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We have years of experience in helping singles learn where to meet each other in a fun, friendly and safe way. It's gone well at two branches so far and I'm scheduled to do it at a few more during the summer. The dates were a lot of fun, most people were very friendly, which made it a great experience.

Upper Hunter Valley Dating

A great experience that everyone should have. I've been to many of your events and they're always well run. Places to Meet Single Men. Get yourself to the top of search results with an upgraded membership. Whether you are newly single, widowed or divorced, we will help you find an event where you can easily meet new people. This is really a great way to meet some new people! See Payment Methods for more details.

If you would like to do this, email info DateSwitch. To receive the Free Pass to another event, you must be there for the entire event and log in within 48 hours of the event start time and select no to everyone.

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I thought it was a great place: The dates were a lot of fun, most people were very friendly, which made it a great experience. The hosts did a good job also of keeping the mood light-hearted, enthusiastic and fun.

Thanks for such a great time! It was fun, the hosts were friendly and the dates were a nice mix of people. I can't wait to sign up for the next one! I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun the event was. It was a friendly, safe environment and the venue was perfect.

I hate to gush, but it was unbelievably great. Beautiful women of substance! I met a series of interesting and attractive people in a casual and convenient setting. It's a perfect way to meet new people. I've been to many of your events and they're always well run. Tonight's hostess was also great.

I always enjoy the events and have recommended them to friends over the last year or so. It was my first exposure to such a lively event. We have also tried using a blog for student reviews so that they are available to all. This activity has been used in our student book club and also in 6th and 7th grade reading classes.

The objective is to expose students to a variety of books so that they might find a book they would like to "get to know better. We usually do a mix of fiction and nonfiction, but teachers sometimes do it with just one genre or just nonfiction books. Students select their first book for their first "date. When the timer goes off everyone fills out their Speed Dating form and passes their books to someone else.

Vary this each time—pass them 3 to the left or 4 to the right, etc. At the end of the session students can share with the class if they have "fallen in love" with any of the books. A " blind date " is a date between two people who have not previously met. Usually you will get set up by a friend who knows the person. For this activity I had students pick up their fav orite book they read that year to "set up" a friend with.

For minutes they try to convince their friend to "check out" their suggestion. Then they switch and their friend tries to set them up with their favorite.

Darcy Excited to dress up for any occasion Getting a little bit desperate Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell Has meddlesome neighbors, but loves them anyway Trying to make it on my own Looking toward the future, even if everyone around me is dragging their feet Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson A widower looking for a second chance, perhaps friendship, perhaps more Known for a stiff upper lip Looking for a break from the ordinary Ready for Adventure Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Geek is not an insult, but a compliment Encyclopedic knowledge of 80s video games Definitely a homebody, but willing to venture out for a challenging quest Learning the difference between the online world and the real world can kill you Alif the Unseen by G.

Van Dine Known for my immense intellect I already know who did it, but the fun is whether anyone else can figure it out Adores fencing, golfing, fine art, and unmasking a suspect on my own terms The Skull Mantra by Eliot Pattison A Tibetan prison filled with Buddhist monks is the last place I expected to be Clinging to one last chance to prove myself Knows that the truth, and faith, can sometimes hurt you even as it saves you Have Pith Helmet, Will Travel The Allan Quartermain series by H. Rider Haggard Big game hunting is the only occupation for a man such as myself Am a night owl by nature Hates the cold and damp, loves open spaces and hot weather The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis History fascinates me.

Sense of humor a must! At Home by Bill Bryson Loves to stay cozy by a warm fire and consider the history in these walls Leaps from topic to topic but always comes back to my main theme Can tell you how spices led to more bloodshed than can be believed The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot My life may be fated to be brief, but my influence will extend far beyond my death Looking to reclaim my forgotten name and lost legacy Have learned to be wary of doctors and scientists.

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speed dating upper valley

We usually do a mix of fiction and nonfiction, but teachers sometimes do it with just one genre or just nonfiction books.

speed dating upper valley

Reg Nurse retired recently moved to Hunter area and I would like to socialise in the area for friendship to see where this may lead I have some trailers to show too but so far it hasn't really fit. Volunteer State Book Award Progarmming.

speed dating upper valley

Super-sized the Speeddating event. Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann. Someone to share, learn vallley grow with. Sense of humor a must! It's hard to find a new, local place to meet someone. Home What is Speed Dating?