivkin but he succumbs to his injuries and dies in hospital. She is introduced in the episode " Psych Out " when a patient, a Navy warfare psychologist, of her colleague is found dead and Gibbs and his team are called in to investigate.

She begins a romantic relationship with Gibbs and frequents his house, even causing him to be uncharacteristically late for work once. While Gibbs and Ryan try to keep their relationship strictly professional when at the office, Gibbs' agents and Ryan's co-workers frequently speculate on their relationship, as seen in " The Tell ".

Her last appearance is in " Till Death Do Us Part " when she is threatened by terrorist Harper Dearing, who is seeking revenge on everything and anyone connected with the Navy for the death of his son. O'Neill was murdered and Gibbs finds out about Leyla from Franks as he was the lead agent assigned to the case.

She and her daughter, Amira, lived with Mike in Mexico until his death in Gibbs, as Amira's godfather, asks Leyla to move to Washington DC to be nearer to him as he is their closest thing to family. Leyla's mother, Shada Shakarji Diane Venora , is the tough-as-nails matriarch of one of the most prominent tribes in Iraq, due to the fact that most of her male relatives are now deceased. As with most newbies, Chip ends up being the butt of Tony's jokes and is told off by Gibbs for lack of concentration on several occasions.

Chip, having sinister motives, after being fired from his last job, attempts to frame Tony for murder in which he almost succeeds in the episode " Frame Up ". In a last-ditch effort, he also attempts to attack Abby with a knife after being discovered, but she quickly subdues and hog-ties him with duct tape before asking Gibbs if she can now work alone.

She makes her first full appearance in " Devil's Triangle " in , but appears in a brief cameo portrayed by an uncredited actress, Heather Scobie in " Angel of Death " in When she divorced Gibbs, Diane took his money, including his grandfather's watch. Similarly, after her divorce from Fornell, she got his money as well, in addition to joint custody of their daughter. Captain Cyril Taft, M. Taft is a former surgeon at the Walter Reed Memorial Hospital. Taft's son died at a young age.

Taft later begins a friendship with Gibbs, and the two are shown to mutually support each other through their respective struggles.

He also convinces Gibbs to seek counseling and eventually is able to make an introduction to his therapist, Grace Confalone. In the season 10 episode "Shabbat Shalom", Jackie is shot and dies in surgery. Jackie's estranged biological father, Lamar Addison, who was never married to her mother, walked out on Jackie and her mother and brother Michael Thomas when she was young. Jackie and Vance met while attending a University of Maryland basketball game where Len Bias was playing.

She first appears in the season 7 episode " Faith " when she visits her good friend Abby Sciuto at NCIS headquarters to ask for a favor. The character also makes a guest appearance in the spin-off NCIS: New Orleans , in the episode "Carrier", when she is consulted after the New Orleans agents find a Navy officer dead from a strain of bubonic plague.

In her first appearance, it is revealed that she was trained by the late Special Agent Chris Pacci. Despite being a special agent, she seemed to be more focused on avenging her brother's death by any means possible rather than attempting to work with the rest of the team. Her obsession with getting revenge often drew Gibbs' ire—Gibbs told her to stay focused on their case or he would send her back to the FBI. Her last appearance to date was in the episode " Hometown Hero ", although she was mentioned in the episode " Head Case ".

Due to the past investigation, their relationship was volatile until the OSP's operational psychologist Nate Getz revealed to Gibbs that Macy had been protecting him for eighteen years by covering up the evidence. Since Hernandez was responsible for the slaying of Gibbs' wife and daughter, Macy felt that his actions against Hernandez were justified, a move that would end up costing Macy her own life years later.

Los Angeles episode "Ambush", Hetty remarks to Director Vance that the last she'd heard, as the result of a political " witch-hunt ", Macy was "working out of a quonset hut in Djibouti ". It is likely that the Los Angeles branch had been fed misinformation due to the covert nature of Macy's new assignment.

It was later revealed that Macy had been brutally murdered and her body set alight with her killer being revealed as Jason Paul Dean, a mercenary and former U. Army Ranger , as part of a plot to get to Gibbs in relation to the Hernandez case.

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Listings A-Z — ncis on cbs. Retrieved January 14, Retrieved June 1, Retrieved June 7, Retrieved November 16, How to Resolve a Cliffhanger". The New York Times. Retrieved May 31, Retrieved on October 7, Retrieved June 3, Per the Vances' marriage license.

Behind-the-scenes of Vance's origin episode". Retrieved September 22, Vance paper-shredding mystery solved next week! Meanwhile, Torres and Quinn adjust to life on Gibbs' team, including new seating arrangements in the squad room. A marine sergeant is killed when she falls from a building, but her doctor, Grace Confalone, risks breaking patient confidentiality and urges Gibbs to investigate the death as a murder.

Gibbs, Quinn and Palmer travel out to sea and board a destroyer after the body of a navy lieutenant is discovered during a tiger cruise, when civilian guests are allowed to spend the night on the ship. Meanwhile, McGee contemplates the perfect proposal for Delilah Fielding. A kidnapped petty officer escapes her captor and NCIS uncovers a connection in the case to her missing husband. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Agent Bishop questions her previous work at the NSA after she is sent to Gitmo to gather evidence for a Navy chaplain murder case.

Meanwhile, Bishop's brothers visit for the Thanksgiving holiday and pester her co-workers to find out who she is dating. The NCIS team investigates a series of escalating threats against congresswoman Jenna Flemming, while Director Vance oversees temporary protection detail. The probe leads Ducky to look back and question a pivotal life choice he made 37 years ago.

Meanwhile, the team exchanges holiday gifts; and Gibbs eats Christmas dinner with Fornell. An undercover mission to apprehend a businessman who uses acts of terror to manipulate the stock market is compromised, which forces the team to search for new leads.

Meanwhile, Bishop and Qasim find a break in the case together. Gibbs spots the brother of an NCIS "Most Wanted" suspect and immediately assumes his former alias and goes undercover with their infamous anti-government militia.

Meanwhile, Bishop and Reeves continue their off-the-books investigation of Chen. During an NCIS hit-and-run investigation, Palmer joins a stranger on the ledge of a building in an attempt to save his life. The murder of a petty officer in a small town outside of Washington, D.

Part 1 of 2. When Abby's homeland security think tank is compromised, it's discovered that a theoretical terror playbook has been stolen and is being auctioned on the black market. The episode concludes on "NCIS: Bishop becomes more determined than ever to seek revenge for the murder of Qasim, her late boyfriend, after Gibbs and the team find a new lead in the Chen case. Meanwhile, Torres teaches the agents the art of pickpocketing.

McGee's apartment is torn apart by a robber searching for an item of great value that was hidden there by a convicted criminal who previously owned the unit. Meanwhile, Congresswoman Flemming tries to persuade Vance to pursue a career in politics. Gibbs honors a sailor's dying wish and re-investigates a closed case that was originally deem an accidental death and discovers it was actually murder.

Meanwhile, the probe reminds Torres of a tragic time from his past. The NCIS team is forced to rely on a cantankerous Vietnam veteran to provide details on the victim's whereabouts throughout the day he was killed. Any info on the upcoming season? I can say there is a very serious breaking point that comes up. With reporting by Vlada Gelman. Click here to subscribe. What's on the Bubble? Did the Right Queen Win Season 3? How Is Timeless Charging Phone? Flashback and Forth

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In the episode "Spinning Wheel", Ducky is revealed to have a half-brother, Nicholas, who is 20 years his junior; his father Joseph and his ex-stepmother, Lorraine, are also introduced in that episode.

ncis tony dating doctor

This is shown when he receives a text message on his phone from Eli which says only: In the episode " Dagger ", after she learns that Amanda is safe, she gives Gibbs silent permission to kill the Weatherman, the person responsible for the crimes.

ncis tony dating doctor

Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows. Cobb is killed before he can kill any of the hostages. She is described as having "sharp wit, quick mind and immense talent as a ncis tony dating doctor agent". She also reveals in this episode that she likes things neat and clean. Later on in the episode, he is seen in sating office of ncis tony dating doctor head of Mossad, Eli DavidZiva's father, as Ziva talks on the phone to Gibbs.