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Im off e harmony Im done, dont want to meet another lier,and not getting quality match. The questions included how many times a person had been married, I am here to tell you there are a lot of good people that have been married too many times, those people probaly have easy hearts and just wanted to be loved. He had a few pictures that looked completely normal. Ever since I joined eharmony 3 years ago my email is sending all the people that email me something about eharmony please delete my information from your website!!

ASHLEY MADISON: "Life is short. Have an affair."

I urge every member to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You sight is ways down. I canceled this subscription 2 days ago and it renewed — I am calling my credit card office to take this off my bill. What is going on? I will never use your search again.

This is a loathsome and dishonourable company who aim to extract as much money as they can without providing the service that they show to offer. Find somewhere else to spend your money. This is an absolute scam!

Every so often you are going to find someone nice and normal or perhaps someone you know. For the most part, I had empty pictures or pictures of people that were on Hallmark movies. They had several names and the profiles of these scammers are totally different from the actual emails they send you. I am a woman and received several invites from other women.

I also asked for males in a certain age and race bracket and got men that were 20 years younger and way too old for me and all different races - Tons of perverts and bikers. Asked for college educated conservative type men. Ran into someone I know, thank God. Every loser type you could ever imagine from profiles, pictures and lack of them. Seriously, never saw anything like it. Lasted 3 weeks and gave up the money and got off.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. People do not exist and site keeps sending "teasers" to get you to pay more "boost". So sad companies like this scam lonely people trying to find a significant other. Overpriced, awful customer service, not enough networking to be worth spending the money on. Don't waste your time. I tried contacting the customer service after being billed when I should not have been. Not happy at all!

Told me that that's all they could do for me. Can't get into site consistently via normal login. Customer service is nonexistent. Password reset does not work. Worst of all, these jerks have promised to rebill me ad infinitum. After a few days of opening up my messages and being horrified, I called their customer service line to get tips on how to avoid these harassing messages from men three times my age.

I asked to cancel my subscription and get a refund since I had only used the service for less than a week at that point. I pushed for the full three-month refund because I was so disappointed after giving it a chance for just a few days. He said that it was past the two-day return policy and that I signed the terms and conditions. I have never had a customer service representative hang up on me before — so disrespectful.

I called right back and got Jone on the line. I told her the story of what just happened and then asked for her to follow through with the two-month refund. I asked her to give me the refund that Gabriel promised and she asked to put me on hold.

I was so horrified by the customer service I was encountering so I abruptly ended our call. I just called back a different day and spoke with Benny the supervisor.

This company is a scam. Originally I went on Match via a free trial offer which was extended automatically check the small print! I let that go and stayed on. In Sept I stopped receiving messages and assumed it ran out, which was fine with me. They never notified me of any Block. I faked for a Supervisor which Daniel refused outright.

He stated it would do no good. He became aggressive and irritated and his intent was clearly to get me off the phone. I was ok with being stuck with the last 3 months of , but not for paying for 6 months of I reported it to AMEX to protest the charge.

Unethical and a ripoff. At first glance Match seems to be a good site to meet people. However, after having used the site, the first thing that bothered me was their automatic renewal, and how extremely difficult they make it to cancel your membership. While it is difficult to prove, they also have profiles on their site of people who are not real, and will send you mail indicating someone has expressed an interest in you, when in fact they had not.

I know this for a fact because I was involved with someone who then had apparently shown an interest according to the mail from this garbage site! When I asked her if she had, which seemed odd since we were communicating outside of this dump, she informed me that in fact she had not. I would not waste your money with this site no matter how sweet they make the deal!

There are much better ones, but you have to be careful with others as well. Men that are well over my age range and Match. Most of them are 35 year olds that want to talk to a dang 18 year old which is disgusting. The men are disgusting and have no idea how to talk to women. I suggest sticking to a different free dating site.

I wish I read these reviews before I subscribed to Match. My experience is pretty similar to so many other reviewers - numerous contacts first week or so, many of them obvious scammers and then NOTHING!

I sent out more than 70 emails to Match in the first month and got maybe 3 responses. And now nothing - and like an idiot I signed up for 6 months! Just hoping that my cancellation will actually cancel it at the end of 6 months but based on others experience, I'm leery. Whole thing feels like a sham. Listen to this crock I just went through.

Please be prepared people I cancelled my membership here after not meeting a single guy worth dating seriously and somehow it was never cancelled I asked to speak to a supervisor who could make a decision and was then told that their system was not designed to do that so my request couldn't be accommodated. I then asked for information regarding who I could speak that would be able to make a decision that would be acceptable to me and I was told that there wasn't anyone that would be able to help me.

At this point I really am quite amazed by the absurdity of it all and the obvious deliberate measures they have put into place to take consumers money in an extremely unethical manner.

Of course they will direct you to a clause in their terms that state such but we all know that these are rarely if ever read as they are "the fine print" and even so if you cancel your membership and it somehow, by no fault of your own, isn't canceled you are still held hostage to their policy. But really, to be very honest here, isn't any company who practices legitimate consumer ethics going to be reasonable???

Well, let me share this with you So I just joined, put in my search criteria for a 50 mile radius and choices come back. Now Match puts a little green dot by people's "name" to let you know if they're currently online, or if they've recently been online.

Not sure what "recently online" means but guess how many viable choices I get out of ? Yep, only 21 out of the profiles have been on Match in some indeterminate amount of time meaning the other women won't ever know I exist.

I posted a profile and received notice that I had received messages in response to my profile. The messages were from romance scammers. Several were from women. I immediately canceled my membership and took down my profile. All within 25 minutes of paying. This is a total scam. You would be better off on Craigslist. They are also free.

So save your money. Buy a cute outfit. Go out and flirt your ass off. Anything is better than Match. I tried marking as spam and unregistering from emails to no avail, so eventually had to sign in to my very old Match. Once logged in, I saw that my profile had somehow been reactivated without my consent. I hadn't logged into Match. I actually had to click in my settings to "deactivate" my account yet again.

I have no idea how long it will stay deactivated this time, since I never reactivated it to begin with. I know without a doubt that they somehow have adware or spyware that triggers reactivation of old accounts whenever someone uses "Match.

It is a terrifying sign of the times we are about to enter, and only makes this company all the more unethical. Prospective members must submit a picture and basic profile to the site. Current members then vote on profiles of the opposite sex to determine who is attractive enough to be granted membership. More than six million people have applied for membership but only one in eight who apply are accepted, according to Hodge. The site operates on a subscription-based revenue model.

While there has been a push against the site, Hodge said his website isn't doing anything new, claiming it's no different than approaching an attractive person at a bar. It's certainly very honest," he said. According to a Taylor G. Then, in a fit of rage, she said she Googled "dating for pretty people" and found BeautifulPeople. While the site requires members to vote on the attractiveness of all future members, the application process didn't faze her, Taylor said. She hasn't yet started a relationship with anyone she's met on the site, but she has met friends and fellow models with whom she exchanges industry advice, Taylor said.

And for any of the naysayers who deride the site's superficial nature, well, that's just the way it is. The premise that everyone on the site is attractive also evens the playing field. Taylor said she has dated people who were less attractive than she is, and while she didn't initially have a problem with it, issues started to arise when her partners' insecurities spawned jealousy.

It's been a whirlwind from the start for Jonathan E. Both Jonathan and Dora had heard of the website and were simply hoping to meet new people and seek validation that they were attractive enough to be approved as members. That interest overcame any anxiety about the site's membership policy, which requires current members to approve of any new additions to the site.

Both said they were curious about whether they would be approved for the site and wanted the ability to peruse fellow members. The pair started communicating in March when Jonathan was 28 and Dora was After the pair met in London, they immediately hopped on a plane and traveled to Spain. It was during this trip that Jonathan proposed. Dora will eventually move to America to wed Jonathan, saying she hopes to have her visa approved by August. While their friends and family now approve of the couple's impulsive relationship, at first they were concerned it was just an adventure and not a serious relationship.

About seven or eight years after Koppel retired, he was in search of a new project. The former actuary wanted to try something different from his former field, so he ventured into the online world. After a few failed business attempts, his daughter suggested the idea of a dating website for geeks. More traditional dating websites, such as Match. But if a geek found the profile of another geek on a geek-only website, then they know they at least have that in common.

After he launched the site in , Koppel tried to fund it through ad revenue, but quickly realized that wasn't a sustainable method. Now, the site makes its money through membership fees. There are three levels of membership. With the free membership, users can view other people's profiles but can't communicate with anyone on the site.

A geek-centric dating site seems to have found success. Koppel said he recently heard from a woman about to celebrate her fifth wedding anniversary with a man she met six years ago on Geek2Geek.

The key to any successful date, according to Wade's philosophy, is generosity. SeekingArrangement sets up "sugar daddies" or mommas with "sugar babies. With What' sYourPrice, one member pays another member to agree to a date. Members of the site aren't allowed to communicate until a price is set. If a man finds a woman he wants to date, he offers an amount that he will pay her in order for her to agree to the date.

If the woman agrees to the price, the communication tool is unblocked and the duo can begin planning their date. Wade came up with the idea for the site after noticing the disparity between genders on other dating sites. He would have to send hundreds of emails per day to women in order to find one to date, while his sister was inundated with emails from single men.

Both of Wade's sites rely on membership fees for revenue. The site is free for "sugar babies. With What'sYourPrice, members purchase credits.

They then use those credits to unlock the communication tool with their future dates. The agreement is fair to both sexes when you take into account the amount of money and time women use when getting ready for a date, according to Wade. They pay to have their hair and nails done, to buy a dress, and it takes them longer to look ready, so it's fair they shouldn't pay for the site or should be compensated, Wade said.

After Pasternack left his Wall Street trading job for the sunny beaches of Miami, he met quite a few women who complained about not being able to find a successful man. Pasternack said he wanted to create a site that would connect successful men with attractive women. The site, which launched in , has more than a million users. While he won't release revenue figures, Pasternack is pretty happy with the results.

Pasternack said he has receive a lot of positive feedback from users but there has been some opposition. Liberman's first Internet dating success, JDate, launched in as an online dating community for Jewish singles. But by , he had created 30 niche dating websites, including ChristianMingle. The entire network boasts 4. But it doesn't make a profit from everyone. Users are classified as either members or subscribers.

Members have filled out a profile, can search for fellow users and send prepackaged messages. Subscribers, on the other hand, pay for their membership and are able to send custom messages and can communicate in a variety of ways, including instant messaging and sending longer messages.

His business model has become very profitable, both in terms of revenue and member experience, Liberman said. According to Liberman, a ResearchNow survey credits JDate as being responsible for more Jewish marriages than all other dating sites combined. Jim and Lisa, who were 51 and 49 respectively when they met, were both divorcees and turned to ChristianMingle after finding members of other online sites somewhat lacking.

Their faith is a big component of both of their lives and the two said ChristianMingle made the most sense for them because they knew prospective matches shared the same values. Lisa initiated contact but since Jim had been in two long-distance relationships with women he found on the site, and as Lisa was still living in Colorado at the time, he had doubts. The pair eventually met up on Aug. The couple became engaged that December.

They attribute their smooth engagement to the fact that they are complementary colors, something they found out after continuing a test ChristianMingle administers to all of its applicants. The test reveals what color one's personality is, and what color it should be matched with. He took the concept of fragmentation and created White Buffalo Ventures , a network that includes sites like DemocratSingles.

All the sites in the network are subscription-based. But one subscription won't get you access to the entire network. Religious-minded widows and widowers will want to turn to Christian Mingle , a site that caters to singles within every branch of the faith.

With a free subscription, you gain access to all the tools you need to have a successful online dating experience. Offers excellent search functionality and safety features The feeling of mutual appreciation and her respect and longing for a decent guy is what captured my heart.

Safe and easy to use, with a free trial to view profiles Upload your information, add photos of yourself, look through profiles, and initiate conversation — you can leave the wallet in your pocket or purse. Some other pros about Widows or Widowers are that the site is protected by the Online Dating Protector, customer support is available around the clock, and a comprehensive help and advice page covers a wide range of topics.

After a spouse has passed away, there is absolutely no rush to jump back into dating. As a Contributing Editor for DatingAdvice. She enjoys going on new adventures and finding activities that provide unique mental and physical challenges.

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phone number for ourtime dating site

Please cancel my account. I just joined a few days ago and already regret it. Today is end of my 3 month s and do not wish to continue.

phone number for ourtime dating site

Why does it keep changing and now I am not able to call at all?? Our newsletters Sign up for our newsletters. Several other ones I have had accounts with were nothing more than illegals preying on women for their dates of birth, phone numbers and addresses among other things.

phone number for ourtime dating site

I tried 3 times to re connect. I only had a tech question, now I is interracial dating common canceling everything! Why would I want to open numbdr California and never be able to see that person?! I requested reassurance that no information would be violated. My matches are almost all 50 or more miles away from me, I checked my settings and I have it set for 30 or less. Joseph Myrtle Beach, SC. As your profile develops and some time is spent fkr inappropriate matches, the site does a decent job in presenting potential matches, and I phone number for ourtime dating site with a number of very real people over the latter 3 months.