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random battleground matchmaking

We annihilated them because they didnt put out enough damage. The rates are proportional, and they are lower now than they've ever been. The lore nerd in me squees at Balfiera. We'll be here answering questions specifically about battlegrounds from 4: Worst part that this is a promoted pvp content that should encourage people to participate but there are literally zero casual bg premade groups and one RBg when leader is asking for a higher CR than he has himself LUL pevepe is ded? Right-clicking on a flag will cause the player to pick it up, granting a corresponding buff.

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Can you please explain what measures you have taken to improve the group finder and will these things also affect the dungeon group finder in any way? And then you're locked to playing just a couple of specs and have to level up a new character if you want to try something else. It is also not possible to join a new battleground queue or queue for PvP zones while in a battleground. They might be a great player with experience in the class, but even with the best heroic raid gear the character will be undergeared for PvP. This amplifies the feedback loop and introduces the negative experience to the stronger faction. Are there any plans to ever host official tournaments through Battlegrounds? Seething Shore 10vs10; level

Battlegrounds will match players by level and champion rank along with whether you're grouped or not. Leaderboards are split up based on game type: The rank on that Leaderboard is determined by the Medals you earn in the battlegrounds tied to those Leaderboard types. With farming AP, as it shouldnt be in Cyrodiil, my concern is will the medals we earn be farmable for the ppl that do not play the objective.

My point is people will focus on medals and play for hours out of hours in a week. Is having more playtime going to be the reason a player has an advantage on leaderboards?

An ElO system should be used. Rewarding people on the leader boards for "time played" rather than skill sucks. People with jobs who want to play 1 to 2 hours of BG who are good, won't see their name pop up.

Cyrodiil already screws them over. This doesn't sound good at all. What the hell kind of fucked up system is that? So everyone is playing for themselves, not the group objective. That's what will happen.

Medals earned determines your ranking? This sounds just like the original launch of WoW PvP. This system will fail terribly if you won't be matched by some type of ELO system. Nobody wants to get crushed and nobody wants to crush moons constantly. Games will be one-sided as a skilled team will dominate the two others very often. The odds of that happening when there are three teams is pretty great. I'm so disappointed by this design. Will the 3D texture API be available in battlegrounds e.

Hey guys, thanks for doing this! I was wondering if there was a chance for teaming up against friends? Inter-guild tournaments would be a blast! On the subject of guild battlegrounds, fighting at the guild hall any of the person manors is an interesting thought. Training Room, like they have on World of Tanks, where a premade team fights a premade team. Zero rewards, just practice and strat work? Are there any plans to limit or alter what consumables are available for use in BGs? Any chance that we will see new skills lines focuses on the BGs like we currently have for Alliance War?

That would be cool. There aren't any new skill lines for BGs, and from my point of view, I don't know that we would really need them. Battlegrounds equipment rewards - will they be designed specifically to be useful in PVP environment bonuses vs players, bonuses to critical resistance - similar to Robes of Transmutation, Vicious Death etc.

I'm asking because there are players who do not enjoy PVP at all and they are concerned that if one of the Battlegrounds rewards will be performing very well in PVE like currently does Warhorn or Vigor ability that has to be obtained from PVP activities they might be forced to do content Battlegrounds they do not enjoy at all in order to stay competitive in PVE. There are several which are specifically against players, but a few are general usage.

I had a similar question in mind; however I think your argument would improved by using the Powerful Assault set instead of skill lines; it further highlights the need to grind PvP in an RNG-dependent manner to acquire the right trait to be competitive in PvE, instead of a specific amount of AP to acquire an ability.

I take your point, however I think there are two sides to it. While it can be made available through the market, it's significantly more expensive to play a tank vs. Yes hello this is Khajiit. Men'Do has a question about fighting!! He has developed this method of waking up a sleepy friend by repeatedly hitting them over the head with a soul gem.

Will this work in the Battle Ground, or must the tired kittens wait for the ding of the timer before getting up to fight again?? I'm assuming there will be a ranking system and your rank will go down? Seems like something that might come up. We're still nailing down the duration of that penalty. Would it not be better if lets say someone disconnects, that they can only jump back into the same battle they were already in if it's still in duration obviously rather than completely stopping them from queuing again.

It's like this in Smite too even in casuals. If you disconnect you get put straight back into the match on reconnect. If it's still going obviously. Rainbow Six Siege Ubisoft does this really well. I'm sure it can't be too difficult.

A bit concerning that players should be punished for disconnects which are often due to lapses in the servers one of which happened just last night with much less than peak activity and I can only imagine they will get even more unpredictable with the influx of players the Morrowind expansion will no doubt bring.

Seems like maybe a grace period of mins should be a possibility so that if you do actually crash and it's out of your control you don't have to sit through another queue. Very bad to penalize disconnects. I disconnect from the game constantly due to xbox server issues. So I guess this content is not for me.

You're game DCs people constantly on XB We're already punished enough, getting booted from the game endlessly, You really think your players will be stoked for BGs when they que up just to get booted and debuffed for 20mins? Or is this still an option you are considering? I know there will be an option for different queues for or , but will there be any amount of "smart" matching in the background?

I just am wondering if it's totally random and I may end up against the Fengrush's of PvPland, or if it will attempt to match people with other.. The matchmaking system will look at level ranges and try to put you with players in your group as well as opposing team that are close to your level. This includes CP as well. So you should be put with players who are close to you. Well hopefully that means once in awhile I'll have some real pvpers on my side too ; Glad to be here and happy to see another AuA, they are always great!

When are we going to look as fashionable as we want during battlegrounds, you know, like having a transmogrification system? You guys have some really awesome motifs, I want to use a lot of them! Transmog is a system I've been looking forward to since day one. Really being able to customize my look is very important to me. A custom costume or wardrobe slot would be awesome! I just want to be able to have Burning Spellweave in the Grim Harlequin style instead of ugly Daedric.

Thank you for doing this. Do you have any plans to roll out some additional balance changes for existing classes? If so, can you give some examples? Yep there are balance changes planned Will there be any rewards for Tanks in the battleground? Following the logic in the game I guess BG will be a good spot to put Tank gear?

Never say never, but we like 4x4x4 because it is the group size in the game and just makes sense. We did experiment a bit with 3v3v3 - those with long memories will remember that we showed a 3v3v3 battleground at E3 in June We went back to the drawing board after that and decided that 4v4v4 just felt better. We definitely like the three sided, so I don't think you'll see any two sided battlegrounds.

Why always three teams though? Is it something that is stuck in your minds because there are three factions? You have already said that the battlegrounds have nothing to do with the warring factions, so what was the reason for a three way battle? And would you be opposed to adding a two way, or even free for all game mode in the future if demand merited it? When people searched the files a while back, there was some datamined info regarding Topal Island, the Isle of Balfiera, and Rayles Catacombs being battlegrounds.

We know Topal Island is now a housing location, but are there still plans to have the other two be battlegrounds? Not at this time no, but in a way we are using those zones. We bulldozed and re-used a few of the Catacombs zones for Ularra and Ald Carac! That's nice to hear, I was hoping Balfiera would be a story-content zone instead. Of course, I don't expect you guys to reveal your plans for the area just yet ;.

Are you guys planning on making other traits for weapons usable? As we all know, it's sharpened or nothing at the moment which is a little disappointing as there are so many other cool traits out there. This would likely solve a whole host of problems, most notably people moaning about VMA drops, and create the opportunity for so many more builds to work at end-game.

Have you considered a battle spirit enabled target dummy as a Battlegrounds PvP furnishing reward? Thanks for your answers. Too bad about the APIs.

Hope you will bring them to other areas of the game soon. Will you try to adjust the different sets and make more of them usable? With the current number of sets available there is so much potential for more build diversity, but relatively few are being used successfully. Would be a shame to see battlegrounds dominated by a few meta builds.

We do have adjustments coming to some sets, though it's not something we're discussing quite yet. Medals will contribute directly to your Leaderboard status, but won't be effected by placing first, second or third.

When can we expect changes to PVP to improve performance? I assume that battlegrounds will reduce the playerbase of cyrodiil drastically the first months. Will there be any changes to open world pvp in cyrodiil e. AP happy hours to ensure that campaigns will still be played?

It won't change cyrodiil. People said the same thing when duelling came out. Cyrodiil players will try it for a week, get bored and go back to zerg warfare. Are their plans to increase the group size with larger maps which suit larger group match types such as Domination, keep siege maybe keeps to claim?

Curious to the parameters of games you plan on implementing. What is the plan for Battlegrounds, are you planning to release a map every new update? Are you also planning on doing battleground based events? Why will Battlegrounds award Alliance Points while not respecting the conflict and loyalties of the Alliances? We already have a system that tracks PvP progression and really don't want to add yet another system on the side that does the same thing and gives everyone yet another pool of points to track.

Or something like that. I like the strategic depth offered by this as well as the simplification of PvP currency, I just really dislike bananas. Thanks for the answer. Do you get extra AP for the medals that you get during the battleground, such as most damage done, or healing down etc? Medals are the things which contribute to Leaderboards and not AP for Battlegrounds.

You earn Medals in each Battleground and they are tied to one of three Leaderboards. Leaderboards are 7 day duration. Will the battlegrounds have any sort of skill rating for each player? Will players be grouped with others that are of a similar level or will cp's be going up against cp's. Players will be matched against other players of similar level and CP rank, but if there's no one else in the queue to match that criteria, the queue will expand it's search and you may be matched up against players of varying ranks and levels.

If CP are disabled in BGs, why are they taken into account for matchmaking? Are they only taken into account up to CP ? I'd assume because a cp player is likely much more experienced and with better gear than say a fresh cp Thank you for the reply!

The PvP is pretty lively during prime time at least. Sadly I'm on xbox. I would love a highly populated non cp campaign but I spent about an hour roaming the map yesterday and didn't find a single player. Maybe I'm just logging on at the wrong time or some such. One can only hope. Is any sort of matchmaking system planned for battlegrounds perhaps based on recent AP earned on battlegrounds?

We have several dials for matchmaking the queue that checks both level and Champion points to match players against relatively the same levels but will expand the search if needed.

Groups will be matched against other groups and if needed there will be solo players pulled in to fill out the gaps if necessary. You're matching on CPs Are we getting new sets that will be tied to the battlegrounds? If so could we get a sneak peek at a few? There are new sets coming you can earn from Battlegrounds as well as purchase with your AP. Sneak peeks are reserved for Wrobel and gang to spoil ;.

Guess we will have to wait for the sneak peek, can't blame us for trying tho. Will battle grounds have any separate balancing. For example, will certain skills, gear sets, or other items function differently in Battlegrounds than they do in the rest of the game? Each bracket has a different combination of stat weighting, gear availability, and possible expansion overlap which gives one end or another unique strengths.

High skew brackets are characterized by:. High skew brackets tend to avoid expansion breaks and are characteristic of most of the middle levels. The bracket is a little bit of an odd duck amongst the high-skew brackets because of the preponderance of Starter Edition players.

The population skews low, but the bracket itself favors high. Low skew brackets are usually situated near expansion breaks due to the stat scaling and gear combinations afforded by endgame development. The bracket used to skew low, but the introduction of Mists gear is starting to make it skew high despite the dramatic combat rating dropoff at There are still classes which excel at 80, depending on gear availability, but there are sweet spots for gear at 81, 82 and even 84 which twinks pursue.

All clear on bracket skew? Okay, good, because the second issue the new scaling model introduces is that it skews all brackets high, eliminating any benefits of being low level. Compare a low skew bracket like against a high skew bracket like At level 70 you have access to Sunwell gear and Brutal PvP gear. With the new system, everyone PvPs at level 74 in level 70 gear, which means you can level and gain some abilities and maybe those one or two pieces of gear without any drawbacks.

In a high-skew bracket like the situation is much worse. Level 79 characters have access to Cataclysm greens about ilvl The gear disparity is magnified in this bracket: Because high skew brackets have better gear at higher levels, lower level characters are further behind relatively under the new system.

Low skew brackets are affected as well, but not to the extent that a high skew bracket is. In this case, I think scaling has made brackets a little more unfriendly to the bottom. How unfriendly it has become depends very much on how skewed the bracket was before the change. Ability distribution, player experience, and wild variance in gear levels still seem to me to be a bigger issue than levels and hit.

Heirloom gear is where the scaling change directly meets my own concerns about gear disparity, since I think enchanted heirlooms are practically essential PvP gear for leveling at this point. Heirlooms have created a new strata of player in the battleground ecosystem, leveling twinks.

Sometimes called heirloom twinks , these players rightly gear as best they can for PvP with stamina-heavy heirlooms that give them solidly good gear in nearly every slot as they go. XP-off twinks are shunted off into their own battlegrounds and generally play against similarly well-geared opponents.

Leveling twinks might lock XP and run some dungeons to fill in non-heirloom slots, but generally they have blue-quality gear and good enchants. The third issue is that heirlooms have increased value and power under the new scaling system. Heirloom items have the stats they are supposed to have at the top of a bracket even if the character is at the bottom. New players are already at a disadvantage if they try out PvP on their first character.

People like me bring heirlooms and enchants and gems and consumables which are really really difficult to acquire until you have high-level assistance and knowledge of the game. One thing I noticed while testing the new system amused me more than it should. I opened a ticket because I saw a level 69 Druid running around my level Eye of the Storm this week. This is how that happened. Addon nameplates are reporting the incorrect level. The stock UI should display correctly.

Combat seems slower now. Burst is lessened in many higher brackets because secondary stats like Haste, Mastery, and Crit have been slaughtered at the same time health pools have been increased. This effect is very pronounced at the higher levels where health pools have shot up k or more. This is from my post-hotfix 5. These scaling changes make battlegrounds more healer-friendly. Secondary stats from decay at much slower rate than those from From an IT perspective, it looks like it was a reasonably simple development change with a lot of downstream impacts.

That said, the increased health pools and reduced burst have made my pocket healer very happy. And keeping my healer happy is important too.

Goosecomics wowcynwise We love Cynwise. There is a bug that makes hit less than it should be. That's not his whole concern but will help. Goosecomics wowcynwise BG scaling is using original level instead of scaled down level for ratings.

Effects of Battleground Scaling after 5. Players in low-level Battlegrounds will have their effective level raised to the maximum level allowed in that Battleground bracket. Player experience, gear decay, and class imbalance were far more pressing matters. This presented the changes in the best light — it allowed characters to gear as best they could for the battlegrounds while minimizing the effects of disparate levels.

The change was to normalize hit and health. This causes all kinds of problems, most notably placing lower level characters in a bracket at a serious disadvantage from those at the top level. Instead of solving the problem, it makes it far worse. As you level in Warcraft your gear gets less effective. You need more and more stats on your gear as you level to remain at the same ability level. This combat rating decay is a fundamental part of encouraging players to level without causing actual ability imbalance.

As you level up your character gets weaker and needs more and more numbers on their gear to keep up. Gear is restricted by level to prevent characters from progressing too far and gaining too much power. This means that the gear available to players at the top of these brackets is substantially better than the gear available to the bottom.

These two factors combine to create an interesting see-saw between powerful gear and stat scaling. When you go up to the next bracket , though, things flip.

It gets muddied as the levels between expansions contract at level 80, where a level 80 in Wrathful gear used to be quite good against most classes at level 84 with a few exceptions. Stats decline faster over 5 levels than they do over 10, and every level hurts. The bracket was dominated by mixing and matching Cata PvP gear and Mists blue gear, with most classes staying at 85 but a few advancing on to gain exceptionally good abilities. In each one of these brackets the power skews low or high.

If overpowered gear is available at the top of the bracket, then level becomes a major issue. Scaling changes on PvP gear. Normal is to the left, scaled is on the right. The change in 5. These problems will be better or worse depending on the way the bracket skews. First, lower level characters are locked out of the gear they need to compete on an even field.

Raising effective levels does little to nothing to address the gear disparity between expacs. A level 75 character will still be clad in Wrath blues and greens and possibly BC purples , facing off against level 79s in Cata greens. In the high skew brackets , , and now this is a serious problem. Second, lower level characters suffer increasingly dramatic penalties to their secondary stats in brackets where gear is mostly equalized.

In the low-skew brackets , , , , , combat scaling favors the lower level characters and allows them to compete with the increased health, damage and abilities of the top of the bracket. Gear is relatively balanced across these brackets, so you avoid the first problem.

Equalizing only the level and not the gear means that the low level toons are now walking in with gear 5 levels below their opponents.

Hit scales down with level. I went ahead and pulled some data off of my Warlock last night and compiled it into a spreadsheet. She goes from being agile and hard hitting to clunky and slow, just like everyone else in the battleground.

Keep in mind that her gear is exceptionally good item level and she has an overabundance of Hit. There are two wrinkles to add to all of this — heirlooms and bugs. Heirlooms scale according to your effective level. This means that a level 20 toon with heirlooms now has the stats of a level 24 with heirlooms, which is the only place where scaling seems to be working right! The drawback is that this now means that heirlooms are more essential to leveling battlegrounds than ever before.

Players in non-heirloom gear will be at a significant disadvantage to those who have them, and the more heirlooms the better. The biggest gap in leveling battlegrounds is caused by experienced players with enchanted heirlooms.

They are the new twinks of PvP. This change, as implemented, strengthens their superiority and makes it even harder for new players to compete. Without normal gear scaling the problems of low level PvP will now get worse, not better. The second problem is that the scaling is really buggy right now.

Players are reporting on the forums that no secondary stats from heirlooms are getting applied at all. I was in my PvE set last night and missing every few casts which absolutely should not happen. Players have reported that you are better off taking off all your gear and fighting naked rather than using the scaled gear.

Ghostcrawler confirmed this is bugged and a hotfix is coming soon. Tagged as battlegrounds , brackets , bugs , do not want , low level pvp , patch 5. Cynwise's Warcraft Manual is a weblog about many facets of the World of Warcraft: PvP battlegrounds, digital avatars, warlock theory, and having fun with alternate play styles are common topics. World of Warcraft, etc. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

In an ideal world, it looks like this: The above picture represents the overall pool of players for random matches. At this point we have the ideal state of random matchmaking. Once this happens, a feedback loop starts with the matchmaking algorithm.

But what about when you have events which disrupt that flow? So what happens when one side has an advantage in gear acquisition? The key is the rewards for winning a random battleground. I mention the fate of that bracket only as a cautionary tale. For characters who are not at the maximum level of a bracket, this has the following direct effects: Health pools are increased and normalized.

Primary attributes are increased slightly. Heirloom items scale to the new effective level. Normal gear does not scale. Take a look at the same chart, only this time comparing low levels hitting low levels: High skew brackets are characterized by: Better gear is available at the top end of the bracket than the bottom.

Rating decay is relatively flat across the bracket. Low skew brackets are different.

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random battleground matchmaking

Very bad to penalize disconnects. Fairly self-descriptive, the Random Battleground option queues the player for a randomly selected battleground, appropriate to the player's level.

random battleground matchmaking

My experience being on Alliance side.

random battleground matchmaking

Players can earn [ Honor Points ] during battlegrounds through honorable kills - gained by defeating enemy players random battleground matchmaking and as bonus Honor, for completing various objectives. Your allies will benefit too, and hopefully return the favour. We're pretty happy with 4v4v4 right now and don't plan on changing that random battleground matchmaking time soon. There is no way that a team that is semi-decent at the game can lose when they have a 2 healer advantage in a BG like WSG. I usually see healers in the middle of matchmaknig, dps battlrground anything but the enemy healers. This effect is very pronounced at the higher levels where health pools have shot up k or more. I go as healer try random battleground matchmaking carry team but never enough.