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With the competitive job market of today, the more skills a professional has, the better. Jewish total population in Canada was 1. See also Lanark Street. Always say what you mean and mean what you say! Named for Winnipeg mayor Edward Parnell.

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Added a new feature to the site where you can lookup and see the status of Murals in progress. Jews generally did not exhibit any loyalty and sympathy toward the working class through successive generations. Added new photo as photo 2 of the restoration by Sarah Collard of the wall at Regal 1 Denis Savoie, ; November 4, Join us on Thursday, August 25, from pm to discover the path to your new career! Recent reports on the Canadian labour market highlight that gains are fairly consistent, though slower than earlier months such as March and April.

If you've never taken the time to learn about all its features, I strongly encourage you to do so. With a little learning and practice, you'll be astounded at how much you can do, and why our mapping interface kicks ass! Removed the single piece so far that is no longer on the street from that section.

Added new wall at The St. We believe this addition completes the set of six benches. This one had gotten into a motor vehicle accident and was off the street for a while. Twenty four wolf statues were created in Thompson in along the Spirit Way pathway, a major tourist attraction under development. Please try to get down to the Forks to see the wolves- they will be migrating North to Thompson on September 24th.

For more information on the Spirit Way project, visit http: Added the last 2 new walls from Mural Fest 2K7: Added new walls from Mural Fest 2K7: Added a new feature to the site where you can lookup and see the status of Murals in progress. Under the Year lookup table, scroll down to the end of the table and select 'in progress' , then hit the 'go' button. My primary purpose for doing this was to provide fairly up-to-the-minute coverage of the current state of the 5 Mural Fest 2K7 Murals, but have also decided to feature other Murals in progress as well; since one question I'm often asked is 'where are the new Murals in progress'.

This feature answers that question Also moved the following walls to the RIP section: Added the following new finished walls: Added walls at 29 Marlene and at 31 Marlene 2 , both by Tom King. Added our original Press Release for the Mural of the Year as the site writeup for that wall. Moved Broadway to the RIP section. Anne's Louis Bako, Daniel Hrishewich. Our thanks go out to the 37 judges who once again did a great job and chose such a worthy recipient of this award. In the Mapping Interface Section, updated the Bears Beyond Broadway location thumbnails to reflect their current locations; because I had to create each thumbnail manually I'd put this task off for almost a full year!

Added commentary by Mandy van Leeuwen and Michele St. Hilaire for the Harry Lehotsky wall. Added a link from Michel St. Hilaire's Artist Profile page to his new website. Added 1 photo to reflect Jill Seller's extension of her scene at Osborne Underpass 1. Swapped out portfolio photos for Mandy van Leeuwen's Artist Profile with newer ones. Replaced portfolio selections for Dennis Bell's Artist Profile with newer works.

Added commentary by Reid Edgeworth for his walls at Patricia , and for his second and third Murals at Neptune's Fisheries. Added link in Regan Philpot's profile to Regan's website. Added artist profile for Annie Bergen. Added new Mural at Portage Charlie Johnston. Added new slideshow on entrance page- a selection of Winnipeg's Murals. Added commentary by Anders Swanson and 1 additional image photo 3 pertaining to his Three Sisters Mural. Added 2 additional photos pertaining to and commentary by Jason Doll for his Mural at Albert St.

Burgers at 58 Albert. Avila , Patricia Reid Edgeworth. Added additional photos to reflect the extension of 3 of the Osborne Underpass Scenes in from the original renderings. Added new walls: Added a 3rd photo at unveiling of 'Together' Mural, plus added commentary by Allison Chubb. We've been waiting for each to be back out on the street. Lita provides commentary on all three walls.

Added new walls at Claremont Jill Sellers , 3 photos ; and a third project for Reid Edgeworth at Neptune Fisheries they obviously like him! Hey, we like him too! Added 4 photos of new wall at Harvest Bakery at St.

We are very pleased to have this opportunity to feature this Mural by Hubert- he is an accomplished artist and Muralist with many Murals throughout rural Manitoba. This is his first outdoor Mural in Winnipeg, and we hope there will be many more! Added 6 photos of new wall at Dr.

Updated headshots for Mandy van Leeuwen , Michel St. Hilaire and Mike Valcourt in the Artist Profiles section. In the Murals section, changed all the 'Location Map' links to point to our own mapping interface rather than to Yahoo or Mapquest. Hilaire to reflect the completion of the final phase of the Norwood Legion Murals in Added Baltimore Josie Tremblay to the Murals section.

Added garage at 76 Lloyd to the Other Outdoor Art section. My thanks to the 34 independent judges who did a great job to select such a worthy winner. Added new walls 4 photos at Main Tiffany Seymour. Updated Profile on Mike Valcourt. As most Winnipeggers have heard, The Bears on Broadway are back! We've been out and about reshooting the Bears in their new locations as well as plotting their locations on our own Mapping Interface.

For those keeping score, 56 of the original 61 Bears are back. The other 5 are in their permanent homes beyond our city's borders: To date, all Bears but 3 have been shot in their new locations for those 3 we have used photos at their original locations. This includes a couple that aren't at all easily accessible to the public- we still want you to be able to see them. Those three we are waiting for them to arrive at their locations but have been plotted on our maps. Louise and I have loved the Bears Project, and have tried to support it as much as possible.

A few words about the Bears Mapping Interface. This mapping tool for the Bears is not intended to replace or even be as good an overview as CancerCare's own Bears map and list which we recommend for the BEST overview of the Bears download the May Since there are 2 areas in the city which contain a high density of Bears, we have made our default zoom range 1: However, it's rather close in if you're viewing an isolated bear, so you'll have to zoom out use the Zoom Out tool to get perspective of where you are.

Also, we've used the original Bears numbers from , and not the renumbered Bears in their May map since the former are the numbers our database uses. Anyway, we sincerely hope you all enjoy the Bears both here and in person for many years to come. Added commentary by Mandy van Leeuwen and Michel St.

Hilaire on their walls at Houde , at Marion and at Portage. Changed slideshow at the bottom of the entrance page to feature Winnipeg's Murals. Also in the 'where are they now' department, we've been trying to keep track of 'bear migrations' with the Bears on Broadway. Most of them are hibernating over the winter, of course; but of the 13 that are NOT, check them out right here in their new homes. More updates on the Bears as we get them.

Tiffany will receive her award tonight at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Added an overlooked wall at Dakota Family Foods , St. Mary's Dakota Collegiate Students. Mary's 2 , both by Frank Meygesi and Frank Veltri. Website traffic from June has absolutely buried the site's previous records for traffic. In June, there were visits by unique visitors who used That's an average of over visits per day. There was also a new one day record- visits on June 22, the day of our Mural of the Year Luncheon, with supporting press that day from both dailies, A Channel, and the community weeklies all on the same day.

The artists and the client were delighted with the media response to the luncheon and the award. Updated Mural artists information on Murals at Burnell. Mural of the Year for announced; just in time for our celebratory luncheon Wednesday June There were 30 independent mural judges this year and they all did a terrfic job. We'd like to thank and acknowledge them. Today is the 2nd anniversary of the website. It is by no coincidence that today we also launch the long awaited Murals Mapping Interface to the site.

This has been a nine month project for myself and my dear friend, the incomparable Bob Bruce. Bob has already been the single person responsible for making the site work so well from the beginning.

Last year about this time he approached me with his vision of a mapping interface for the site. I was lukewarm about the idea at first, but as we began looking at it closer we both got a lot more excited about it. At the beginning of October, we got the good news from the City that they were willing to supply us the use of their street centerline data. Getting this seed data was essential; and they also supplied us with certain river, pond, neighbourhood boundaries, and some of the parks.

Yes, I worked hard on it too, especially in adding a lot of embellishment to the maps; e. For the mapping interface itself, to get the type of dynamics we wanted to have going in these maps with the mural symbols acting as hotspots and relaying mural info from a completely different database than the mapping data required writing and adding custom code at a high level of the open source code- changes which will now be included in future releases of the product.

This whole thing really was his vision; and I'm so very pleased with the result. One of its undocumented and unadvertised features is that it includes all 61 of the Bears on Broadway locations. We only decided to add this a few days ago. Please note that the Bears do not become visible until you reach a scale of 1: Before using the mapping interface, I urge you to first read the help page accessible via the?

It will help you get the most out of this comprehensive and state-of-the-art interface. The help page also include sections for acknowledgements and a more complete backstory on our nine month journey to make this a reality.

I would only add to this that every time we got a new button or feature to work right without breaking, our excitement increased exponentially. This last week it has been extremely exciting and difficult to wait for the launch date, so having the Bears Project to work on was good to keep our minds off it and hopefully make it even that much better! Your feedback is welcomed. Let us know what you think! Finished makeover of the banner at the top of each page, replacing the tabs denoting each section of the website with new buttons; including a Home button which we didn't have before.

We have now switched web hosting companies to one right here in Winnipeg who we like very much: John Lange at Open IT. All of the above changes have been necessary in preparation for the launch of a major enhancement to the site, which you will be able to see here on Friday June 10th.

You're going to love it, and we can hardly wait! Added over on-site photos of the 61 Bears on Broadway locations unveiled to the public today in the Other Outdoor Art section. Bears on Broadway is an incredible fundraising project for CancerCare Manitoba in which the business community, artistic community and the wider community at large have worked and imagined together in such an innovative manner.

The bears will be on exhibit from now straight through October, and all but 2 are within a short minute walk of one another along Broadway between Main and Osborne. There is also one at the Winnipeg Art Gallery also within walking distance , the Polo Park shopping centre, and the Airport. Each bear weighs 4 tons and stands 7 feet tall.

For lots more information on the Bears, go to http: Added 5 more in the series of park benches in Spence Cliff E. Dubois for a total of 6, to the Other Outdoor art section: Added comments by James Culleton for his wall at St. Lanthier for his beautiful Murals at Provencher and at Autumnwood. Added a long overdue Arist Profile for Jill Sellers. I don't consider this yet to be a complete profile and hope to add to it in the next month or so. Recently I've been corresponding with Lionel Gripon who operates a Mural site for France with a special emphasis on trompe l'oeil work.

I was astonished to hear from him that he was a fan of this site. I urge you to please take a little time to visit his tremendous site, http: He has over photos, some video, and you can sent virtual email postcards with any Mural of your choosing.

Added portfolio photos for the profile on artist Charlie Johnston. Changed slideshow on the entrance page to show off some of Winnipeg's crop of Murals. It might be necessary to clear your browser cache in order to see the newer version of the slideshow. Added Commentary by the artists for their wall at Fort. Moved Portage unknown artist, to the RIP section. It's a major undertaking for us we've probably already put close to hours into it and we're pretty thrilled about it.

Let's just say that if you like the website NOW, just wait 'till you see what's coming However, by saying this, we do NOT want to deter any of you spotters out there reporting a new Mural site! Added commentary or backstory to all locations by Beverlee Bedford. The production coordinator of CKY's Manitoba Moments has been in touch with me and has asked me to advise website visitors here that they will not be producing a second special episode this year about Murals in Winnipeg.

Added new walls at: Added new wall 3 photos at St. Added older wall at Bella Vista Restaurant 53 Maryland. Added new Spidey sighting in St. Vital at 98 Riel to the Other Outdoor Art section. Moved Pembina to the RIP section. Mural of the Year During the entire month of May, a very distinguished Panel of 34 Independent Judges has been busily at work reviewing all of the amazing crop 62 in all of new Murals and Outdoor Art produced in and then submitting their selections for the Mural of the Year!

A good time was had by all, we think or so their feedback suggests! They were all earnest, impartial, and we would like to publicly thank them for their efforts.

They came from all walks of life, but shared a love of Winnipeg's Murals and also were people who all care about our great city. The MOTY panel were: I will be away from Winnipeg until Saturday June 12th and will announce the Panel's ultimate selection for Mural of the Year as the date for the Award Luncheon draws closer. Added Balmoral to the Other Outdoor Art section. It gives me great pleasure to have now added the commentary, backstory and supporting photos for Winnipeg's oldest existing Mural: The research into this historic Winnipeg landmark has been a top priority for me since launching this site; and has been a real joy for me for the past month or so since I've been able to devote more time to it.

In fact, two of the interviews I conducted for this piece were done over a year ago. Added a mini-slideshow using javascript of 25 of the walls at the bottom of the entrance page. I'll keep this there and update the slides with newer walls so long as the javascript function doesn't interfere with anyone being able to access the site because of it.

Added comments by Richard Manoakeesick for his walls at Selkirk and Selkirk. Added comments by Eddie Ayoub for his wall at Henderson Highway.

Added Artist Profile for Reid Edgeworth. It will air on Channel 5, Sunday March 28th at 6: This special focuses on some of Winnipeg's finest Muralists: Updated Artist Profile for Chris Velasco. Mary's to the RIP section. Fixed a few Mapquest location map links that were broken due to changes on their site. We'd like to thank Bert Schaffer, who travels the streets in his line of business here in Winnipeg, for his interest in the site and for acting as an extra set of eyes out there!

In December, there were visits by unique visitors to the site using 4. In the Murals section alone, we are up to photos. Added Artist Profile for Mike Valcourt. We are very excited that Take Pride Winnipeg's Mural program has won the innovation award for beautification and community improvement at the 50th annual Keep America Beautiful conference in Washington, D. C; a much deserved honour. Air dates will be posted when we get them. This one will focus on Winnipeg's Muralists.

A second new special to be aired later in the spring will examine the impact and benefits of Winnipeg's Murals. Added brief comments by Jeanette Jerome on her wall designs at Portage , Stafford and Stafford. Added Profile for Graffiti Gallery. Added the following locations: Murals site moved to bigger server and entrance page counter reset to zero no way around this. The counter actually gives only a very rough and actually a quite conservative estimate of the traffic as most search engine search results are linking inside the site directly to the main section where all the information is, bypassing the entrance page.

Here are some web stats for the site. For the month of October, this site had visits from unique visitors, who used 2. The site had clickthrough visits resulting from a Google search, 89 from Yahoo, and 37 from MSN search engines. There were also a whopping 58 visitors coming from Travel Manitoba's website. Thanks to them and to The City of Winnipeg's site for linking to this one. Added counter to entrance page.

Fixed obscure glitch which took us 4 months to find; having to do with the synchonization of horizontal thumbs to current selected location in the address lookup, and only was a problem in rare, contrived and unusual unlikely to be encountered by any web visitor , but understood circumstances. Added additional programming code and Java Scripting, eliminating the need for the "go" buttons in all sections of the site.

Other than the search "go" button in the main section which is always required since searches may be along one or multiple criteria the go button will now only load if the code detects that the website visitor's browser has Java Script support turned off or has Active Scripting disabled in such a case, the go button is needed and thus will appear. Added location with 5 photos and artist's comments at Des Meurons Michel St. Hilaire , and added Michel's comments for Sherbrook.

Photos 7 through 11 show the Mural at various stages of completion. Added Artist Profile for Jimmy Harper. In Murals section, added location at Selkirk Richard Manoakeesick. Added location at Selkirk Richard Manoakeesick. Added Artist Profile for Chris Velasco. Added location at Henderson Eddie Ayoub. Made the Rest in Peace section archivable so that the visitor can now select which year they wish to view results for.

Added Artist Profile for Dennis Bell. Added location at Larsen by Dave Bezilla. Added location at Isabel and comments by Dennis Bell. Fixed minor issue Murals section with the function of the "search" reset button. Previously, not all search fields were being reset to null after hitting "reset" and a second click of the button was necessary to accomplish this.

Fixed another minor issue Murals section having to do with multiple views of a single location. Fixed issue woo hoooo! Also corrected an anomaly in the 'displaying results' string for the horizonal thumbs on this page. We've designed this page to be able to handle the possible scenario of up to a four-way tie for Mural of the Year in any future year.

Added locations at B St. Added location at 58 Albert. Added Chris Velasco's comments on his three walls. Added location at Broadway by Helena Jaworski. Added location at Collegiate by Ken Cade. Added comments by Dennis Bell on his wall at Main. Named for Elizabeth Grierson who owned the land on which the street was subsequently developed. Rudnyckyj suggested the street was named for author Frederick Philip Grove. This seems unlikely because the street was named before Grove came to prominence.

Named for a town in Ontario 59 miles west of Toronto, founded in by John Gault and named by him in honor of the British royal family. Named for Joseph Edouard Guilbault , general contractor and alderman in St. Boniface from to Named for Michael John Haney , the civil engineer who was in charge of laying the Canadian Pacific Railway line through the Fraser River canyon, from to Named for Edwin Arnold Hansford, the 15 th mayor of St.

Boniface, from to , alderman from to Named for Peter Harkness , first alderman of the City of Winnipeg. Named for Harvard University. Named for headmasters of the nearby Knowles Centre.

Named for the sailing ship Hector which brought the first Scottish immigrants to Nova Scotia in Named for automotive pioneer Samuel Robert Henderson. Named for Mathurin Hervo , who immigrated to Winnipeg from France in , served as alderman in Fort Garry in the s. Named for railwayman James Jerome Hill. Named for Irish immigrant James Patrick Hoban who worked for the municipality of Brooklands.

Named for Herbert Samuel Holt , financier, superintendent of the Canadian Pacific Railway from to , contractor to , and banker to Named for lawyer E. Honeyman , Winnipeg alderman from to ; formerly part of Broadway. Rudnyckyj says the street is named for John Inkster , whereas historian Harry Shave believes it is named for sheriff Colin Inkster. Named for lawyer and educator Alexander Kennedy Isbister. Commemorates the 50 th anniversary Diamond Jubilee of the reign of Queen Victoria, in Named for Monseigneur Jubinville , parish priest in St.

See also Quiring Bay and Elaine Place. Named for engineer William Kingsford , who was employed as a civic engineer on the Hudson River railway. Named for the birthplace of entrepreneur William Mackenzie , whose son Roderick J. Mackenzie developed the area of Kirkfield Park in which this street is located.

Named for Stephan A. See also Wilfred Knowles Bay. Probably named for carpenter Thorwald Knudsen who built houses on the street. See also Gaboury Place. Named for Lanark, the county town of Lanarkshire, Scotland. See also Renfrew Street. Named for Laval Drive. Named for community activist Louis Lavallee and other members of the Lavallee family.

Named for Leila Neil, neighbor to developer Robert N. Possibly named for lawyer and politician Lendrum McMeans. Named for Robert Logan. See also Alexander Avenue. Named for Louis Riel , whose actions led to the formation of Manitoba, in Named for Robert N. Lowery, an early s developer in East Kildonan.

Formerly Berlin Street, the name was changed in the early days of World War I due to anti-German sentiment of its residents. There are two versions for this street name. Rudnyckyj claims it is named for Canadian prime minister John A. Macdonald whereas historian Harry Shave says it commemorates cleric Robert Macdonald. Named for early newspaperman E. Named for the maple trees growing along its course, planted there by the Logan and Fonseca families.

Named for Roger Marion , reeve of St. Boniface in , and to Named for pioneer newspaperman Wesley McCurdy. Named for McGill University. Named for provincial highway commissioner Archibald McGillivray. There are two alternate explanations of the name. Another possibility is that it recognizes early politician Angus McKay.

Named for lawyer and politician Lendrum McMeans. See also Lenore Street and Lendrum Street. Named for Canadian Lieutenant General A. See also Montgomery Avenue and Wavell Avenue. Named for physician Patrick Herman McNulty , who once had a home in the area. Alternatively, it may commemorate local realtor W. Named for land surveyor George McPhillips. The first two miles were reserved for buildings and residential pursuits.

Beyond the limit was pasture land. McQuaker, owner of property west of the Odd Fellows Home, who resided on this street. Named for William McTavish? Named for Catholic cleric Father Messier?

See also East Gate and West Gate. Named for educator J. Alfred Mollard, who at 93 years of age was the oldest resident when the street was named for her. Molson , early director of the Canadian Pacific Railway. See also Montcalm Crescent. See also Moncton Avenue. Named for Mount Allison University. Named for a property near this street owned by Donald A.

Named for George F. Munroe , long-time lawyer and secretary for the municipality of Kildonan. Named for the Ness family, likely Frank Ness , an early settler in this area of Winnipeg. Family members Garnet V. Ness were heroes in the First World War. Rudnyckyj suggests the street was named for businessman Charles H.

Newton but Vince Leah , in his history of West Kildonan, indicates it was named for Josiah Newton, who in the early s lived at the corner of Main Street and Newton. See also Brock Street and Queenston Street. Named for Oberlin College. Named for Oxford University. The street was named originally for a person named McWilliam, who represented a Toronto firm, purchasing a land parcel extending from the north side of the Ross estate.

The name was changed due to confusion with nearby William Avenue. The present name probably commemorates the nearby switching yards of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Named for Manitoba lieutenant-governor James Colebrooke Patterson. Possibly named for cattle dealer and meat packer Patrick Burns See also Burns Road.

Named for Russell Paulley, mayor of Transcona to and to , leader of the New Democratic Party s, cabinet member in the Schreyer government. Named for Walter F. Payne , member of the East Kildonan school board, to and journalist at the Winnipeg Free Press. A trail from Winnipeg leading to the fort became this street. Commemorates early Winnipeg pioneers who arrived by boats that docked at the foot of nearby Water Avenue.

Named for an area of Winnipeg which, in turn, was named for Thomas Douglas , Fifth Earl of Selkirk, who brought settlers to the Red River area in See also Douglas Avenue and Selkirk Avenue. Named because it was the road to the town of Portage la Prairie , west of Winnipeg.

See also Rupert Avenue and Rupertsland Avenue. Named for principals of the nearby Knowles Centre. Named for former Winnipeg alderman Alfred Henry Pulford. Named for Purdue University. See also Brock Street and Niagara Street. Named for developer Frank Quiring. See also Karen Street and Elaine Place. It was combined with Annabella in but the Annabella name was restored in Named for dentist J.

Raleigh, who owned river lots near the start of this street in the early s. Named for Ralph D. Campbell , who served as President of the University of Manitoba from to Named for Henry Fredrik Redfern, who lived in the area and was a schoolboard member in the early s.

Named for Renfrew, the county town of Renfrewshire, near Glasgow, Scotland. See also Lanark Street. Rudnyckyj , said to be named for "an early settler. Named for Rice University. Named for newspaperman Robert Lorne Richardson Named for Louis Riel , whose efforts in culminated in the formation of the province of Manitoba.

Named for David Ritchie , Winnipeg alderman for ward 5 from to Named for Manitoba premier Rodmond Palen Roblin According to historian Harry Shave , it commemorates E.

Roch, who purchased 4 acres of property in its vicinity, in An alternative in Mosaic says it is named for William G.

Roch, an East Kildonan landowner who lived in Saskatchewan. Named for a village 8 miles northeast of Guelph, Ontario, birthplace of railway tycoon James J. Hill , and once known for its famous Rockwood Academy. Named for Rorie Bannatyne, presumably a relative of early pioneer A.

Rosser February then subsequently to Rose, to avoid confusion with streets of same name. See also William Avenue. Named for Thomas L. Named for John Rowand , who built the estate of Donald A. Smith Lord Strathcona in west Winnipeg. Rudnyckyj suggested it was named for cleric Vital Justin Grandin. Named for John S. Sanderson , first person to file for a farm in Manitoba, on 1 July Named for politician H. Named for soldier Thomas Scott , protagonist of Louis Riel. Named for Selwyn College at Cambridge University.

Named for fur trader Robert Semple. See also Grant Avenue and Semple Avenue. Named for Anthony Ashley Cooper , Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury, who in introduced laws that freed women and children from working in coal mines. Named for Thomas George, First Baron of Shaughnessy , a member of the group which built the Canadian Pacific Railway into Winnipeg in , and President of the company from to Named originally for James Mulligan who operated a ferry across the Assiniboine River at about the place where the Misericordia Hospital is located today - renamed 14 th Street South in , back to Mulligan in , and to Sherbrook in Named for Winnipeg alderman Charles E.

Named for Harry Slater, early settler on property where the street is now located in North Kildonan. Named for dry goods merchant and postmaster Thomas Sly , who was a West Kildonan alderman in the s. Named for politician James Smart , a member of the Greenway government of Named for school board secretary-treasurer Barbara Southall and members of her family. Named for Charles E. Stanier , employee of the National Trust Company from to In , he donated the Stanley Cup for hockey.

Probably named for George Stephen , a member of the syndicate which built the Canadian Pacific Railway into Winnipeg in Named for early commercial pilot Frederick J. There are two versions for the basis of this street name. It may also have been named for Alexander Mitchell Stewart, who owned four sections of land in the Assiniboia area where the street is now located.

Named for pioneering printers in the Stovel family, among whom was Gordon Stovel. Jones, the land owner who gave the street its name. Named for businessman Donald A.

Smith , also known as Lord Strathcona. Probably named for the syndicate of businessmen who built the Canadian Pacific Railway , which arrived in Winnipeg in Named for the pioneering Tanner family of West Kildonan, of which Charles Tanner was reeve from to Named for aboriginal warrior Tecumseh who fought on behalf of British forces during the War of Named for veterinarian Samuel Jacob Thompson Named for the family of Peter Tod, Scottish immigrants who settled in the St.

Vital area, , becoming prominent market gardeners. Named for British scientist John Tyndall , who is also commemorated by a type of stone quarried in Manitoba Tyndall stone that is used widely in local buildings.

Roch, and James Watt, respectively, each of whom purchased 4 acres of land in the vicinity, in Renamed to honor three residents of the street who won the Victoria Cross for bravery during World War One: Named for railwayman William Cornelius Van Horne. Named for the Vulcan Iron Works that purchased 27 acres of land in the vicinity in Named for Sally Warnock, president of the Winnipeg Humane Society for 38 years, who died in in her 80s.

Rosser , subsequently to Warsaw. Early street to Red River where boats docked. See also Pioneer Avenue. Renamed William Stephenson Way in Named for James Watt, who purchased 4 acres of land in its vicinity, in An alternate version given by Mosaic is that it commemorates local landowner Walter L.

Mosaic stated it was named for Winnipeg mayor R. Waugh but it actually commemorates his brother, East St. Paul municipal official William Waugh. Named for Herman Wenzel , who worked as part of a supply depot during the Northwest Rebellion, later farmed at Springfield, Manitoba. See also East Gate and Middle Gate. Named for local municipal and school officials James William Whicker and his son George Whicker Named for alderman Jack L.

Wiginton , who arrived at West Kildonan from London, England in Named for postmaster William Ross , son of Alexander Ross.

Named for Knowles Centre Superintendent Rev. Named for Charles Woodward , founder of the Woodward department stores of western Canada, and cattle dealer in Manitoba, Named for Yale University. This collection of biographies of Manitobans was compiled by the Canadian Publicity Company, and published at Winnipeg in Most of those featured in the book were living at that time, so no information on death dates was provided.

Where possible, these have been added to this online version. Henderson , President of the Manitoba Good Roads Association since its inception, in commemoration of the valuable services rendered towards improving the highways of the Province and his contribution to the welfare of the community in which he labored so long, faithfull and well.

Lyon, Winnipeg Free Press , 24 January , page We thank Bart Carr for clarifying the birth and death years for Carriere. Munroe when, in fact, she was a daughter of Donald Munroe.

West of the River: Nathan Kramer, personal communication, 20 June Allan Whicker, personal communication, 6 August Whicker, Winnipeg Free Press , 28 July Nathan Kramer, personal communication, 12 July Nathan Kramer, personal communication, 15 July This page was prepared by Gordon Goldsborough and Nathan Kramer.

To report an error on the above page, please contact the MHS Webmaster. Fundraising Dinner Manitoba History No. History in Winnipeg Streets Jump to streets beginning with: Named after Abbotsford, British Columbia, a town about 80 kilometers east of Vancouver.

Named for Joseph Addison , an English writer and member of Parliament. Named for businessman William Rae Allan.

Named for missionary and cleric Joachim Allard. Named for community activist Allen Rouse. Named for banker William Forbes Alloway. Named for Winnipeg mayor Alfred J. Named for businessman Arthur Wellington Ross. Named for businessman Albert William Austin.

Named for George Bannerman? Named for early pioneer W. Named for pioneer businessman Edmund Lorenzo Barber. Probably named for agronomist James W. Named for pioneer merchant Robert Dundas Bathgate. Named for cleric Georges Antoine Belcourt. Named for businessman and politician Thomas Berry.

Named for municipal official J. Named for druggist and Winnipeg alderman David W. Named for journalist Bruce Boreham. Named for Tuxedo municipal councillor Perry Bower. Named for municipal official Albert Bredin. Named for engineer Wilfred P. Named for Winnipeg politician Charles W. Named for pioneering newspaperman William Buckingham. Prominent , Harry Shave. Named for George Frederick Carruthers.

Named for builder William H. Named for cleric Alphonsus Avila Cherrier. Named for community activist Steve Chornick. Named for municipal councillor Isaac Colish. Named for banker Samuel Lawrence Cork. Named for mayor Francis E. Named for politician Richard W. Named for butcher Charles Cunnington, who owned the land on which the street was developed. Named for businessman John Andrew Davidson. Named for civil engineer Simon James Dawson. Named for Arthur Day, Transcona school trustee from to , chairman from to Named for journalist Alexander Grant Dexter.

Named for municipal official David M. Named for cleric Walter Edward Donnelly. Named for politician and judge Joseph Dubuc. Named for cleric and author Georges Dugas. Named for builder and politician Joseph P. Named for Ellen Ross, daughter of William Ross.

Vince Leah Tribune 29 Jan Renamed to avoid confusion with Euclid Avenue in Point Douglas. Named for Winnipeg mayor William Sanford Evans.

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He died suddenly in while serving his tenth term in office. Yiddish was Montreal's third language after French and English for the entire first half of the 20th century. Montreal had and to some extent still has one of the most thriving Yiddish communities in North America.

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Much of its work was focussed on lobbying government around issues of immigration, human rights and anti-Semitism. Updated Artist Profile for Chris Velasco. While there may be several reasons why, the trend of a large numb

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Winjipeg, not all search fields were being reset to null after hitting "reset" dating invitation letter a second click of the button was necessary winnipeg dating service accomplish this. Job seekers can boost their careers with more than just their own professional experience. Added new artwork in the Other Outdoor Art section: Named for Ovid Hamel who owned and farmed the land through which this street now passes. I will be away wunnipeg Winnipeg until Saturday June 12th and will winnipeg dating service the Panel's ultimate selection for Mural of the Year as the date for the Award Luncheon draws closer. Share the album with your friends and you'll recieve a bonus entry!